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At the canteen

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Dialogue 1: Maja Owczarek, Héloïse France and Victoria France

-Hello, my name is Maja. I’m from Sieradz, a big city in Poland. What’s your name?

– Hey, I’m Victoria.

-What is the name of your house?

– I don’t remember the name of my Showgart house.

– Hello I’m Héloïse.

– Hi Héloïse.

-I’m also from High school, what is the name of your Showgart house?

– I’m in Emperfeet. There is a penguin in our coat of arms.

– Hey Maja how are your uniforms?

– Our uniforms are pretty cool, but so uncomfortable. Do you like uniforms?

– Yes our uniforms are so pretty! Thanks to the uniforms there is no discrimination.

Do you like those sandwiches?

– I agree with you, everyone are equal in uniforms and there’s no judgment

– I like sandwiches with cheese and you?

– I like cheese but ham is horrible. I wish there was a jinx to remove from the world.

are you vegetarian?

– No, no but I limit meat. And I simply don’t like ham. And you are you vege?

– No I am not vege I can’t live without meat. haha

– What is your favourite beast from the exhibition? I like the Basterion

– My favourite beast is the Glucky Charm since it can recite you poem. It can bring you good luck too.

– In my opinion The Lyria is so beautiful and can defeat the bad guys.

– Yeah I like Glucky Charm too.

I like the Lyria too since it looks like a unicorn.

Yes, could you give me some tomatoes? My parents were in Showgart and they also have seen this exhibition then. My dad always memorise the Elfgaroo, it

can swim and jump. Also it plays in Fantastic Beasts Olympic Games every four years. Have you ever seen the Olympics? Or maybe your parents have?

– I never seen the Olympics but my parents have already seen the Olympics of the fantastic Beasts.

– I have seen the Olympics and my parents have plays in all Fantastic Beasts Olympic Games

– What is your favourite dish at the canteen?

– I love tomato soup . And you? I love the pasta carbonara and spaetzle (this is alsatian pasta).

– Wow I like it tooooooo!

– I really like to eat schnitzel

– So how do you like our school? Have your parents graduate here?

– My mother yes she is a witch but my father does’nt graduate here since he is a mugle

– yes I really like this school because I feel myself and I can do what I want and yes my two parents are graduates here they are both sorcerer

– My mum is also a witch! Maybe they were in the same class. Maybe they were together.

– Do you have siblings here?

– yes victoria is my half sister and you?

– Oh really? Cool! My sister brother is too young to go to Showgart yet but he will be a great student, he starts learning now haha. Sister or brother? you

say the both…haha haha didn’t I mention that they are twins hah sorry they’re like one.

– I think know is really the end of the lunch break, I really have to go now, don’t want to be late for my flying lesson. So see you tomorrow

– Have a nice day girl:)

– You too! bye bye bye girl

– see you soon 😉

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2: Nikola Biedra, Marcin Mikielski and Asya France

– Hi, I’m Asya , from France what’s your name?

– Hi, I’m Nikola. I’m from Poland.

– Yes I am from Poland too.

– Nice to meet you. Which house are you in?

– I’m in Emperfeet, and you?

– I’m in Emperfeet too. And you Nikola?

– Nice to meet you.

– Our emblem is penguin, right Asya? And yours Nikola?

– Yes, do you like the canteen meal?

– oh, it could be better

– Our emblem is eagle

– Nice

– Yes, I agree with you, Marcin. It could be better

– yes our emblem is the eagle

– What about something to drink?

– Water?

– Oh yes

– Pass me please, but juice will be better

– What was your favorite fantastic animal you saw in the exhibition?

– It’s difficult to choose, but the Leopathy looks great, I mean looks dangerous

– I really like the Flamingator and you?

– My favourite is Infuriatrix, but they’re all beautiful.

– Okey yes they’re all beautiful

– Does Flamingator has head of aligator, Asya? Is that truth?

– Yes, he has the head of an alligator

– Looks scary

– Of course

– What do you think about ours uniforms?

– I find them very pretty and you?

– Yes I agree

– do you have Brothers and Sisters in Showgart?

– I have got one brother, his name is Jems

– Yes, I have got two sisters

– And you Asya?

– Yes i have a big brother

– Do you like him ?

– And what is his name?

– Yes i love him very much and his name is Evan

– I heard, tomorrow we will go to a magical lake .It will be fantastic trip

– Oh yes. It will be a wonderful day!

– Yes I am looking forward

– What we will be doing there?

– I would like to learn a new magic spell. And you?

– Oh I would like to learn how to fly, probably this is quite easy

– Yes it’s a very good ideal

– It’s amazing

– And when we come back from the trip, I hope I eat something better than today haha

– Hah yes. I hope too

– Yes as you see them i force to finish the plate haha

– Maybe meat, oh that would be great if you are not vege

– Yes i am vegetarian

– then you will be hungry haha

– So what’s your favourite dish?

– My favorite dish is cream pasta and you?

– Hmm i don’t know, but I like fish.

– Okay and you Marcin?

– I don’t have a favourite dish but pasta will be ok I think

Okay see you soon bye

– byeee see you soon, have a nice day

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 3: Irma France, Malgorzata Nowakowska and Lily France

– Hello, I’m Irma from Platymagus house! Nice to meet you

– Hi, I’m Małgorzata from Poland I belong to Emperfeet house, nice to meet you too.

– Which animal is on the coat of your house?

– It’s penguin, what’s yours?

– It is a platypus. I think this animal is very interesting. Do you like the meal?

– My name is Lily, nice to meet you

– Hi guys! my name is Julia and I’m from Inowrocław in Poland.

– Hello, I’m Neo, nice to meet you I belong to Aquilaclaw

– Wow, which house do you belong to?

– I’m from Emperfeet

– How’s your food guys?

– The school food is really good! What do you think?

– You’re right the food is great!

– Yes the food is great.

-The food is good but I’m looking forward for desserts. I love sweets.

– I actually do not like sweet that much

– Have you seen the chocolate fondue fountain? Ithink it’s great!

– How dare you Lily, how dare you haha.

– Sorry haha

-There’s a chocolate fondue fountain?! And no one told me before?

You won’t see me ever again haha.

– I’m so sorry but now you know so let’s get some!

-I only follow you because I really love strawberries, it’s one of the only sweet I like

-OMG I love strawberries!

-Me too. Strawberries for life!

-Couldn’t agree more!

-What was your favourite animal during the exhibition?

-I did really enjoy the Glucky Charm if I remember right

-Oh yes, me too. I would love to find it somewhere sometime.

-I find the most interesting animal was the Leopathy because he can petrify people.

-In my opinion the best is Leopathy, because I love the way it looks

-I don’t really have a favourite. I think every is special in its own way. But I wouldn’t want to meet a Centaurisk

-I think most of them are really dangerous. But imagine how cool it must be to own one.

-Of course it is really scary to be in front of one the dangerous animals.

-Honestly I would like to own a Merouge. Seems friendly.

-The only one I would like to own is the Glucky Charm because it is one of the smallest and I love small animals and being lucky of course

-I think Glucky Charm is cool but Leopathy got my heart

-Glucky Charm looks so cute.

-Do any of you have siblings in Showgart?

-I do, I have a brother, what about you?

-I have older brother his name is Alan, what about you?

-Well, I don’t. I’m an only child but I have an older cousin here and his name is Luke.

-I have one big sister in the school. She is in Aquilaclaw house.

-Oh that’s cool!

-Did she ever see a Glucky Charm?

-No, but it is her dream to see this creature!

-Haha, she isn’t the only one!

– Do you want to sneak out tomorrow night and look for one? It’ll be fun.

– Of course!!

– Can I go with you?

– Yes of course, I just hope no one is going to catch us!

– I love the risk

– Then it’s a plan! So, 4 of us, tomorrow at 10 p.m. And no one else must know about it.

– We can meet in the hall, behind the wardrobe.

– It will be really fun!

– Ok!

– Ok!!

– So, let’s think about plan B. What do we do if they catch us?

– Then we will have to use our magic

– We can use magic, I agree

– What is the name of the spell which makes you invisible? We can use it

– hmm I don’t really know but my aunt gave me Cloak of invisibility last year. I think it will help us

– I’m not sure if we are all going to fit under it but it may help us.

– Well what if we try to find a spell in the library?

– Well we can try haha

– We have to check now to find this spell

-That’s a great idea!

– Should we meet at the library today?

– Yeah, after school

– yeah, I’ll bring some snacks!

– It’s a great idea!

– I think we can’t eat in the library so we’re breaking another rule. But ok. I don’t follow the rules anyway.

-Too bad..

– What about borrowing books and going outside and chilling in the garden?

-That sounds good. The weather today is amazing for going outside.

– It’s the perfect plan!

– Partners in crime since day 1! haha

– Hahahah

-The school is not ready for us.

-That’s true haha

– yess haha

– hahahha

-We’re running out of time so see you all after classes!

– Yes, see you all after classes!

– Yess see you! 🙂

– Yess see you 🙂

– See you soon :))

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 4: Olga Sitarek, Sohir France and Gustave France

– Hey 😉

– Hi guys how are you all?

– Fine and you ?

– I’m good thank you!

– You looked at the different animals? And which house is ours?

– Yes, I have! Our house is Emperfeet 🙂

– Okay, so what’s your favorite?

– hey i like the lion

– I liked the Oximorius best, what about you?

– Yes, me too, the Oximorus is my favourite… With the Flamingator ^^

– Yes I really liked the Flaminagtor as well! It’s got good music taste 😉

– Yessss

– What is the meal we are having?

– Sweet dumplings, do you like sweet food?

– yes it is delicious

– Not really, I prefer salty, vegetables or fruits…

– Superrrr vegetables hahahahah this is cute I prefer donuts

– I’m with you on this one Sohir

– oh yeah fat people Always win

– each his own (^^)/

– who ?

– What beast from the ones we’ve seen in the gallery do you guys think is the most Dangerous?

– The Lobsterausorus no ?

– Do you mean the Basterion or the Leopathy?

– the leophaty thank you olga

– The most useful is the Merouge (I think)

– not In my opinion

– yes I mean he looks useful but ugly

– Yes and I say useful not beautiful !

– the beauty is useful

– Beauty is inside !

– you make laugh you are so funny

– do y’all also think the demizoz is kinda cute or is that just me?

– olga you’re right

– I don’t have opinion

– ok then what do you think about the Lyria?

– really cute and you Gustave?

– I think he is too girly

– I think too

– Yes, cool!

– why do you think it’s too girly? is it because of the amount of pink on the painting?

– No, it has nothing to do with those stereotypes … But she is very famous, why not change?

– no olga Gustave means the animal is not enough like strong

– let’s just move on shall we?

– Yes, I think

– bye

– Bye !

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 5: Oliwia Skrzypinska and Bertil France

– Hello Oliwia

– Hi Bertil! How are you?

– Fine thanks and you

– Which house is ours? I forgot

– I am fine, our house is Emperfeet 🙂

– Okayyy thanks 😉

– What is your favorite Showgart animal?

– It’s the diabollus and you ?

– Your creature is really cool but my favorite is The Merouge

– thanks its cool and okay it looks like very cool this creature

– The Oxymorius looks pretty funny

– And the infuriatrix too with his golden feathers

– In your opinion ,What is the coolest in your favorite animal?

– The infuriatrix is my coolest and you?

– But I mean What is the coolest IN this animal?

– Ah sorry he is agile and fearless and that’s important

– It is okay, the coolest thing in The Merouge is that it is fast and intelligent what is really useful

Ah yes it’s very important when he is attacked and for planning plan

– That’s right, what do you think about The Basterion?

– he is very majestic, since the lion is the king of the jungle and with the eagle the king of the air

– I agree, actually it looks dangerous but it’s needful

– yes since his eyes are dangerous and mortal

– Right, what do you think about The Lyria?

– This creature is very strange, your friend has a good imagination. His future predictions are very useless but can be terrify

– and what about the diabollus ?

– Yes he has a good imagination. In my opinion The Diabollus looks cool and I think our school needed this creature.

– Okay thank you very much! and what about our coat of arms?

– Our coat of arms is cool and I was waiting for an animal connected with a penguin but I didn’t see any, how about you?

the coat of arms is very funny ::::)

– and what do you thing about our emblem? I mean penguin 😉

– ah okay also the penguin is very funny and I like this animal like in the penguin in the zoo lol

– I have almost no battery I will leave soon oh noooo

– Penguins are also really cute, that’s not a problem

– Yes soo cute and I like their approach

– When I was younger I loved “Happy Feet” movie

– ohhh yesss happy feeettt soooo cooollll

– I wanted to ask if you watched but I can see your answer hahah

– Yes hahahahahaha mouhahaha

– so what are you eating?

– I drink just a butterbeer and you?

I am eating a magical cookies and also drinking a butterbeer.

– ohhh a magical cookies soo yummy

– Sorry but I need to go sorry. Good afternoon it was cool have a good day

– Okay see you, have a good day

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 6: Katarzyna Smigla, Alzbeta R and Gaspard France

– Hi

– HI

– Hey, how are you doing?

– Fine and you?

– I’m fine thanks. And you?

– I´m good, too. I´m Alzbeta from Slovakia by the way

– I’m Kasia from Poland

– I’m gaspard from france

– In what house are you?

– I think I’m in Emperfect. And you?

– I must find it I know i”m in house 2 but I don’t know name

– Isn’t it Aquilaclaw?

– I´m in Platymagus.

– What is the animal in the Platymagus’s coat of arms?

– There is platypus, which is very strange animal in my opinion. And what´s in yours?

– in my coat of arms is eagle. And this is Aquilaclaw

– On mine, it’s a penguin.

– Oh actually I saw your coat of arms and I think it´s really pretty.

– Penguins are very cool

– Personally, I very like platypus.

– do you have any pets in your house?

– Do you mean normal house or shogwart house? 😀

– normal house

– Oh, then I have dog and cat. What about you?

– I have 2 cats

– In my normal house I haven’t any pet, but in my showgart house we’ve two flamingators. And you? Do you have fantastic beasts?

– I have basterions

– We have just one leopathy.

– Is not the basterion too dangerous to be in house?

– it is helpful to protect the house

– What are you having for lunch now?

I’m having chick peas, chops and potatoes and you?

-I‘ve spiced mead, with pumpkin juice.

– Mmm that sounds so good. I have pasta with shrimps and coffee. I hope I won´t be sick from it.

– I hope everything will be ok

– Thanks

– Especially with today’s viruses, 🙁

– Yeah I hope the virus will be away soon. So we can live normal lives

– Yeah, I hope too…

– this isn’t nice time for all of as I hope they will find way of treatment

– Yes me too.

– What is you favourite food? Fast change of the topic 😀

– I haven’t got one favourite food but I like fruits vegetables and sweets, and you?

– My favorite foods is pizza, but I like fruit too.

– I like every type of pasta and I like fruit too but I love pumpkin soup with spice, too. Well I like almost everything

– in my home we cook pasta very often

– We don´t do pasta that often but when we do it´s really good.

– what do you do in your free time?

– I mostly read mangas or play video games. And you?

– I like reading books and doing sports. sometimes I cook too

– I like to read books, cook, bake, watch movies…

– Time to go to Holography lesson. Have a good day!

– Thanks, bye!

– bye 🙂

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 7: Samuel Z, Eva France and Damian Buc

– Hi! I’m Eva from France. How are you?

– hi I am samuel from slovakia and I am fine

– Do we have to choose a house?

– I dont know :/I am in PLATYMAGUS

– YOU are in one of the houses, which one?

– I am in Aquilaclaw.

– What is your favorite fantastic beast?

– Dragon:) and what is yours?

– I think it’s the flamingator or the merouge.

– hmmm interesting

– What is the animal on your coat of arms?

– wait a minute /platypus and what is yours?

– Oh okay. Mine is an eagle

– What’s next?

– Which do you think is the most dangerous fantastic beast?

– The basilisk

– what about you?

– In my opinion it is the diabollus. Because it can catch you and nobody knows where. – And which one is the most helpful?

– I think thunderbird because he can transport witches.

– Oh yeah it’s very helpful. The flamingator is also helpful because if you get a feather from it, you will be able to grow wings and fly for 10 hours!

– good, and which do you hate? I hate acromantula because i hate spiders

– I hate spiders too. What are you eating?

– eggs with tomato then a couple of cereals with milk, what about you?

– I’m eating a sandwich with meat. Oh we forgot to talk about the most friendly animal, what do you think?

– I like the niffler

– In my opinion the most friendly animal is the glucky charm because if you catch it upside down, it will recite you a poem.

– nice

– What food do you hate the most?

– I really hate mushrooms

-I don’t like them either but I really really hate vegetables.

– even peas?

– yeah 🙂

– OK:)

– I have to go to class. See you later 🙂 bye:)

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 8: Weronika Nowak and Clélia France

– Hi! I’m Weronika. Can I sit here?

– Hi ! I’m Clélia . Yes, of course!

– Oh thank you. Which house are you from?

– You’re welcome! What house are you from?

– Oups…. I come from Aquilaclaw and the animal is the eagle.

– I’m from the house of Emperfeet and our animal is a penguin.

– Have you got brothers or sisters in Showgart?

– Yes, I have an elder brother. He is very smart and funny. What about you?

– Yes, I have an elder brother too, he’s in Playtimagus house. Which house is your brother in?

– He is also in Emperfeet. What do you fancy? There is a lot of good things here!

– I think, I’ll take a little bit of everything ! and you?

– I’m most tempted by chocolate frogs. They look very tasty!

– I think they are the best!

Yum… They are as good as they look!

– I’ll take it again I think. Soooo yummy !

– It is very delicious! Have you seen the gallery?

– Yes, it’s beautiful! you too?

– Yes, those beasts are amazing! Which one is your favorite?

– The Lyria is my favorite. and which one do you prefer?

– My favorite one is the Leopathy, interesting creature. This beast has a lion head and body with a snake as a tail. It is purple except for the tail, which is red. This

creature can fly with incredible wings! But it’s very dangerous! His eyes can turn you into a golden statue!

– I think that the Lyria is the most beautiful, with its colours!

– You’re right! In my opinion the scariest is the Lobsterausorus.

– Well, I have lessons, I must go now. see you soon

– see you!

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 9: Simon P and EliseB France

– Hi, I’m Simon from Slovakia. What’s your name?

– hi ! nice to meet u as you can see i’m from france

– Nice to meet you. Which house are you from? I’m from Platymagus.

– I’m in Platymagus House too.

– And how are you?

– fine and you?

I’m fine too.

And by the way, how old are you?

I’m nearly 16 and you?

– I’m only 15. nice to meet you

– Did you like that exposition of beasts in art gallery?

– yes really it was interesting

– simon what are you eating?

– I’m eating an apple pie, and you?

yes me too! what was your favourite beast in the gallery?

– Enjoy your meal. I mean it was Leopathy. That lion with snake tail. And yours?

– it was the saphira, the black panther. do you remember?

– Yes, I remember I like that one too.

– Which looked the scariest according to you?

– uhh wait I’m trying to remember: it was the centauriskI found this beast ugly!

– yes it was, but for me it is also the Lobsterasourus and it is also I mean the weirdest.

– yes you’re right

– I could not remember the name of him.

– well me too…

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 10: Anna Sramkowska and CamilleG France

– hi I’m Anna from Platymagus house

– Hi, I’m Camille.

– Which house are you from?

– I’m from the house Aquilaclaw.

– The animal representing my home is platypus, and yours?

– Our emblem is an eagle. What are you eating?

– I’m eating fruit salad and you?

– I’m eating apple pie.

– nice,

– Do you want me to get us some water or a slice of bread?

– yes, please.

– All right, I’m going. I’ll be right back.

(2 minutes later…)

– Have you seen the beasts in the gallery?

– Of course what about you?

So have I, which one do you like best?

– I really enjoyed The Infuriatrix. And what’s your favorite one?

– I like The Leopathy

– I liked him a lot, too.

– Do you have any siblings in the school?

– yes I have a brother, and you?

– Yes, I have a twin sister in the same school. Nevertheless we’re not in the same house.

– It’s always nice to have someone close at school.

– It’s surely pleasant and reassuring, especially at the beginning of the year.

– What’s your favorite subject?

– I think Transmutation, and yours?

– Teleportation, I like it very much.

– I think teleportation is interesting.

– Yes so much.

– I didn’t ask you how old you are, by the way?

– I’m 15 years old

– Super!

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 11: Patrycja Mikolajczuk and Tessa France

– Hello ! I’m Tessa from Aquilaclaw house. What about you?

– hi, I’m Patrycja Mikołajczuk and I`m Polish.

– Nice to meet you ! Which house are you from?

– I’m in Wolferion, and our emblem is a wolf

– Nice ! Our emblem is an eagle. What are you eating?

– I’m eating the mashed sweet potatoes. Can you pass me the jug of water, please?

– Yes of course!

– Thanks.

– Which beast have you liked the most during the visit of this morning?

– I like Basterion is interesting. And you?

– I like the Demimoz. The Lobsterausorus scared me and you?

– me too is scary.

– And which beast is the nicest for you?

– I like the Lyria she’s beautiful. and you?

– I like the leopathy since it looks majestic. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

– Yes, i have a brother i am older than 19 years old. And you?

– No, I’m an only child. What’s the name of your brother?

– My brother’s name is Brajan. You would like to have siblings?

– Maybe a big brother. What’s you favorite subject?

– My favorite lesson is magic lesson. And you?

– I love learning astronomy. Which subject do you hate?

– I hate potion lesson because i don’t really like it

– Oh I hate this subject too.

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 12: Julia Kuczora, Sebastian Piasecki and Vincent France

– Hi! I’m Julia.

– Hi! I am Vincent

– Hello, I’m Sebastian.

– How are you guys?

– Good and you?

– Fine, thanks.

– I’m fine.

– Which house are you from?

– Emperfeet with a penguin representative.

– I am from Aquilaclaw with an eagle

– I’m from Aquilaclaw too.

Have you seen the animals in the gallery?

– Yeah, I have. They scared me a little bit. (in appearance)

– Which one scared you the most?

– I think the Glucky Charm.

– What about you Julia which one scared you the most?

– The Lobsterausorus.

– I like the Leopathy, what about you?

– I think the Demimoz was interesting. Sebastian which one did you like most?

Like Vincent, I think The Leopathy is interesting.

– Cool.

– Have you ever met any of these creatures?

– Not yet what about you?

– No I haven’t seen any of them.

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 13: Wiktoria Swiniarska, Drinart France and AminaB France

– Hello! I’m Wiktoria, and who are you?

– Hi

– Hello I’m Amina

Which house are you from?

– I’m from Emperfeet and a penguin is our animal.

– Which animal did you prefer in the exhinition this morning?

– To be honest I like the Leopathy. It’s one of the cutest creatures which I’ve ever seen! What about you?

– I also prefer the leopathy, he’s very beautiful

– Which animal scared you the most?

– The animal that scared me the most is the basterion, it’s scary, and you?

– I think it’s the hornets and you?

– I’m scared of saphira. Yeah, I like cats, but… It’s terrifying…

– How about the nicest creature? For me, the nicest creature is the oximorius. He helps other wizards.

– do you have sisters or brothers in your school?

– Yes, her name is Weronika, we’re twin sisters, but unfortunately she’s in another house, how about you?

– No

– ah yes I see it’s a problem

I have a brother in Showgart yes he’s in last year.

– what’s her name?

– Weronika, and what’s your bro’s name?

– my brother’s name is Johny.

– how old is your sister?

– She’s in my age, 17 years old

– oh yeah nice

– How about your brother?

– my brother is 18

– I’m going to get some water. I’ll be right back.

– Okay!

– What’s you’re favourite color?

– my favorite color is red

– what about you?

– Green of course ^^

– What are you doing in your spare time?

– in my spare time I go out with my friends and we take our bikes, what about you?

– Well, I like playing instruments, like the guitar and the piano. I like playing computer games too, like Osu, or Minecraft. What’s your favourite subject here?

– oh I like instruments too but I’m very bad!

– My favourite subject is magic

– What type of magic do you like the most?

– teleportation

– what about you?

– I like time travelling and calligraphy. I still remember the first lesson, when we had to find our quills…

– me too travelling it is very nice. Oh yeah me too it was funny.

– Do you have any favourite dish?

– raspberry tart what about you?

– Spaghetti and pizza

– Do you have an animal?

– I have a cat

– What’s his name?

– Yes, I have a tiger and you?

– I have a werewolf, but it isn’t as dangerous as it looks

– of course werewolves are very cute!

– Are you scared of anything?

– I’m scared of spiders and the dark… How about you?

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Dialogue 14: Jakub Budzyn, Gosia Szymczak, Betül France and Manon France

– Hello

– Hii

– Hello. How are you?

– Good

Which house are you from?

– I don’t remember… and you, I mean in Showgart – I’m from Emperfeet, that’s the name of my house. Which creature from the exhibition do you prefer?

– My favourite creature is the Basterion since he has basilisk’s eyes, moreover he is very intelligent, brave and cunning.

– My favourite creature is the Centaurisk, and my coat of Arms has a penguin

– My coat of Arms has an eagle on a blue background, and the name of my house is Aquilaclaw

– What about your favourite sport?

– My favourite beast is the elf-garoo, I think it’s funny. My coat of Arms is also an eagle, so my house is called Aquilaclaw, my favourite sport is jumping on fire it is crazy 🙂

– over the fire or in??

– in but I’m fireproof, so no problem

– yeah, I see

– it’s like a race, but in fire, it’s hard because fire withstands

– I love your sport. It seems really funny!

– yeah it is, you can take part in it, but you have to practise a lot, what about your favourite sport?

– I don’t have a favourite sport because I don’t like sport 🙁

– that’s a shame, it’s good for health

– Yes and it’s original I think my favourite sport is the fire maze

– ohh that’s cool

– Yes in this game we have to find the most powerful creature and kill it.

– What is your magic wand like?

I chose the lightning wand.

– Why?

– I chose legendary because I find it very original and I find that it can be very useful especially with its small container which contains magic powder !!

– I choose the fairytalish wand since she is beautiful and it’s made with unicorn horn.

– because it can create the lightning and direct it, it’s beautiful you can do different shapes it’s cool

– Sounds great! 🙂

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Dialogue 15: Samir France, Iga Gorecka and Tufan France

– Hello

– Hi

– How are you?

– umm I am fine and you?

– Good 🙂

– So what is your favourite creature? mine is the flamingator.

– Hi! It’s the Elf-Garoo , might I sit to eat with you?

– sure!

– nice to meet you

– Hi, nice to meet you too! What is your favourite creature?

– I think my favourite creature in the Harry Potter world is the Niffler given that first of all he’s the one I think the cutest. Furthermore, this little naughty side makes it even more endearing. In deed, the niffler, unlike most other creatures in Harry Potter’s world, is a small animal that has the particularity of being attracted and wanting to steal everything that shines and seems precious.

– It’s also my favourite one since it’s not super imposing or physically impressive and it’s not scary, on the contrary… Moreover, I find him rather amusing, which again sets him apart from other types of creatures that are more used to being either horribly scary or even majestic or dangerous. Eventually, I think that anyone will fall in love with his cuteness at first sight (or even his cunning that makes him so unique).

I prefer the elf-garoo.

why is the elf garoo your favourite?

the Elf garoo is my favorite one since I find it cute. After that, they are united and it’s important

Which house you are from? I’m from Platymagus

– I am from Emperfeet

Good, what is your coat of Arms like, please?

– Our coat of Arms represents a penguin.

Okay. On our coat of arms, there is an eagle which is holding a shield and on this shield, there’s a platypus

And you, what beast did you prefer in the art gallery this morning?

I like the flamingator because I think it’s really funny.

What about proposing a new sport this afternoon to the P.E. teacher, since she asked us to think about one?

I’ve a proposition; it can be a sport where there are magic wands to start?

– yes , but we can’t use it too much, otherwise it’s not a sport, you know?

– yees and magic creatures?

– Very good idea Iga thanks 🙂 The flying ones could be.

– Yes, I think so too; Shogwart has lots of flying animals. I would liked to propose a sport where there are magic wands: to start, it’s played in a stadium. There are 4 teams and there are 6 players per team, in fact half of the team plays (they move thanks to creatures who can fly) on the stadium (the gravity is low) and the other

half tries to move the ball with their magic wands. What do you think? That’s just a proposition, unhappily.

– That’s great idea.

– Ok let’s propose something else please. the goals are in the stadium.

– What didnt you like, we can change some things if you want?

But unhappily it’s not possible in the harry Potter world, to create a stadium with low gravity

– hmm true but I think it’s not impossible to create the first one in Shogwart, personally

– I’m not sure about it since, imagine if in harry potter, there was a type of magic which could control gravity, it would be just too strong, I think that everyone would like to know it, you know?

– Ok, sorry. Which magical wand did you choose?

The Knife wand looks so cool. The traditional one is really nice too.

– We share the same opinion, my favorite one is the Knife wand:)

I just find it so beautiful

– yes, I totally agree

– So do I, but I like Dumbledore’s magic wand too

– You are a fan of Harry Potter, aren’t you? but this magic wand is not in Showgart…:)

– Yes Tufan , It is in Showgart, this is the one with small balls

– Ah ok, I didn’t see it, sorry Samir 🙂

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Dialogue 16: Jakub Gac and Elias France

– Hi! Nice to see you guys! Which house are you from?

– I just don’t remember…

– Ummm, ok…

– Understood… I’m from Emperfeet. My house animal is a penguin.

– I see you’re from France.

– yes…, nice to meet you.

– Nice to meet you Elias! How is your day today, Elias?

– Good, I’m tired…you?

– Oh, I feel you. Luckily today I have some energy to do some weird stuff. By the way, the exhibition of the fantastic animals was awesome! Which creature do you like most?

– I prefer the Flamingator. Oh, I remember something: my house is Aquilaclaw. It is just an eagle on blue tiles.

My coat of arms shows a penguin. It is a quite funny animal. Although not having an ability to fly is the most recognisable symbol of Antartica.

That’s right! What about your favourite sport?

– Umm, I don’t know. In fact, I prefer watching individual sports (Athletism etc.) but in Showgart I don’t have a favourite one.

Neither do I… So, what about your favourite beast?

– You told me about the Flamingator. It’s weird! Head of dinosaur and tiny thin flamingo’s legs. Perfect combination! The Flamingator looks funny.

I love the Flamingator too. I’m sorry, but I ve forgotten the different sports we can choose, I should read the golden book again…

– I think flying on dragons is great.

– I don’t know but flying on dragons seems to be interesting

Can you remember the rules?

– Sure, this sport is named “flying on dragons” you have to a score the best time you can on 100, 500 or 1000 m. It’s like running but you don’t run. Only

your dragon flies with you on its back! Maybe it’s interesting, and looks funny. Lots of fun – that’s a thing that sport must have in my opinion. So we have a sport. And some

additional rules we can create now. Yes, in Chelsea Turner lessons you can fly because it is connected to teleportation 🙂

– But let’s think about the rules- how many players, what should they do to win?

– It can be an individual sport. The dragons could be wild or tamed. Like Rodeo. Yes it is just some suggestions.

It can be a different version of our sport – flying on a dragon. Something like you say Rodeo or Spanish corrida.Yes that’s it.

– That’s good! Did you choose your magic wand?

Yes. I chose a wand named ‘designed’ with a diamond. It has a style, looks like it was made in Paris or Milan. Maybe we can choose this way of magician?

– I prefer the Knife wand. It’s look pretty cool. At first I looked at this one too! Knife wand is like a wand with very strong power! We can use it in a fight. It’s

a reliable weapon! As distance as well as close combat…

– Oh yes. Our weapon is our friend and ally in fight. Yes.

-Yes that is cool. See you, I have a lesson in 5 minutes.



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Dialogue 17: EliseH France and Marek Generowicz

– Hi

– Hello! How are you?

– Fine and you?

– I’m a little bored but otherwise it’s not bad

– Okay Which beast do you like most?

– I like the Basterion and you?

– I liked the diabollus but Basterion is nice too.

– The Diabollus is as good. Which one do you think is the worst?

– the worst?

– The one you like the least

– I don’t know and you? I think the oksymorius is the least interesting

– Yes, it’s true. What about your favourite sport?

– My favorite sport’s swimmning and you?

– I also like swimming but what about some magical sports which can be practised in Showgart 🙂

– Hmm, I think broom racing can be awesome

– Yeah, sounds fantastic! Elise, have you got siblings?

– I have a Brother and you?

– Older or younger? I have one sister, she’s older than me.

– younger. Have you got a pet?

– No but I wish I had one 🙁

– I have got a dog and a cat.

– What do you want to do in the future?

-I would like to be a mechanical engineer, and you?

– I would like to be a computer specialist. If you would like to be a mechanical engineer, what is your favourite car? What language can you speak?

– My national, Polish, English of Course, a little Spanish and a little German and you?

– I speak French, German and English. Where do you want to live later?

– I don’t know maybe in Japan and you?

– I want to try in USA but I really love Mexican food so it is my second choice

– oh okay. What do you like in France most?

– The people are nice and you?

– I atmosphere in Cracow because when I go to old town I feel that city hides a lot from me. Must be nice.

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Dialogue 18: Huda France, Gabrysia Stasiak and Sarah France

– Hello, I’m Sarah

– Hello sarah

– Hello, I’m Gabrysia

– hello, nice to meet you

– I am from Poland,and you?

– I’m from France

– My house is Emperfeet, what about you?

– My house is Aquilaclaw

– cool, what’s the emblematic animal? ours is a penguin

– Cool. Ours is an Eagle

– okey so what did you like the most about the art gallery? What is your favorite

– I like the Flamingator and you?

– I like the Basilisk.

– Oh, hello Huda, do you want to eat with us?

– Hello guys, sure :((

– So Huda, which animal do you prefer from the art gallery?

– I like the Flamingator

– Or else how old are you?

– In a month i will be 17,you?

– I’m going to be 16 soon

– I’m 17 years old too

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Dialogue 19: Filip P, Lyne France and Adam Rypinski

– Hi my nameis Lyne

– hello my name is Adam I recently introduced myself but I’ll do it again

– Hello Can I sit here?

– Hi! Sure

– Hi sure

– I am in Platymagus, Lyne and you?

– I’m in Platymagus too

– Have you got any brothers and sisters?

– I don’t have brothers but I have 2 sisters

– I haven’t got a brother but I have one sister

– I have 3 brothers.

– Do you like lunch?

– I like it this way

– Yes and you ?

– I like almost every meal

– What are you eating?

– vegetables with chicken leg, what about you guys?

– Hamburger !

– I’m eating scrambled eggs with bacon

– what do you like to do in your free time?

– I like to paint, read, listen to music, watch anime, spend time with my friend and you ?

– In my free time I like to play games, play football, chess, checkers but I also do many more things

– Have you got any talent?

– in my opinion my talent is that I am a very good goalkeeper. Have you got a talent?

– No:( and you?

– I think I have a talent for football but I dont bragh about it

– Ho that’s very nice 🙂

– We also play football with Filip

– Do you play other sports?

– I do not play them actively but I like to play whatever sport like tennis, Quidditch but I don’t like basketball

– apart from football, I do fishing and I have 3 categories in chess and I have a lot of cups and medals

– what animal do you prefer in Showgart?

– The Leopathy

– I prefer THE LEOPATHY too

– Good…

– I like leopathy too

– 🙂 So what do you think of the new school? Do you like it? Do you miss home?

– It’s really good and I like this school very much

– I always control to know how to bow, it’s really good,

– I think I like the new school I like it, in such a good atmosphere I do not miss home

but if I were younger , I would miss home

so would I

– me too

– what is your favourite subject in showgart?

– I love them all

– True

– what about you Adam?

– my favorite subject in the lesson is about magic

– And you Filip?

– I like absolutely everything.

– how old are you guys?

– 16 years and you?

– I am 17 years old this year of course 16

– 16 years old

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Dialogue 20: Tomas P, Mathilde France and Dominika Koziol

– Hi! Can I sit here?

– Hello ! yes you can !! What’s your name?

– I’m Dominika what’s yours?

– My name is Mathilde, what is your Showgart house?

– nice to meet you dominika, I’m tomas

– Nice to meet both of you. I’m in Emperfeet. And you guys?

-I’m in platymagus.

– I am in Platymagus too.

– Have you got any brothers and sisters?

– Actually I have two younger brothers 🙂 Are you having the same problem? XD

– No I have an elder sister

– I am an only child.

– Lucky you! I wish it would be me.

– Now I have a question: Which animal do you prefer in the new school, Showgart?

– Oximorius looks really interesting. Imagine ant of the size of cat with giraffe’s head!

– yes it’s funny but I prefer the flamingator

– what about you Tomas?

– I prefer leopathy, not because it is a lion or because it looks good, but because it is essentially the perfect judge of the animal kingdom.

– okay, nice

I agree with you at 100%! Leopathy also has amazing abilities like seeing someone’s past and future.

– Yes I agree too!

– When were you born Dominika and Tomas?

– I was born in 2003 in small town near the magic forest.

– Waw that is funny!

– I was born in a city so I didn’t meet many of those magical creatures even regular ones in my life.

– What about- you Mathilde?

– I was born in 2004 in a wizard city and a wizard family.

– I’m a half wizard because my mum is an ordinary women but my dad is a well known wizard in my town.

– Both of my parents are wizards but they only found out recently, just like me.

– I can’t imagine my childhood without my dad’s magic tricks.

– Neither can I, without this magic we are like alone

– I’m not alone. I have two gnomes in my house called brothers.

– 🙂 🙂

– Are you crazy about reading or not? Or are you crazy about anything else?

– I LOVE READING! It’s the best thing ever!

– OOOh nice !!!! I love reading too !!!!!!!

– Also I’m obsessed with music too.

– to be honest I like films more.

– So we have things in common !!!

– It’s great isn’t it? Anyway, what’s the animal of your houses?

– My animal is a platypus !! It’s so cute I think !!!

– and what about you ?

– My house has a……..PENGUIN! It’s so adorable ♥

– I love Penguins tooo !!!!!

– I think we can all agree that penguins are great

– yes of course !

– Do you have any pets at home ?

– I have a little flying mouse. She’s so tiny but flies really high and dog of course. I mean dog is the best friend of all time.

– I used to have a dog when I was younger

– I had a guinea pig when I was 7 years old

– Yes we can do a lot of funny things with dogs

– Mine is all black. We compare him to a bat because of his ears and he knows a lot of tricks.

– I would be bit scared to have a pet that looks like a bat.

– 🙂 Only his ears look like a bat’s ears. He is not a big dog. He’s like a medium size?

– And what do you do during your free time?

– I play a lot of games, I sing and read 🙂 Oh and also I watch my netflix series.

– Nice you play what type of games?

– Horror ones but I do love The Sims 4

– And do you love practicing sport during your free time?

– I play volleyball. It’s my favourite kind of team game but I do easy exercises.

– Funny ! I practice track and field 4 times a week during 2 hours

– I usually go swimming but apart from that I don’t do many sports.

– I used to swim too when I was 14 years old

– Mathilde you mentioned that you love reading. What kind of books do you prefer?

– I prefer detective stories and I’m not too keen on fantastic books

– I don’t know if you know this book but I recently read a book called U4 and it deals with teenagers who survived the virus

– I love this type of books too and you?

– I prefer romance and typical teenagers’ literature.

– It’s also good 🙂

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Dialogue 21: Natalia Chytrowska and Anaëlle France

– Hello my name is Natalia, pleasure to meet you 🙂

– Hi Natalia my name is Anaëlle nice to meet you too!

– How are you today?

– I’m fine thank you and you?

– Well, I’m good. What did you find interesting in today’s visit of the Fantastic Beasts art gallery?

– I find the Merouge very interesting and you?

– I really like the Flamingator it’s so cool! I wish I could grow these wings and fly for 10 hours

– Yes It could be fun 🙂

– Ok let’s meet each other better 🙂 Do you have siblings?

– Yes great idea, yes I have one big brother and you?

– I don’t have siblings. What’s your favourite colour?

– My favorite color is blue and you?

– I really like yellow and green. What type of music do you listen to?

– I don’t have special type I listen to all the type and you? And what is your Showgart house?

– I listen to pretty much everything, but I kinda don’t like rap. I guess I’m in Platymagus. What about you?

– Oh interesting, so am I!

– Really? That’s great! Do you have any talents?

– Yes ! Uhm I think dancing and cooking and you?

– I think I’m good at photography and editing photos 🙂 Do you have any kind of dance that you would love to dance?

– I hope to see that ! I actually dance hip hop, and in the past I danced dancehall and if I had to choose another dance I think I would love to dance couple

dance 🙂

– I used to dance couple dance. It’s fun and long as your partner doesn’t break your toes lol

– Haha yes of course. How was your first week at Showgart?

– Well it was a little bit crazy, you know, new people, new places. What about you?

– It was the same , but it’s better now 🙂

– Yeah same hahah

– I met some people as nice as you so I’m happy for that 🙂

– aww you are so sweet thank you! I can say the same to you 🙂

– <33

– Really you are so nice, it’s a pleasure to meet you Anaelle <3

– aww you too !

– Do you have any plans for the rest of the day?

– Not really and you?

– Well same hhahhah maybe we will go to some shops or something like that?

– Yeah great Idea 🙂

– 😉 What is your favourite band or artist?

– I haven’t any favorite band or artist and you?

– Well I really enjoy listening to One Direction and their solo songs 🙂

– Oh I really like the Harry styles one : Sign of the time

– omg yes! Have you listened to his new album?

– Yes the new album is great

– Yeah I share the same opinion as you 🙂 What kind of movies do you enjoy watching?

– I enjoy watching romance movies, I watch a lot of series and movies and you?

– Same! What’s your favourite series?

– Uhm I’ve watched a lot of good series so I haven’t got any favorite one but the last I very appreciate was the society and you?

– I haven’t seen the society, but now I’m little bit obsessed with Grey’s anatomy and The Politician. I also like Stranger Things and Jane the Virgin. What’s

The Society about?

– It’s about a problem in a Town and all the teenagers are alone and have to survive , no one know what’s going on. Uhm I don’t really know how to explain but

It’s a very good serie. I also Like Stranger things , Jane the virgin and Grey’s Anatomy ! What’s the Politician is about?

– I’ll add this to my list.

– OMG no way! The Politician is about a high school boy who would love to be the president of the USA. The first thing he has to do is win some kind of competition to become the president of the school (I really don’t know how to explain this lol). But in the summer will be 2 season and I can’t wait!

– Yes tell me later if you watch it ! We have so much in common ! I will watch it when I finish my series 🙂

– Yes we do! I have 20 minutes left form the 1 season of The politician and then I’ll go and watch the society!

– Ok as you watched Jane the Virgin, were you Team Michael or Team Rafael? lol

– Oh great question, it’s been a long time I watched Jane the virgin I’m gonna see who is Michael and Raphael I’m not sure about who is who haha

– ahahahha that’s fine. I was at first team michael but then it changed and now i’m still team rafael.

– Ok so I remember now and yeah I think the same as you I think we all were team michael at the beginning

– Yay! Totally agree hahahahah When I saw how Rafael treated Jane and Mateo I just fell in love with him hahahha

– Haha yeah sure !

– What’s your favourite character from Stranger Things?

– I like all the characters but the character of Millie Bobby Brown is amazing , what do you think?

– Yeah I think Millies role was hard and she played it very well. I really like Steve

– Me too, and Dustin too, everywhere I went I listened the song in season 3 and now I understand why it was everywhere

– YES! My best friend just watched it and she plays this song all along. This song is amazing!

– So amazing! Have you seen the circle game?

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 22 : AminaS France, Cloé France, Mozhir France and the teacher Jennifer Turner

– Hello

– hello what’s your name again?

– My name’s Amina

– Where are you from?

– I’m from France. Have you seen the fantastic beasts? Which do you


– I think my favorite is the flamingator, it is the funniest beast

– I like the Oximorius. But they are all fun. And I like the gallery

– Hello Cloé

– Yes, I’m here. Good Cloe here is Amina. You can sit and eat with us.

– Hello Cloe 🙂 where are you from ?

– Hello Amina 🙂 I’m from France, like you 🙂

– How are you ?

– I’m fine and you?

– I’m fine !

– So what’s your favorite fantastic beast? My favorite one is the flamingator and you Cloé?

– Same

– Hi Mozhir ! There is still a seat, come and have lunch with us!

– Hi there!

– So tell something about you… how do you fell today… What do you think of this new school? What’s your favorite subject in Showgart?

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 23: Liselle France, Katarzyna Nowinska, Magdalena Osiewala, Myriam France, Inès France, Lana France, Arnaud France, Hélène France and Laura France

– Hello I’m Liselle and my house is Aquilaclaw. What’s your house?

– Hello Liselle. I’m Katarzyna and my house is Emperfeet.

– ! I’m Magda, I’m from Emperfeet too!

– Hi ! I’m Myriam and my house is Emperfeet.

– Hi! I’m Inès and my house is Emperfeet.

– Hi! I am Lana my house is Emperfeet too

– Okay and what is your coat of arms? For me it’s an eagle.

– We have an adorable penguin on our coat of arms

– Yes, we do! It’s amazing.

– Thank you!!

– Geez I hope they have vegetarian food here…

– I hope so too, Magda

– Hey, I’m Arnaud and my house is Platymagus

– If they don’t, at least we’ll starve together hah

– Yes, we will have no choice…

– I agree with you

– Your house’s name sounds stunning, Arnaud.

– Hey, I’m Hélène and my house is Platymagus like Arnaud

– That’s so cool! Could you tell us more about your house?

– Yes, the emblematic animal of my house is the platypus

– Hi I am Laura and my house is Emperfeet

– Sound great. What do you guys think about our school so far?

At the canteen by Welcome SHOWGART -
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