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Once there was a girl named Zeynep and she was very helpful. There was not much in Zeynep’s period and she was alone. Another time, there was another girl named Seven. Despite good things in Seven’s era, he was alone. Both are always bored. When seven were bored, he always read a story. One day, the subject of the tale was travel in time. After this tale, Seven was excited and thought he might travel in time. So he believed he could invent a travel machine. After much effort, he succeeded and went to travel on time. After traveling a little, he came to Zeynep’s time and met her. They became very close friends.They both liked this friendship because there were no others. They played games with each other, they had a great time. One day, they went to baby versions and played games like this. That was so fun. After that, they went to their parents’ childhood and made them very happy. They still had to return home. They returned home and lived happily, thinking of their good friendship. 


Delicate E.

Ortasu Secondary School

Uludere / Sirnak




Once upon a time, there were friends who got along well with each other. Their names were Walnuts and Zucchini. They had a good time and never wanted to leave each other. There was only one discrepancy between each other, which was too small, the pumpkin was too large, but it was never a hindrance to their friendship. After a long time, a problem began to arise while playing hide and seek. In fact, Pumpkin created a problem because Pumpkin was huge and so it was easily caught, but its small size made it difficult to find walnuts. Therefore, one day he told Kabak Ceviz that he did not want to play with him again. It was very sad to hear this because the walnuts did not want their friendship to end. To solve this problem, Walnut thought for a while and found a solution.Walnuts found games where Pumpkin could be successful and they started playing these games. After that, Pumpkin was happy again and realized how good Walnut was. They happily played the game for a long time, but Peach did not like their happiness and was jealous of them, thought to separate them, end their happiness. Using his conductor, Peach managed to make friends and play games with them. He made crazy blood between them at every opportunity. Some time has passed and Pumpkin and Walnut fell with each other. They always started to fight and argue. The peach looked sad, but happy inside. A few days later, Walnuts and Pumpkin decided to speak.After this conversation, they finally realized that Peach had separated them and almost made them enemies. They understood their mistakes and reached an agreement that they would never let anyone separate them again. They were finally happy.








Once upon a time there was a large forest with various animals. Even the number of animals was too many to count. Foxes were one of the species of all animals in this forest. There was a fox that he considered himself the most cunning animal, and he thought it was the bee’s knees. He developed himself to be more crafty every day. He finally achieved his goal, becoming the most cunning animal in the forest. After a while, he began to think that the food in the forest was bad, tasteless, and therefore he began to go to the villages, steal eggs and kill chickens. That’s how he filled himself. One day he was caught by the owner of the chickens, but he managed to get rid of the owner by using his cunning. After this incident, he did not go to that village for a long time.Even the animals in the forest could not cope with it, I could not hunt it. After a while, Fox one day declared himself the king of the forests. All other animals, even all other foxes, objected to this king. After a while, Fox had a child, hid his child from everyone and trained him to be cunning like him. One day Fox asked herself and her child to eat eggs, but sent another because she couldn’t go to the village. He sent the talented Fox that I was waiting outside, saying he had bought the eggs and gave them to me. Talented Fox did not actually come in, it was just a role. After a while, the Crafty fox wondered and got into the coop. He got caught after entering.When caught, they caught each other’s eyes. It was time to realize that the Cunning Fox had been deceived. After this incident, the Talented Fox was declared king of the forest, but did not accept it. He said to all other animals:
“Our union is our Kingdom.” All animal screamed happily, lived happily.








Once upon a time, there was a very famous country. In this country, just fairies lived. Of all fairies, there was a beautiful and good fairy. This fairy’s name was Gülperi. Gülperi had always been tolerant to others and always did her duty well. Nevertheless, there was also malevolent fairy of all fairies. Her name was Charlie. CharliAe hated all other fairies, especially Gülperi. Gülperi did not know what she hated them. One day, when Charlie was flying, her wing stuck around a branch and the wing broke. Charlie had been stuck there for 8 hours. Eventually, a fairy saw her when flying there. Luckily, this fairy was Gülperi.

Charlie said to her: “Please save me, I’ll give everything you want!”, Gülperi answered: “I want just want thing. Please, please do not hate us. It makes us sad. This is the only thing that you should do.”

Charlie promised to do what Gülperi wanted and after that Gülperi firstly smiled, secondly saved her. After saving her, took her to a doctor. The doctor said to them Charlie will be fine, just needs to get rest. Two days later Charlie got healed and started to accomplish her duties again. Charlie and Gülperi never had a fight again. Eternal happiness came to this country.








Once upon a time. In time, a mighty sultan lived in a large country in a shallow straw. This sultan had two sons, Samet and Cemal. These two brothers could barely get along, almost every minute they would batter with each other. When this discussion started to be with everyone, the sultan started to feel uncomfortable. At first, he considered it normal to have such times among every sibling, but he thought that he was out of work, he had to find something. Because he was considered old now. These lands of beauties, friendships and goodness could not leave the country in an argument.

The sultan made a plan. He will pretend to be sick and will always want a flower that is told to be medicinal. A flower that can be brought from distant lands, difficult roads, and no one but two brothers can take it apart.

He sent news to his children immediately. “Your father is very, very sick,” he told reporters. Waiting for you. ” He was stumped. Both sons entered the poo with each other at the same time, into the room of their sick father. One sat on one side and the other on the other. “My children, I feel unwell at all, I’m very sick. I think I came to the end of the road called life. ” said. Both of his sons said, “Oh, daddy, God give you long life. We will find and improve the best physicians right away. ” He had. The sultan said immediately: “The best physicians of the country came, but they said it was only a remedy. That’s why I called you. Now listen to me, my dear children, A white flower blooms on the top of Mount Kaf. If I drink the sherbet made with it, I could get up immediately. ” said. Children who love their fathers started the fight. “I will bring.” Samet said, “No, of course I will do this.” said Cemal.

The sultan started to cough, of course, but what a cough! “I called you both because only two brothers could pick up that white flower. Doctors said so. ” said. The two brothers looked at each other in surprise. Although they were going to say, “But…”, they accepted it when they had their favorite father. They made their preparations and fell on the road.

Called and shove, they continued for a while. After a while, difficulties arose. They were hungry, thirsty, tired, frightened. After a while, they saw that they were moving hand in hand, arm in arm. When they got to the end of the road, they also looked at their big smile with a white flower in their fathers awaiting them. They looked at their father in amazement. Their father handed the white flower in his hand and said: “This is the flower you came to find for me. No matter what difficulty you encounter in life, your hands and hearts will be together. Whenever you get angry with each other, you can think of this place and this flower. ”

The three are lovingly hugged. By promising brotherhood that they will never fight again …



Fevzipaşa Secondary School

Söke / Aydın




A happy family lived in the depths of a big forest, whether there was one or not. This family consisted of two daughters, a mother and a father. There was a reason for this family to live in this forest without anyone around them. Everyone in the family could talk to animals, plants. Everyone around them looked madly at their places where they lived before, and after a while they were not afraid and talked. For this reason, this family settled in this forest where nobody lives or even passes by their relatives. The important thing for them was to be together.

One day, the door of their house was stolen. They were all startled because no one had been knocking on their doors for years. Mother: “Let’s not open the door, nobody thinks there will be.” said. Father: “Does that happen? This might be someone in need of help in this desolate forest. ” he said and opened the door. Seeing the old woman standing alone in front of her: “Come in, have you lost your way?” said. The old woman said: “No, my son, I was passing here, there are more places to go. I wanted to say hello when I saw this lovely house. ” said.

They invited the old woman inside. Woman: “Why are you living here in a desolate forest with no one?” he asked. “We love being in touch with nature.” said the mother. You are hungry and we were going to eat. Please accompany us. ” said.

They all sat together for eating. At that moment a bird entered through your open window and said, “Cik, cik (I’m so hungry, give me some bread?”). The girls bought bread immediately. They handed bread to the bird at the same time as the old woman. The old woman was surprised: “Have you heard what the bird says and wants bread?” said. The girls turned red. They looked at their fathers without knowing what to do because their secrets were revealed. Their father explained everything to the old woman. The old woman said that she had the same features. “In fact, all humans must listen to other creatures living in nature.” said.

The old woman said that all the people where she goes can talk to animals and plants. “It’s a Happy Country!” said. “Come on, let’s go together.” All of them are very excited because living alone in this place they have established for years has become boring. They were quickly prepared and set out. Excitingly, traveling to the Happy Country, where all living things live peacefully, has added happiness to their happiness. The whole family reached Happy Country and lived a peaceful and happy life.



Cemile T.

Fevzipaşa Secondary School

Söke / Aydın




Once upon a time. Once upon a time, animals lived happily in a huge forest with lush trees, colorful flowers, and an immaculate air.

Each of the animals had different characteristics. The rhino is very lazy, the giraffe is very hardworking, the fox is very cunning, the birds are very smart, the elephant is very angry, the dog is very cute, the cat is very docile, the turtle is very knowledgeable, the monkey is very fun … All of them were complementary.

All of them were startled with a strong roar on a sunny summer day. The sound was getting closer and a lion came out. All animals were staring at each other. They were not used to that much noise. They all gathered around the lion and started looking at the lion with curious eyes. Aslan said in a strong voice: “I heard that you have no leader here. After that I am the king of this forest. ” said.

The animals all looked at each other in astonishment. The wise turtle slowly moved towards the lion: “We don’t need a leader. We live together in a unique forest under this deep blue sky and we are very happy. You can join us if you want. ” said. Hearing these phrases, the lion roared nervously: “Now I am the king of this forest and everyone will do whatever I want!” he ordered.

The animals did not care much about the lion and moved away. Aslan made orders, shouted and summoned them all for a few days. The animals trying to understand it have helped the lion with kindness. However, the lion, who is not satisfied with this, has set traps for each of them in the forest. His aim was to frighten them all and show his leadership and kingdom. He gathered the animals caught in individual traps together and closed them in cages. Birds who know that if they cannot fly freely, they will not be able to live: “What will happen now? We helped him with kindness, but look at us. ” He had. The wise turtle said, “The loneliness of his heart has accustomed him to such evil. Again, we have to help with patience and goodness and save him from that dark heart and mind. ” said.

The animals that had been in the cage for days never shouted and called lion. On the contrary, they always said their wishes politely and nicely. It wasn’t what the lion wanted, but it also started to be happy inside. For the first time in the life of the struggle, beautiful emotions have moved. Come time, go time, patiently and calmly, the lion who left the animals waiting in their cages in the forest again. He gathered them in the square and explained himself. He said that he realized that his life full of struggle and difficulties made him bad but there was no place for evil in this forest. “We can be friends. Would you accept me as your friend? ” said. They all rejoiced “Yes, of course.” He had.

They celebrated for days. They celebrated the addition of a friend to their lives full of goodness, love and solidarity, and the liberation of the lion from evil.




Sema Nur A.

Fevzipaşa Secondary School

Soke / Aydin




Once upon a time, a beautiful baby whose eyes were blue from the sea and her hair was yellow from the sun opened her eyes to the world. Eftelya… The beautiful daughter of her parents, Eftelya… Her mother wore her necklaces, which are family traditions, on the neck of Eftelya and embraced her with love.

The loving looks of his parents on Eftelya did not last long. After a while Eftelya’s parents lost their lives after a sad accident.

Eftelya could not feel his eyes lovingly look again. The blue of the sea in his eyes turned to gray skies day by day. She was placed in a nursery where she would spend her years after the death of her parents. Unhappy children, angry grown-ups, and night-time sleep, which is divided by night hiccups, lasted for years. The only thing that made him feel strong in these tough days was the necklace he learned from his mother that he was heirloom. Every night, he took his necklace in his palms, held it tightly in his hand, and felt that warm feelings had spread inside him and slept peacefully.

Eftelya always believed. She always believed that dark clouds would have a deep blue sky. By the time she was eighteen, she knew that he had to leave the dorm. She was happy to leave this dorm, but worried about life full of uncertainties waiting for her outside.

Time flowed like water and Eftelya met her eighteenth birthday. She knew that in the morning she had to leave this dorm. Again, she wrapped her necklace tightly. She made wishes to calm her blunt heart. Then she felt a breeze blowing her hair and fragrant floral fragrances. When she opened her eyes, the children running around with joy saw colorful flowers and lush trees. “Of course this is a dream! “She said to herself.” I will wake up in the morning and face my fears. ”

She was startled by a voice behind her. “Eftelya! This is not a dream. ” You made a wish, you wished to get rid of the bad feelings and fears you were in and be happy. ” said. Eftelya’s hand immediately went to the necklace around her neck. She tried to understand what the other woman was saying. “Your mom gave it to you, right? This is a special necklace. You have been with you for years to fulfill your wish on your birthday when you are eighteen. ”

Ages of joy have been spilled from Eftelya’s beautiful sea blue eyes. She raised his head to the blue sky: “Thanks mom, thanks dad!” said. “I love you very much. I know your love is always with me… ”


Hiranur G.

Fevzipaşa Secondary School

Soke / Aydin




Once upon a time. Many years ago there was a beautifully built library. People were very interested in this library. It became a tradition to read books here. But there was more interest in new, colorful books. There was no one looking at old books with torn faces, yellowed pages and folded.

  Students from a school near the library came to the library every day. A boy named Joseph, unlike his friends, was more interested in old books. He chose old books from among them every day and read them with great interest. Every day he was looking for another book, looking at its yellowed pages with love and eagerly reading.

  One day, Yusuf found a place to read from the old books again. Suddenly, a bird entered the library through the window. It flew and landed on Yusuf’s shoulder. Yusuf continued to read as if nothing had happened. It was as if he was enchanted. He was in his own world. When the children saw the bird, they gathered around them and began to look at it with interest. The bird suddenly said:

-Yusif, you are different from other children. Even if they read new, colorful books, you always choose old books. What is the reason for this?

  When Joseph heard the sound of the bird, he seemed to wake up. He looked at the bird in surprise and said:

  -There is a very simple answer to this. Along with the tales in the book, I am also interested in the folded page of the book, the underlined sentence, and sometimes the forgotten picture in the book.

  The children were very impressed to hear this.

From that day on, the children of the school began to read old books with yellowed pages, as well as colorful books.


Fatima M.

4th grade student of school No. 2, Jeyranbatan settlement, Absheron district.




At the foot of a mountain there was a meadow with flowers. Among these beautiful flowers were Tulip and Chamomile. They were close friends. Their joys and sorrows were the same.

  One day, word spread in the mountains that a beauty contest would soon be held among the flowers. The winning flower would be the “Prince of the Mountains.”

   The news reached Lala. But Chamomile didn’t know it yet. Lala thought that suddenly Chamomile would be chosen as a prince. Lala’s heart was filled with envy. She used such a trick. He said to the Chamomile:

-Dear friend, give me a share of your petals for a week. I will make a wreath out of them and put it on my head, as a memory of you.

Chamomile did not object, on the contrary, he was very happy to have a friend who loved him so much.

  Finally, the day of the race arrived. The judges called and evaluated the flowers one by one. The row reached the Chamomile. They asked Chamomile:

-Why are you so pale?

Chamomile said happily:

-I’m not pale, I gave some of my petals to my friend Lala. She loved me so much and put a wreath of petals on her head. Look how beautiful she is. He deserves to be a prince.

   The jury understood Lala’s trick and were very upset. They chose the most selfless flower among the flowers – Chamomile “Prince of the Mountains”.

    Lala was very sorry to see this. She lowered her head in embarrassment. Since then, Lala has not been able to look at anyone’s face. As soon as someone touches her, she sheds her petals.


Aysu S.

Secondary school No. 2 of Jeyranbatan settlement of Absheron district

4th grade student 




Murad was born into a poor family. His father, Samad, was a master blacksmith. He spent all day in the blacksmith’s shop, earning a living by selling his products. He thought that the child of a rich family could not be friends with the poor. Therefore, wherever he saw them together, he would call Elja and rebuke her. His actions touched Murad’s heart. But the friends met secretly and played games together.

One day the friends went for a walk in the forest near the village. There was a sharp river flowing through the forest. There was a wooden bridge over the river. Some parts of the old bridge were rotten and broken. They wanted to cross to the other side of the river. Murad said:

-Let’s go, there is a cave there. I want to show it to you.

Elcan hesitated. But he did not want to look like a coward next to his friend. Elcan shook his head when he looked at the water. He looked forward and started to walk on the bridge. He quickly jumped into the water. He swam towards his friend. He grabbed him and pulled him to the shore. Elcan slowly came to his senses.

They returned home. Elcan told his family everything as it was.

Mrs. Jahan was ashamed that it hindered their friendship. She said to her son:

– I now know that Murad is your real friend.

The next day, Elja’s family took a lot of presents and went to Muradgil. Ms. Jahan said:

-Murad, thank you for saving my son’s life. From now on, you are also my son. I am very glad that Elcan is such a brave and courageous friend.


Nihad H.

4th grade student of school No. 2, Jeyranbatan settlement, Absheron district





There was one, there was no one. In the depths of the forest lived a giant. The giant had a kind heart. He would not harm anyone. But the giant had a terrible appearance. Therefore, everyone was afraid of him, he walked away from the house where he lived. This giant was disappointed. The giant was very lonely. Because he had no friends.

One day the giant was sitting sadly and thinking. Suddenly a fairy appeared in front of him. The diva said:

-Why are you so upset?

The giant said sadly:

-People are afraid of me because of my strange appearance. Nobody loves me. I am very lonely.

The fairy thought for a while. Then she said:

– You should try to make friends with people, to do good to them so that they know that you are kind.

Having said that, the fairy disappeared.

The giant thought a lot. He found a way to show that he was kind to people.

When night fell, he went to the village where the people lived. In the morning, the villagers saw that the bridge was built in a mysterious way. No matter how much they thought, they could not reveal this secret.

A few days later, at night, a giant came and repaired the old mill near the village. The villagers were surprised to see that the mill was working and decided to solve this mystery. They consulted with each other. It turned out that everything happened at night. In the middle of the night, they saw a divin approaching the village. They were frightened. But they saw the divin approaching and gathering a bunch of spikes from a field near the village. The people approached and thanked the diva.

– You thought I was bad because of my horrible appearance. But I did not hurt anyone. No one can be judged by my appearance.


the m.elt

School No. 2 of Jeyranbatan settlement of Absheron district

 4th grade student 




Once upon a time, there was a village which was called “ Hidden Village”. Two boys which were called Can and Cem lived in this village.Their mother was so ill. The remedy of this illness was ‘favour herb’ in Magical Mountain. Can and Cem’s dream was healing their mother. However, they had to pass the Adventure Forest to go to Magical Mountain. Magical Mountain travelled from a place to another every month . When this mountain was lost, it was difficult to find it. The forest was so dangerous and it was terrifying. There were monsters in the forest. They appeared and frightened the people. Can and Cem decided to go there. Eventually, they were able to arrive Adventure Forest. They went into the forest dreadingly. Bat were flying in the sky. While they were walking into the forest, a monster appeared from undreground. Can and Cem hid behind the shrubbery. The monster could’t see them and went. Cem pulled the map from his pocket. They took this map from a man who had knowledge of everything. They looked at the map and continued. While they were walking, a giant stood against them. They started running to get rid of giant. While they were running, Cem dropped the map. They couldn’t take the map because the giant was chasing them. They could hide the tree hole and waited for the giant to move away. They didn’t know what they would do . As they didn’t have a map, they got lost. They decided to go straight ahead. They walked for a long a time so they were so tired. They wanted to have a rest. They sat under a tree. While they were sitting under the tree, a fairy appeared. The fairy knew why they were in the forest. The fairy helped them and showed the right way. And she said: ” If you want, I can accompany with you. I will be happy to accompany with you. ” Can and Cem were glad to hear that. They accepted the fairy’s offer. The fairy said that we should take the road without losing time. Because Magical Mountain started to get lost. Can and Cem continued to walk with the fairy. Can and Cem followed the fairy. After they had walked for a long time, they could see the Magical Mountain. Two boys were very happy as they see the mountain. They hugged each other. But, there was a problem. The trees which were at the end of the forest hugged each other and closed the way. The fairy helped immediately. She was able to open the way. While she was opening the way, one of her wings stuck around the tree. Two boys didn’t want to go without rescuing the fairy. They made an effeort to rescue her. And eventually, they were able to rescue her. As soon as they rescued the fairy, they suddenly could find the ‘favour herb.’ They were very surprised. The fairy said that: ” If you wouldn’t rescue me, you couldn’t have arrive this mountain. You have a bigheart, and your bigheart guided you to arrive here. ” They thanked the fairy. They picked the’ favour herb’ and went back their village.


Ahmet BK

Kaman Imam Hatip Secondary School

Kaman Kirsehir




Once upon a time, there was a beautiful village and there was an affluent stream in this village. Villagers called this stream as ‘öz.’ There were a lot of mills on the stream. Villagers met and washed their clothes along the stream. When one of these mills saw people, it became happy and smiled. As long as it became happy, it wanted more water from their springs. The mill wanted more water because it wanted to flow more effervescently. When the water level increased, the mills understood that stream became happy. One day, one of the mills asked to stream: ” You are so clear and pure and you flow effervescently. Why are you like this?” The stream answered: “The people in this village are good tempered, they work hard and receive a recompense for their work. For this reason, I become happy and flow effervescently.” After days, it was harvest- time. Some strangers came to village. While they were speaking about some things, the stream heard their words. These strangers were going to deceive villagers and stole all wheat. When the stream heard these words, it was sorry. It could’t stand injustice. It was very sad and didn’t smile from that day on. And, it didn’t flow as before. The mills and the villagers noticed the stream’s sadness. And, they understood that there was injustice in the village. They thought who else did wrong. They found out the streangers did wrong. And then, they built consensus that the strangers should go from village. The leader of the village dismissed these strangers from village without losing time. When the stream heard that these wrongdoers went from village, it became very happy. It started to flow as before. When the mills and the villagers saw stream’s happiness, they were glad. They were celebrating ‘Hıdırellez.’The villagers organized a festival along the stream. Everybody had fun. Değirmenözü villagers didn’t harm anyone and they lived happily forever.


Behçet TK

Kaman Imam Hatip Secondary School

Kaman Kirsehir




Once upon a time, a crusty dwarf lived in a magical village. He had a house which was covered with sugar. And there was a small shed near the house. You can think of this: How does a crusty dwarf have a house which is covered with sugar? His best friend, a witch, gave this house to him. This crusty dwarf thought interesting things every day. Nowadays, he kept his mind on the fairies who were generate the dreams. These fairies sent dreams to children who were upset and unhappy. Our crusty dwarf didn’t like these fairies so he kept his mind on the fairies. He decided to speak with fairies. He said that: ” I will go and say that don’t generate the dreams.” He took the road. He walked for a long time. Eventually, he arrived the ‘dream factory’ of the fairies. He came in the room of leader of fairies. He said that: “You generate dreams for children who are upset and unhappy but it is useless, because it will not a solution for their problems.” Leader of the fairies didn’t care of the dwarf. The dwarf left the room angrily. He walked for days and arrived his home. He was very angry because the leader didn’t care of him. He thought about for days and he said that: “I will take away their dreams and they can’t generate dreams.” But, there was aproblem: How was he going to take away their dreams? He had a great idea. He shouted: “I found. I will take away their dreams with ‘dream sweeper.’ He started to look for ‘dream sweeper.’ He could find the ‘dream sweeper’ in the house which were left by his best friend, witch. After he had taken the ‘dream sweeper’, he took the road. After long and tiring journey, he arrived the ‘dream factory.’ When fairies saw the dwarf, they were scared. ‘Dream sweeper’ started to talk at that moment: “Children grow up and become happy with dreams. They can resolve their problems with dreams.” After the dwarf had heard words of ‘dream sweeper’, he couldn’t speak. He thought that ‘dream sweeper’ was right. He was ashamed. He decided to be good-natured. After this event, everybody called him ‘good dwarf’ not crusty dwarf.


Ecem NK

Kaman Imam Hatip Secondary School

Kaman Kirsehir




Once upon time… A family lived in a country. The family had two children. One of children’s name was “Çan”. The other children’s name was “Çin”. They loved each other, but they fought all time. Çan was a good boy. He obeyed his parent’s rules. Çin was a naughty boy. Unfortunately, he didn’t obey his parent’s rules. Nevertheless, he wasn’t so bad. One day, they played with a ball at garden. Suddenly, they heard a noise from home. Their mother said “It was a time to study lesson.” Çan wanted to study lesson, but Çin said “I didn’t want to study lesson. Çan didn’t persuade his brother to study. Çan went home to study, but Çin sat on the stone. Abird came to him while Çin was sitting on the stone. The bird said “Why were you sad?” Çin told everything to the bird. The bird said after it listened to him “ We went to the forest to play.” Çin said “It was a scary place.” The bird said “ It wasn’t a problem. We came back from the forest immediately. Çin thought that it was a good idea. Çin went to the forest with the bird. Çan saw him and said “Don’t go there. It was dangerous. Çin didn’t listen to his brother and went to the forest. The bird and Çin played together, but it was too late. They realized that It was dark. He was scared of darkness. Çin suddenly fell into a hallow while he was walking in the dark. And then, he last his consciousness. When he was sober, he saw a witch. Çin was scared of a witch. He asked” Where I was?” Witch said: This place was the land of evil. You were selected to carry out some tasks. Çin couldn’t say anything. And then, the witch gave her duty. The witch said “ You had to obey our rules.” Çin’s first task was to throw a child into the ditch. But Çin didn’t accept the witch’s duty. Çin said “I didn’t want to do this. I wasn’t a bad person.” The witch didn’t accept what he said. The witch reminded that Çin didn’t behave well and listen to his family. Çin threw a child into the ditch involuntarily while the witch was talking about his behavior. The witch suddenly disappeared. Çin didn’t understand what happened, but he was sad because he behaved badly. He heard his mother’s voice. He suddenly woke up. He understand that he slept onder a tree and he deramed. He was so happy when he saw his family . Moreover, he regretted that he behaved badly.


Hayrunnisa P. 

Kaman Imam Hatip Secondary School

Kaman Kirsehir


Forest Fairies


Once upon a time, there was a family living in a small town. This family earned their keep from woodcutting. The father of the house went to cut trees in the forest every day. The little girl was very curious about the forest. One day, she talked to her father: “Dad, can I come to the forest with you?” said.

Her father did not allow. The little girl was very upset about her father’s decision. A voice is constantly saying: “You! Go to the forest. If you get lost in the forets, your father will find you right away. ” The little girl immediately ran to the forest. She wandered in the forest, collected flowers. She walked so much that when she got tired, he sat on a rock and  took to rest. Then she looked around and could not understand where she was. She was very scared and started to cry.

At this time, the ‘Forest Fairies’, the protectors of the forest, came. “Why are you crying little girl?” they asked. “I got lost in the forest.” The little girl said. The fairies were very upset with the girl. “We’ll show you the way.” They said. They took the little girl to the exit of the forest and suddenly disappeared. The little girl rant o her home. After that, she never went to the forest without her father’s permission.



Cemile T.          




Fruitless Tree


An old couple in a town had a huge garden. There were all kinds of fruit trees in this garden. The trees in the garden produced fruit in huge crates. There was enough fruit for the whole town. The old couple distributed these fruits to the people in the town. One day the old couple died, and their sons took their place in the garden. But their sons no longer shared a single fruit from the garden with others. They chased children entering the garden.

The trees, which were very upset about this situation, started talking between each other. “I’m very nervous to this man. I give a lot of fruit, but they do not share the fruits with anyone. ” said a tree. “Yes, these men do not rest on their’s laurels .” the other said. The trees agreed between them and decided not to bear fruit. The owners of the garden had tried a lot of drugs but none of them worked. Even if the trees bore fruit, they decayed before they ripen and fell to the ground. They couldn’t understand the reason. They had no longer been interested in the garden. The children who saw this situation started to come to the garden. They climbed the trees. They started to collect the fruits. Months later, the trees started to bear fruit again. Their aim was to give a short sharp shock to the owner of the garden and they succeeded this.

The old couple’s sons realized that if they did not share what they had, they would have nothing. After today, they have begun to share their fruits with the people in the town like their father.


Delicate G.






It was a beautiful morning. The little girl sat  under the pine tree and dreamed. The little girl was helpful and conscientious. When he grew up he wanted to become a famous star. But whenever she talked about her dreams to his family, her family did not believe her. She thought it was impossible to realize her dream because they lived in a small village.

One day while she was falling into a reverie, her mother said: “Did you dive into those silly dreams? Your dreams will never come true. Now get up and go herding the goats. ” said. The little girl never felt sorry for her mother’s words because she believed that she would achieve her dreams. She saw a crowd while herding the goats on the mountain. As he approached to  the crowd, she heard the sound of the well. “Hurry up, little girl! Grab that cat or it will fall into me and die. ” said the well. The little girl immediately ran and caught the cat. Just then, the cameras shot the girl. . Actually, they were filming there. Director: “Who is this little girl? She has starlight. Bring her right now next to me. ” said. So the little girl took the first step towards to become a famous star. Her parents were very happy when she got this news. They were embarrassed against their daughters and realized that nothing was impossible.


Esmanur Y.






Once upon a time, three friends lived in Istanbul. These three friends were members of a team called ‘Dream Team’. The names of these three friends were Ali, Ayşe and Aslı, respectively. The Dream Team had special powers. These special powers were: flying with a magic cloak and using magic wands. The Dream Team was founded by a professor named ‘Bilgen’. The wand and magic cloak was his invention.

 There was a bad man named “Black Mert”. The biggest feature of this man was to ruin the dreams. His last plan was to turn the good dreams of everyone living in Istanbul into evil dreams forever.

Bilgen, who learned the plan of Kara Mert, called the Dream Team. He told them: “You have to stop Kara Mert. All Istanbul will be doomed to bad dreams forever. ” said. Dream Team: “We will do our best. Trust us.” said. Kara Mert rose to the sky. His plan was to pour the potion he created with a large cloud of rain over Istanbul. But the Dream Team arriving in the very nick of time, stopped Kara Mert with their magic wands. Thus, they saved Istanbul without anyone knew.


Edanur Ç.






There was a king, before it was a kingdom. A princess called the Kızıl Princess ruled this kingdom. This princess had red hair, bead blue eyes and was very successful in magic. This princess had a sister named Saçak Princess. The name of the Saçak Princess came from her hair. As soon as they were born, the clouds wanted to give her a gift and made her hair deep blue, but this princess had a problem. Sometimes he had some stuttering and he was very embarrassed. Her sister would beg the Kızıl Princess every day: “Sister, please send me to Earth, I beg, they won’t make fun of me there!” Her older sister also said: “I will not tell you to escape. Saçak, you belong here, not when a witch is made.” he passed it. One day, Saçak Princess got angry with her older sister and started watching the Earth through her newly learned magic. According to her peers playing hide and seek in the world, she realizes how beautiful life is without magic, but just join with watching children, join the sycamore tree. He asked. The flower of love answered: “His name is Efe, he is autistic. He is afraid that people will exclude him.” said. The Saçak Princess immediately restored the flower of love and returned to watching Earth. He was able to go out only twice in a year. He immediately started looking for spells to go to earth, looked at all the books, and eventually found the spell in a shabby book. He went to Earth to support Efe and become friends. When he landed on Earth, he immediately ran to Efe. Saçak Princess said “Hello Efe I Saçak Princess”. Efe introduced himself. Saçak showed spells according to Princess Efe. Efe did not believe that Saçak Princess was a witch at first, but was accepted as she saw the spells. They did not understand so much fun with Efe that how time passed. In the evening, the Saçak Princess returned to the kingdom and made an agreement with her older sister. As a result of this agreement, Saçak Princess will go to Earth once a week and play with Efe. As time went on, he started playing not only with Efe but also with other children and all the children in the world loved it. The other has not been ruled out. Because there was a lot to learn from everyone in the entire universe. Friendships of Saçak Princess and Efe have been legendary on all planets.


İkra U.

Ahi Evran Secondary School





Once upon a time, there was a bird and it lived with its family. The family lived a cold territory so they decided to go somewhere which was hot. They migrated in a few days and  they needed  to find a big tree for their nest. Then, the mother said : “I found” and they became together. The members of the family asked to mother that “What happenned?” The mother said that “ I found a big tree which we really need “ They flew through the big tree and land on branch. The tree is pine.  However, the tree was not happy about it. The tree got angry and said to the family that “you can not nest my branches. The mother asked: “Why?” The tree is a bit arrogant and it said: “My branches are very fragile so nobody can hurt them” One of the chick said: “we do not hurt your branches” The pine tree said : “ I do not want to wake up in the morning in stead of slepping. The birds was upsed and they continued to look forward to find new tree. They taken off and flew through an oak tree. The tree was happy and smiled. The oak tree said: “Welcome to my branches, Birds!”  The tree realized that the birds was shoched and the tree asked the birds: “ Why are you shocked? The mother said: “First of all, thank you and we came across a grumpy pine tree and it did not let us stayed its branches” The oak tree said: “ Yes, the pine tree is a bit grumpy so it do not let any birds stayed its branches. However, you can stayed here in your peace.”

      After a few months,  when the mother looked for food, she saw that the pine tree died.Thus, the mother was sad. The pine tree has not any home because it did not let any bird nested on its branches.


Yiğit Ö.

Ahi Evran Secondary School





A little girl named Azra lived in one of the village. He was happy, affectionate, very sensitive to his environment. He loved animals very much. Every day, he would go to the forest beyond their village and try to approach them without frightening the animals. The animals started to get used to the little girl in time, even though the animals frightened her before.

One day the little girl went to the forest again. He saw whether the foot of a baby gazelle could get stuck in the bushes. He immediately ran to his aid and saved him from the bushes. The young gazelle told the animals in the forest as soon as they survived. The animals were very emotional about this behavior of the little girl.

They wanted to do something for her as a sign of their love, not leaving the little girl’s love for them unrequited. If all the animals in the forest would accept, the little girl would understand what they were talking about. All the animals in the forest were collected. All of them voted “yes” in the voting, when the little girl went to the forest the next day, the animals started talking to her.

The little girl was very surprised by this situation. He first thought he was dreaming, but soon realized that what happened was real. His surprise left his place to happiness. He immediately went and told his family about it, but his family did not believe what his daughters told.

The animals realized that the fault line on the village was about to break that day. They immediately notified the little girl. The little girl is very fussy. He did not want the peasants and his family to be harmed. He made a plan for this. He gathered his animal friends in the open area of ​​the village. He wanted them all to sound loud. Their voices were so strong that all the people of the village heard. They all started to run in the direction where the sound came from curiously.

When they reached the open area, the fault line was broken. Many houses were destroyed and damaged, but nothing happened to anyone, and then the little girl told the villagers what was going on. The villagers thanked the little girl and her friends. Her family also apologized to her daughters.

After what happened, people and animals lived happily in this village, protecting each other.



Şebnem T.

Ahi Evran Secondary School





Once upon a time there was no one, in time, there was a country in a very distant land in the heart of hay. In this country, there was a forest of benevolence with immense greenery, a thousand kinds of animals, and a deep natural lake with its waterfalls and waterfall that you have never seen the color of. Getting into this forest was not so easy. Good people, like the name, with no constriction and envy in their hearts, could enter. Everyone living in the country has tried, but no one can enter. Great plane trees at the entrance of the forest protected the forest like soldiers. Yetim Ali, who lives in this country, comes to the entrance of this forest every day and imagined the day he would enter. Ali was an orphan at a very young age and was a very good boy. Her friends were constantly mocking her because she was orphan and poor, but Ali never broke their behavior. Because Ali was very smart and successful, his friends were always jealous of him.

Come and go, Ali has grown up. She fell in love with the beautiful, kind hearted princess of her country. The king would marry his daughter to the person who could enter the forest of goodness. Because the only one who could enter the forest in this country was the kindhearted princess. All the boys in the country have tried to enter the forest but have not been successful. Ali gathered all his courage and appeared before the guardians of the king. He said he wanted to enter the forest. The next day, the king, the good-hearted princess and all the people of the country gathered at the entrance of the forest. Ali came to the entrance of the forest in front of the grand plane trees. Everyone started to wait with excitement. For Ali, who has not hurt even an ant until today, the big plane trees have opened their way by lifting their branches and everyone was amazed. Ali entered the forest. The beauty of the forest affected him so much that he never wanted to leave. When he got out of the forest, the King welcomed him and let him marry the girl. The princess, who had a request from the King, said that he wanted to live in the forest. The princess also accepted this offer with pleasure. Ali and the good-hearted princess married a wedding that lasted for forty days and forty nights and settled in the Forest of Goodness. They were so happy that the forest was named after the Forest of Goodness and Happiness. So glad that they live happily ever after.


Ulaç Ö.

Ahi Evran Secondary School



Two Sisters Fight


Once upon a time there lived a fairy, this fairy had one sister. They always fought on useless stuff. One day their friend rang their door and said “come on let’s go outside to the park”. When they arrived their friend asked “who would like to play with my toy” “me,no me” the fairies said. Time started running out,their friend said “enough every time you guys fight, for once let’s play happy’ well the fairies were trying to understand her, a bird came by and said “hi I was listening to the conversation on my branch I found a solution for your problem you could share or take turns” “you are right” say the fairies. They understand that fighting doesn’t solve problems. The fairies learnt a good lesson and played happily ever after…








Once upon a time, there was a girl named Masal and her mother. They lived in the most beautiful house in a small town. The around of the house was woodland and deserted. That’s why no one would go there. This made upset Masal because she didn’t have any friends. Masal only likes two things. One is her mother reading a book for her and the second is playing with the red ball.

One day Masal went out with his mother. His mother sat in the chair drinking her coffee, and Masal was playing with her ball. Masal accidentally threw his ball behind bushes. She went there to get her ball. She saw a butterfly flying there with its colorful wings. She talked to the butterfly. They became friends. Masal rode on the butterfly and toured the whole land with the butterfly. After a while, the butterfly was exhausted and landed on the ground. The butterfly just flew away, and Masal was scared that she was alone in the woods, and she started walking. Butterfly, on the other hand, called his friend Stork because it was tired, then they went to find Masal. They found Masal and took her home. Then Masal, The Colorful Butterfly and Stork have all played together and been happy.








There was a time when a pony named ŞHİRİN lived. This pony loved to read books. There’s a book he loves so much. According to the book, there was a big cat in the world of ponies that caused them to have nightmares on a full moon night in four years, and this cat could only be caught by a unicorn. The last time Şhirin read this story, she decided to find that cat. She took his stuff right away. She controlled the magic of his unicorn and set off. But the forest she was going to was so dark and full of scary trees. She went into the cute woods and screamed. That’s when a pink pony appeared. Our Şirin is scared. This pony said her name was Pie. Then she sang a song and suddenly she had a laugh. At that moment, the forest turned into daylight sun, and Pie took part in Shirin’s journey. As they moved on, Shirin didn’t notice the cliff in front of her, and just as she was falling, a green pony named Nana grabbed her. She said, “You have to leave yourself to me”, Shirin hesitated, but Nana said Shirin to trust her. She closed her eyes tight and when she opened her eyes, she saw two wings come out of love and flew. Nana joined them and they moved on. They arrived at the cat’s temple. When the cat saw them, he knew why they were coming. He immediately meowed and saw that they didn’t have the greatest power. Shirin fell to the ground from cat’s horrible meow. But Pie and Nana immediately removed him. That’s when smurf discovered something. The greatest power! Shirin started to talk “I found it!! Nana gave me morale even at the scariest moment and beautifuled the dark forest with a laugh, so it represents the power of the smile, Pie helped me at my most difficult moment, so she represents charity, and I trusted them and loved them , I represent love and trust, and the three of us represent friendship!” At that moment, the Earth was overwhelmed with light, and everything became invisible. And the cat turned into a bird and ran away. But now the greatest power is obvious. This trio has maintained the power of friendship for years and lived happily ever after..


Aygül Y.






Once upon a time, a little panda and his family lived deep in the forest. This little panda’s name is Pingi. This panda is naughty and lazy. Although his mother Kiki warned him many times, “Study your lessons,” he never listens to his mother . He went to school again on a sunny day, and the second lesson, his teacher, gave him a project assignment. He told him to finish his homework in a week. He also said there was a surprise reward for those who did it. Pingi returned home after his classes were over. He told his mother he was too tired. He ate his bamboo and went into bed and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming he was playing football with his friends. When he got up, he saw his friends in the park, allowed permission from his mother and left the house. He remembered playing football with his friends in his dream thinking about what to play with his friends, so he told his friends to play football. His friends said it was a great idea and they started playing football. After playing football, they took a break because they were tired. Pingi’s friends were hard-working kids. They were doing their homework without hesitation and scoring high on the exams. When they took a break in football again, all his friends except Pingi exchanged ideas about how to do their homework, but Pingi never got there. All he cared about was playing games and enjoying himself. That week, his teacher didn’t give them any other homework other than his project assignment. Speaking of homework, our lazy panda, Pingi, has already forgotten his homework. For a week, he only went to school, went home and ate his food and played games with his friends outside. Time has flowed like water. It’s time for the delivery day of the project. He remembered the homework when he went to school, but it was too late. Pingi and eight students like him didn’t do their homework. Even though his teacher was angry with Pingi and his friends, he didn’t show it , he said they couldn’t just take advantage of the prize. The prize was to have a picnic on the forest by lake from morning to evening. Pingi was very upset to hear that because he loved picnics and loved swimming in the lake. While their teachers and friends were at a picnic, Pingi and the others were guests in another class. When the teacher saw Pingi and others unhappy, after the event, he gave the class another project assignment and said that those who completed it would have another surprise award. The teacher’s goal was to give Pingi and other irresponsible children another chance. Pingi did his homework immediately after he got home because he was very curious about the award.. The next day he showed his teacher his homework and the teacher was very happy to see the whole class doing his homework, and this time the class was and this time he took the whole class to the aquarium. Pingi had a day he couldn’t forget forever at the aquarium and told his family all about it when he got home. They made a decision with his family, so Pingi will be planned , he’s going to get some rest and then do his homework, and he’s going to help his family with some housework, and then he’s going to play games with his friends. Panda Pingi has become a responsible student like his friends, and he would never forgotten his teacher for the rest of his life because he’s given another chance.








There was a school in one of the distant countries. People cannot see and enter this school. Fairies would enter this school. In this school, there were three sisters named Aykız, Ayperi and Ayçörek. These three sisters could not make good potions. They always made potions by trying.

One day three sisters were getting ready to go to school. Of them, Ayçörek was combing her hair, and at that moment, she quickly got around her comb hair. Ayçörek is very angry when Aycörek cuts the hair of the comb. They had to go to school because the lesson would begin.

The first lesson was the potion lesson. Ayçörek was very upset with what happened in the morning and decided to make a potion to grow her hair in class. At the time, the door of the classroom was knocked and the principal announced that there would be a competition in the afternoon. Ayçörek made the potion and applied it to her hair. The potion did not show its effect. It is time for the competition announced by the manager. Aykız, Ayçörek and Ayperi have come to the area where the competition is located. The competition started and Ayçörek noticed that her hair started to grow while watching the competition. Ayçörek thought that there was a potion he made very happy. But as his hair continued to grow, his face was hung. The hair of Ayçörek was still growing. Her hair has surrounded the whole school, and no one of Ayçörek’s hair can see each other. Everyone was trying to figure out what happened, but nobody understood.

Ayperi noticed the situation, and for this sad event, an idea came to the potion room and find a new formula from the “Great Magic Book”. The potion had a hard time going to her room, but she eventually got to the room. Ayperi found the book he was looking for, opened the book and started looking for the formula in it. He found the formula in the book. The formula was called “Reinstatement”. He immediately got to work to make the potion. He made the potion and carefully went to the competition area to deliver it to his brother. They had to pour the potion down Ayçörek’s head. They started pouring the potion down the head of Ayçörek with the other fairies in the competition area. After pouring the potion, Ayçörek’s hair started to get shorter and returned to normal. After returning to its former state, Ayçörek apologized to everyone. The contest continued from where it left off.


Meryem Su T.

Kuzören Ortaokulu





Once upon a time. In the past, there was a Camel and a Dwarf in the straw. Camel and Dwarf lived in the same house. The camel always made fun of Dwarf. “You are small and the neck is too short.” dermis. Moreover, one day he called him ‘field mouse’. The dwarf was very upset and cried a lot. “Why am I small?” she kept asking.

The dwarf could not cope with the question in his mind and went to his neighbor, the wise owl, and say, “Why am I small?” he asked. Wise owl could not know this question. The dwarf started crying. The wise owl thinks a little and tells Dwarf that there is a wise snake behind Kafdağı, and if she finds that snake, she can learn the answer from her. “But the road to that place is very dangerous, anything can happen.” said. The dwarf has taken everything. He would learn the answer to that question and set out to find the answer. Little gone, long gone, stream hill gone flat, let’s see where he got to.

He arrived in a dense forest. Did he not have three wolves before him? As soon as the wolves saw Dwarf, they attacked him. But since the Dwarf was small, he fled under the wolves. Let me go a little more while getting rid of the ready wolves, he thought. As he continued on his way, a huge eagle appeared before him. The dwarf was frozen by the sight of his huge eagle. The eagle took the dwarf to its nest as it snatched. The eagle’s nest was in a very high place. The dwarf did not know how to escape from there. The dwarf thought and thought. The dwarf’s mind suddenly ripped off his shirt and floated in the air, and he did so. When the eagle was not in the nest, he tore his shirt and glide to Kafdağı. The dwarf found the snake and immediately asked the question to the snake. The dwarf snake said, “The sage of the beloved sages, why am I small?” said.

The snake thought of it and answered the Dwarf. “You’re dwarf, it’s short to be normal.” said. “Think like this, you’ve survived many events until you get here,” he said. “If you were big, would you be able to get rid of those wolves, come up here by gliding through the eagle’s nest?” he asked. The sage of the sages said to the snake Dwarf, “That’s your feature.” said. The dwarf thanked the snake and went to his own house. The dwarf told all the things to his friend, the camel. When they listened to the camels, they promised not to make fun of him again and lived happily together.


Mustafa C.

Kuzören Ortaokulu





Once upon a time. In time, there was a little or a little dragon and a little boy in a shallow straw. The name of the baby dragon is Goni, and the boy’s name is Efe. The two of them had very good friendships and they loved each other very much. Although they liked each other so much, he was complaining about Efe Goni. The reason he was complaining was that Efe’s toys were melted by the fire that Goni took out of his mouth. Because of Goni’s nature, they could never play until the end while playing games. Because even when Goni was happy, he made a fire and melted his toys. Efe kept thinking about how to find a solution to this nature of his friend. It came to his mind to pour water into Goni’s mouth. It didn’t do anything for Goni to pour water into his mouth. Another idea came to mind of Efe. This idea was to wrap Goni’s mouth with a rope. Efe wrapped Goni’s mouth with rope, Goni sneezed at that time, and the fire in his mouth burned the rope wrapped by Efe.

Efe had researched how to find a solution for this job for days. Finally, his neighbor thought of consulting this situation to the knowledgeable fairy, Pedant. Efe went to Pedant. He told Pedant about the situation of his friend Goni and asked if there was a solution. Pedant told Efe, “There is a great tree deep in the forest. Go to that tree, the tree will give you what you need. ” said. Efe immediately came home and set off to go to the tree with Goni.

Efe and Goni arrived in the forest. They saw the huge tree in the forest. They realized that Pedant was the big tree he was talking about. They thought about going to the tree and talking. Just then, the tree said, “I have what you are looking for, but there are three questions I have to ask you first.” said. Efe was curiously waiting for the questions the tree would ask. “Tell me all about your friend,” said the tree to Efe. “I know a lot about him, I don’t know which one to tell, but I love him very much.” said. As the second question, “If there was anything to your friend, would you look at it for a month?” he asked. Efe said, “I see it in all conditions, he is my friend.” said. “Well, tell me how much do you love your friend?” he asked. Efe “I love as much as my dear.” said. The tree said, “You are a true friend.” said. The tree took out a box after saying that. When he opened the box, he removed a dazzling bright feather and touched Gino. Gino sneezed at that time, but there was no fire in his mouth. Seeing this, Efe was blown up with joy. They thanked the great tree and returned home. As soon as she got home, Efe and Gino started playing games and their games were never spoiled.




Orhan Efe U.

Kuzören Ortaokulu





Once upon a time. Previously, there was a cat and a mouse in a shallow straw. The name of the cat is Kedo and your mouse is Feri. These were not like mice with the cat you know. They never quarreled, even very good friends. Kedo and Feri lived and went with friends. One day, Kedo and Feri were bored and decided to go to the nearby forest.

They were strolling through the forest accompanied by chirps of bird, Suddenly Feri heard a voice and nudged Kedo. Feri “Did you hear?” said. Kedo said he didn’t hear. In this way, a dog jumped out of the bushes while asking each other. Kedo and Feri were scared as soon as they saw the dog. The dog started chasing Kedo and Feri. Feri sat on Kedo, clinging to her feathers and running Kedo. While running away, they saw an old palace and immediately entered through the open door and closed the door. The dog chasing after them could not reach them, could not find them and returned home.

Kedo and Feri closed the palace door and entered, “We will stop a little later and return home.” they thought. Kedo and Feri wondered inside the palace. They started to walk inside the palace. They went in and out of the room in the palace. While entering and exiting, they came to the last room of the palace. They entered the room. When they entered the room, they were both surprised by what they saw. Inside the room was a lion lying unconscious in the cage. When the lion heard the clicks, it was hardly straightened. the lion was very happy to see Kedo and Feri. The lion said to Kedo and Feri, “Please take me out, please. They will take me from here and take me to the zoo. I will not be able to go to my house again. Please help me. ” said. Kedo and Feri were very upset about the lion’s situation, and they removed the lion from its cage. lion thanked Kedo and Feri very much. lion, Kedo and Feri have left the palace. the lion has returned home. In Kedo and Feri, they rejoiced that they got rid of the dog and returned home.



Sümeyra C.

Kuzören Ortaokulu


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