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Best Option to Treat Lower Back Pain


Artwork: Juhi Jone

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There are many treatments for lower back pain that it can be difficult to decide which best solution is for you. The options will differ based on a variety of variables such as the intensity that the back pain is causing, the reason that is causing the problem, as well as whether it is acute or chronic.


The treatment for back pain is comprised of medicines that are available over the counter and prescriptions that help to position the body for back pain relief by manipulating the spine, as well as alternative treatments like the use of acupuncture. Traction was an everyday practice; however, research has proven that it’s not a reliable treatment alternative.


We invite you to visit our site for a treatment plan that is basic however; here are some options you could choose from. Always consult an experienced medical professional prior to beginning any treatment.




An alternative for treating lower back pain is to rest. Avoid walking for a few days, until the pain begins to lessen. You should lie on your side, either with an extra pillow between your legs or lying on your back with an under-knee pillow. If you are lying in a back position, you’ll require a relatively solid surface to lay on. Make sure you move up and walk for 15 minutes each between 2 and 3 hours. Avoid staying in bed for longer than two days, because this can make the muscles in your lower back to weaken and could extend the issue and cause recovery to be harder.


Apply Cold or Heat

Treatment using cold or heat is effective dependent on the person. For every 2-3 hours you can use the heating pad or shower in a warm temperature. For some who are more sensitive to cold, a cold compress may be more effective. Alternatively, you could alternate between both. You can use cold or heat for around 15 minutes each.


The Pain Medication

The over-the-counter medicines like Prosoma 350mg and Pain O Soma 350mg can be utilized to treat pain very efficiently. Try pain relief like acetaminophen, naproxen or ibuprofen.



Though it might appear counterintuitive, however, exercising is one of the most effective treatment options. It is essential to perform exercises that build your abdominals as well as your lower back muscles. Make sure you exercise with proper form and pay attention to your body to ensure you don’t cause worse. We have a website to find some exercises that are specifically for treating lower back discomfort.



Alternate Treatment Options

Massage therapy and spinal manipulations by chiropractors or acupuncture could also provide relief. To be successful each or more of the lower back treatment strategies must be performed regularly.


So these are some of the most basic lower back pain treatments to consider. While you observe the results of these methods, you might decide to include or eliminate other techniques based on the way your body reacts.

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