Book Report

by itay lefler

Artwork: Itay Lefler

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Book Report


Artwork: Itay Lefler

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Hello everyone, today I’m going to talk about the book “Look Who’s Back”.

This book is written by Timur Vernmes in 2012.

The book is a satirical novel.

Look Who's Back': How a German Comedy About Hitler Predicted Donald Trump | IndieWire

A summary of the plot:

He interprets everything he sees and experiences in 2011 from a Nazi point of view.

For example, he thinks that Wikipedia is named for “Vikings”.


He appears on television shows going off-script to show his views.

Hitler sees this as a chance to get back his famous status and power.

Videos of his angry outbursts become extremely successful on YouTube, and he gets a celebrity status as a performer.


Hitler is beaten up by a neo natzis who think that he is harming the memory of Hitler. They are unaware that he is the real Hitler.

In the end, Hitler uses his popularity to return to politics.

Many people support Hitler’s ideas and make him believe that Germany is ready for his return.




Main Character Description: Adolf Hitler is the main character of this book. He comes back to life and looks the same way before his death, black hair and small black mustache that identifies him. His personality is complicated. On the one hand he is very funny and social but on the other hand his believe is still extreme and he used that new media to spread his extreme beliefs.


Secondary character description:

Fabian Sawatzki has brown hair and a beard he is thin. He is an unsuccessful movie maker that was fired from a TV station. He filmed a documentary movie while Hitler came back to life. He was searching for Hitler in hope to get his job back. Sawatzki finds out eventually that Hitler is real. While he tried to kill him, he was captured and sent to a mental institute.



I liked the least the character of Christof Sensenbrink because he was aware that Hitler is actually real and used Hitler’s successful return to life and his success in the new media in order to become the manager of the TV station.


Book Review

Recommendation of the book.

I enjoyed this book very much. This book is humorous but also disturbing. At the end of the day, Hitler stay Hitler even though I liked the character in the book. Even when the character gets more extreme, Hitler never apologizes. He just gets stronger. he laughs at the news media. I recommend everyone to read this book which is written in a hilarious way and makes you think about the past and about the future.

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