Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -
Jhimly Chakrabarty , Pen name * Jhimly*Jolly, is a bilingual Writer. She is a poet, Author and Editor. She has done her Masters in Philosophy. Being a versatile writer, her write extends not only in the fields of literature, but also in philosophy and social issues. Her work can also be read…
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Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA )

by Jhimly Chakrabarty

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

Writing Poetry is an art of heart 
where creations are born 
from the womb of you, me and all of us

It is like a childhood time 
where parents sing a lullaby 
for their kids to fall asleep

It is like a facial expression 
marked by a deep emotional picture 
displaying the truth of life

It is like Lord Krishna’s magic
of playing the flute to a mellifluous melody 
to win the villager’s heart

It is like a spark in the heart
that happens when you fall in love with someone 
so deeply that you feel you have two bodies but one soul

It is like a noble wish 
where every human is free 
from the slavery of sorrow, suffering, hunger & pain

It is like admiring all colors of a rainbow 
not discerning between black & white
as they share the same sky

It is not just about creating rhymes and lyrics
It’s like crafting a music that speaks about the silent world
Ballad, haiku, sonnet, couplet, ode and what not ….
A wonderful art, of heart

© N.M. Leepsa

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

A well – dressed verse
With a red, full of freshness
And fragrant carnation in the lapel
Pops out right
In the crown to dance.
Two strophes start a feast
On the white paper.
On top, an underlined title
Assigns the intention of the poem.
The Rhymes, the words, “moments”
Are valuable and invaluable
Materials for a Poet
To make an emotion,
To pay off a debt
And to defeat a chimera.

(c) Zacharoula Gaitanaki

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

The art of writing a poetry 
Is a skill deriving from the heart of the poet 
He alone can master his skill 
Whether free verse or rhyming 
Everyone has his or her own 
Way of writing in their style 
What matters is how the poems are taken by the readers and absorbed !
A poem should touch the hearts of the readers and a wonderful feeling is born !
Poetry writing is a brain cracking art 
As everyone wants their work 
Appreciated !
Simple words used in poetry 
Is easy for everyone to understand 
And awaken their inner feelings !
So chill and write a poetry 
Which everyone will applaud !
Its not a task but coming 
out of one’s heart !

Sarala Balachandran

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

Writing poetry is a skill to kill with your mighty pen and will,
Wow…. what a thrill,
Thinking and linking the theme or topic, a way to express and drill,
A hope still…
Lines are burnt in grill,
Happiness and joy to swing,
Melodious tunes to sing
Fly high with your wings
Wear a priceless gift as ring,
Words flow and glow with emotions and feelings of show like falling snow,
Poetry is an art like a decorated cart,
Something to visualize and create,
An amazing technology of creating lines with rhymes 
to shine and dine with wine,
A messanger of divine to create shores of mine,
Filling vessels of love and peace in heavenly club!

© Rajan Mehra

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

The Art of Writing is a gift for poets 
To explore their ideas in own way
Poetry is an art of attraction
Writing style is a powerful weapon 
To win hearts of readers
Poetry comes from extreme feelings of happiness or sadness
Putting words on a paper to express thoughts with imagination
Words are magical to create mysterious island of thoughts
Rhythm gives a melodious environment 
A poet gives an emotional touch to reader’s feelings with his poem
A poet creates a world of motions by his writing style
Flow of emotions with twisted fate build a storm inside
It swings you in the heaven of imaginative world.

Copyright Shagufta Khan

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

Poetry writing doesn’t have a long history 
Rather poetry is a kind of mystery
When love and feelings make a perfect chemistry. 

Poetry writing doesn’t have any negative reaction
Rather poetry arises our hidden emotion
When we have a good soul connection.

Poetry writing is not about hiding pain and lying 
Rather poetry is all about happiness and smiling
When the pain ends and heart starts shinning.

Poetry writing is not about brooding 
Rather poetry is all about crooning 
When we give a vent to happiness than lamenting.

Poetry writing is not about creating an impression 
Rather poetry always gives us inspiration 
When we give our life the much needed attention. 

Poetry writing is not about the expression of what is right
Rather poetry makes the dull life quite bright 
When the darkness appears to be out of sight. 

Poetry writing is not only about rhyme and good write
Rather poetry elevates our mood and excite
When we change our griefs into verse and recite. 

Poetry writing puts an end to our daily fight 
Rather poetry takes us to a spiritual height 
When the soul receives the divine light. 

Copyright: Ruchira Banerjee

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

Words that overflow
words that glide
written on the paper
that emit music
words of hidden love
words of tender hate
words from memories
of large recollections
of great dreams
in lyrics scattered
Body embossed
which harmonize heroic words
an immortal world
healthy words, sick, rich
but also unnecessary unique ones
necessary, invaders
worn, protective
a dialect of a solitary
modern men
Fruit Reasons, Collections in
Habits and seasons
Copyright: Kapardeli Eftichia

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

The art of writing poetry 
Is one of the most beautiful art, 
That the poet composes by heart. 

The poet uses similies, metaphors, alliteration or rhythm 
To make rich his creation, 
And through these ways the poet draws reader’s attention. 

To play with the vocabularies 
To arrange them in an order
Poets create own master piece of his or her.

Poetry writing might not be always rich words
But the simple and easy way to reach to the reader’s heart, 
It’s the emotional or social world
Where the poets express their beautiful feelings with the help of stylistic art. 

Copyright @Sujata Paul.

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

The princess sat alone
On the sea shore,
With her feet in the bubbles
Like two tired white lilies.
A swathe of red gold hair
Fell over her face, veiling
Her dark blue eyes
That saw nothing that
Surrounded her–the
White sandy shore, or
The blue, cloud spattered
Sky, or the bronzed red
Sun dipping down in
The dark green, serene sea.

She held a small canvas
On her lap, a brush between
Her slender white fingers;
An assortment of colours
On a large palette sitting
On the sand at her side.

Her unseeing eyes were
Perhaps exploring territories
Beyond the landscape
That she had begun to paint.
A seagull’s cry echoed everywhere,
And drifted away on the air.

Her fingers did not nudge
The brush dipped in mauve.
While her sight roamed
Inwards, red clouds gathered above.
The sun rocked ever so gently
On the sway of the sea waves
For the last few heart rending
Moments of colour play .
The art of painting was
Forgotten by the princess;
Nature’s magical poetic art
Made human art powerless!

Sharmila PupuMitra

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

The Art in Poetry
Poetry in the Art
Both are twins of a mother
Two sizzling petals in a flower
Who told Poetry is written!!!
Poetry is a honey drenched wind
Neither you can stop it nor I.

Wordsworth says…poetry is a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings…
Someone says…poetry comes out .

from a broken heart
I is an orphan child who always longs for your gentle touch
It is just like a walking skeleton in a war-hit zone
Who needs peace as flesh and blood
It is a map of million hungers
who need your tender tear

Poetry is not a scarecrow
It is an ever fixed mark in the firmament of life
It is a burning candle
Driving away others’ darkness
Dies itself in the long run
Leaves footprints in the sands of time.

@copy.right…Dinesh Jena

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

Every kind of art is bliss for an artist
Who creates to whom difficult to know this twist

Only a mother can able to understand the pregnancy pain
Only an artist knows the truth beneath his pen

Every art connects to each other
To beautify this world as the peacock flare 

Sometimes, the poetry comes to rhyme
Anywhere, place or any time

The Poetry has no any kind of boundaries
Can journey from the deep ocean to the sky being failures

It’s lessens everytime my worries
A  poem, being  an artistic piece

Sometimes comes as a lyric or song in verse
Helps to comes from the life’s situations terse or worse 

In the poetry, a poet lives, sings, dances
Reads,reveals and meet far beyond character fancies

Poetry is a friend,guide and light in the time of lament
Poetry makes the poet as soft as the cotton and strong as the cement

Poetry is the hidden voice of the poet, speaks in volumes
Sometimes,even poet do not know creative force from where comes!

Do not important it comes in whichever style
Let us just write poetry, if it’s haiku, twiku, sonnet-in modern or classical style!

Copyright: Nidhi Kunvarani

Artwork from the book - Art Of Writing Poetry (NCA ) by Jhimly Chakrabarty -

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