book review

by roaia khatib

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book review

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The name of the book :

Demon slayer 

(manga or comic book)


main characters : Tanjiro Kamado


secondary characters : Zenitsu , Inouske , the hashira (top graded demon slayers)…


chapters : 205

volumes : 23


Author : Koyoharu Gotouge




The story takes place in Taishō-era Japan. It follows ”Tanjiro Kamado” and his sister ”Nezuko Kamado” as they seek a cure to Nezuko’s demon curse. Tanjiro and Nezuko become entangled in the affairs of a secret society, known as the Demon Slayer Corps, that have been waging a secret war against demons for centuries. The demons are former humans who sold their humanity in exchange for power, they feed on humans and possess super natural abilities such as super strength, magic and regeneration. Demons can only be killed if they’re decapitated with weapons crafted from an alloy known as Sun Steel, injected with poison extracted from wisteria flowers, or exposed to sunlight. The Demon Slayers, on the other hand, are entirely human, however, they employ special breathing techniques, known as “Breathing Styles”, which grant them superhuman strength and increased resistance.




”Tanjiro Kamado” is a kind-hearted and intelligent boy who lives with his family in the mountains. He has become his family’s sole source of income after the passing of his father, making trips to the nearby village to sell charcoal. Everything changes when he comes home one day to discover that his family has been attacked and slaughtered by a demon. Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko are the sole survivors of the incident, with Nezuko being transformed into a demon, but still surprisingly showing signs of human emotion and thought. After an encounter with ”Giyū Tomioka”, a demon slayer, Tanjiro is recruited by him and taught by ”Sakonji Urokodaki”, another member of the Demon Slayer Corps, to also become a demon slayer, and begins his quest to help his sister turn human again and avenge the deaths of the rest of his family.



this story ends with Tanjiro achieving his will with the help of his friends he met during his journey as a demon slayer.

this story also ended with a lot of tears from the readers (to be honest, i sobbed in every chapter while reading it) , even though it had a happy ending, but there was a lot of characters that lost their lives, and not to forget all the sad backstories some of the characters had…

This book sucked me in from the very beginning and I was honestly intrigued the entire time while reading. It was extremely hard to put down and the end made me want more of the story.


* I wanted to add some photos but i didn’t know how…

so i put the links of them :

the cover of the first volume and it shows Tnajiro and his sister

Tanjiro, his sister (Nezuko), and his friends (Zenitsu and Inoske)



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