book report- the kissing booth 7th grade

by tom

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book report- the kissing booth 7th grade


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my name-Tom Grossman.


this is a book report for the 7th grade. it is on the book-

the kissing booth 1.




the main characters in the book are- Elle, lee, and Noah.

Rochelle Evans has been best friends with Lee Flynn forever. they finish each other sentences and they do everything together. the hip. it’s the school spring carnival and Elle and lee must decide on what booth they’ are going to run, and they decide on a kissing booth. everything’s going great until one of the kisser’s chickens out of kissing her next person. she says it’s her ex-boyfriend, but Elle’s already seated on the stool when she realizes that it’s not actually the girl’s ex-boyfriend but Noah Flynn, lee’s older brother and the school badass that everyone fancies. also, he’s a total player, so they say. when Elle and Noah kiss, Elle finds herself falling for her best friend’s brother once again. she thought she had got over this stupid crush, but now it isn’t a crush, it’s serious, and Noah seems to feel the same way she does. from that moment her whole life will be changed. Elle and Noah started dating in secrete. they were lying and hiding their relationship from lee. after a few months at school, lee finds out about Elle and Noah, and he realizes that all this time Elle was lying to him. lee stops talking to Elle. Noah was missing and his parents were very worried about him. after a few very lonely days Elle and lee return to be best friends. Noah came to school to talk to Elle but without success. On the day of the summer dance, Noah comes to Elle’s door and asks her to come with him to the dance. after much thought and help from her dad, she says yes. the theme of the dance is a costume party, so then people will not see them together. when they got to the dance Elle told lee the whole story. in the end, lee agreed that they will be together. then Noah went on stage and asks Elle to be his girlfriend, 0f course she said yes. Elle finds out that Noah was accepted to Harvard. she told him that he must go and before he left, they spent every free second together, until Noah boarded the plane.




Beth Reekles is the author of The Kissing Booth and the sequel, Going the Distance, now both Netflix films. She first published The Kissing Booth, on Wattpad in 2010, at age fifteen. and it accumulated almost 20 million reads before it was published by the Random House Children’s Books.


the kissing booth-my favorite chapter


The next question I would like to address is – what is the chapter in the book that you like best? Personally, for the entire reading of the book, I thought about the answer to that question, so when Chapter 24 came I immediately knew it was my answer. In this episode, I was drawn to the excitement and romance of the story and felt like I was watching from the sidelines.

in this chapter, the summer dance takes place. Noah offers Elle to be his girlfriend. the action that moved me the most, was that after all this time Noah still desperately wanted Elle. despite all the drama, jealousy, hatred, and lee that disagrees with their relationship, the thing that mattered most to them was the love they felt for each other. Noah wanted to fix the things that happened to them. and make Elle believe that this time he is serious. you can feel the determination in his words according to what is written in the chapter. the chapter begins with Noah going on the stage and expressing his love for Elle, in front of dozens of people. he wants to ask her one thing – will she be his girlfriend. of course, she says yes. then she immediately realizes that perhaps the most enormous thing that has happened to her has happened, in front of dozens of people. only this thing already makes this chapter my favorite. despite the deep things that it symbolizes.


if you could change the end of the story, what would it be?


The next topic I would like to talk about and comment on is the following question – if you could change the end of the story, what would it be. Before I respond to the question, I wanted to mention, that I think the end of the book, matches all my expectations, the content of the story, and its excellent writing Made me tear the book to pieces and throw it all over the room, The book made me excited, and look forward to the next part. Having realized the things I mentioned, I would love to approach the question.


Of course, every young girl’s dream is to find the perfect boyfriend, and to get married happily ever after, but, the writer did not write the story that way. The book ends when Noah goes to college very far from Elle, and who knows what will happen to a couple who have been through so much for being together. Of course, the author ends the book this way, so that the readers were thirsty for more, to know what happens to the happy couple, But in my opinion, the author could have generalized a bit of romance at the end of the book.

So, the perfect ending for me was that Noah would not fly to college, he would stay waiting for Elle for a year, and then they would go to college together, of course, there are lots of problems, and plot twists too, but the ending was a little happier and a little more romantic.


What is my favorite character, and why?



After the questions, I answered, hopefully wisely. I would love to move on to the next question on the list – who is your favorite character and why.

In the book, there are lots of interesting characters, each of whom contributes to the content of the story and its meaning. such as Lee, Elle, Noah, Lee and Noah’s parents, Elle`s brother, and her father. so, for me, there is no chance that I can choose one character. Therefore, I do not choose a particular character, I choose Elle`s and Lee`s friendship.

The entire content of the story revolves around the complex and exciting relationship between two key characters – Elle and Lee. I chose their friendship because no matter what, Lee will always do everything for Elle and so does Elle. without their friendship, the whole story would not have happened, and the forbidden and romantic love story between Elle and Noah would not have occurred either.


Considering the things, I have mentioned, one can pay attention to the wonderful relationship that takes place in the story, which holds the whole story and content of the book. and that is why I chose a relationship and not a character.

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