Chapter_One 第一章 by ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎  - Illustrated by Neko Creations: Me     -
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Chapter_One 第一章


Artwork: Neko Creations: Me

Hi,  I love to write and draw anime manga a lot. I love watching Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, and Blue Exorcist. Read More
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On a peaceful Saturday morning in Kawagoe City, the birds were in trees chirping as usual. People filling the streets walking and doing their work activities. In a small neighborhood, there lived a family of 3. Two boys and one mother. Akihiko, the youngest is 13, and Kyota, the oldest is 15. The father is deceased sadly…


Akihiko walks down the street with his older brother Kyota to the store.  

   ‘Going to the store is annoying..I don’t like shopping.’ Akihiko says in a bored voice.

   ‘Mom told us we should pick up some things, so we’re going shopping,’ Kyota replied sounding annoyed by Akihiko.

While walking to the store Akihiko spots something, but he ignores it and keeps walking.


They wait at the crosswalk till it tells people to go. The light goes green after a few minutes and people start walking across. Just across the street was the store. It was a popular store that basically everyone went to. Inside the store was full of people swarming in every direction.

    Akihiko made a face. ‘And this is why I do not like stores. Hey, I’ve got an idea, why don’t you buy the stuff, and I stay outside?’ Akihiko said trying to escape the crowd of the store.


‘Fine, but don’t go wandering off into bad places or daydream, because the traffic here is not safe,’ Kyota answered.

    ‘Ok!’ Akihiko retorted back while walking towards the exit door. ‘Hmm, what should I do while I wait?’ Akihiko asked himself. ‘I’ll just walk around. Instead.’

Akihiko walked around the block a few times, but on his way back he spotted the thing or creature again from earlier.


“Meow meow.”

Akihiko hears it and goes down the alleyway towards the sound. He listened for the sound again but heard nothing. Then as he was about to leave the alley, he heard it again and this time saw a cat. A grey tabby.

     “It’s one of these demon cats that turn into weapons…” He thought to himself “…Hey, what are you doing here all alone cat?”


Akihiko asked looking at the grey tabby cat on the floor. “Geez, I’m talking to a cat..I don’t know if I can help you that much because my mother would be mad if I brought home a cat instead of groceries. So this will be a goodbye for now.”

Akihiko started to walk out of the alley. But as Akihiko turned he saw the cat follow right behind him.

     “I just said you cannot follow me.”


Akihiko starts running back to the store’s entrance while the tabby cat runs after him. Kyota was waiting for him there.




     “Uh, ok but that creature is not coming home Ak you know that.”

     “I know but when I was taking a walk, waiting for you, I heard a noise and there it was the grey tabby cat! And also it is one of those demon cats that shift into weapons!”

      “Akihiko, I don’t really care, I just want to get home before the groceries go bad.”

Akihiko agrees and they decide on letting the cat follow. The three walk back to the neighborhood.


Suddenly their mom opens the door

      “Oh, you guys are home early.” She immediately notices the cat. “What’s that cat doing on our porch?”

       “It’s not my problem, Ak, tell mom what you did.” Kyota walks into the house unpacking the groceries.

       “Um..well..the thing is when I was waiting for Kyota to come back, I decided to take a small walk. Just as I was about to go back I heard a cat noise so I followed it, and I found the cat. But I really tried to get rid of it but it kept following me!”


“Well, I don’t know what to do about this Akihiko…” She looked over at the cat that was sitting there as if it could hear the conversation.

       “Can we keep it? I’ll take care of it and make sure it is ok.” He asked as he started to walk over to the cat.

       “I guess..but it is not clean and you don’t know if it is someone else’s cat.”

       “But I know it’s no one’s pet because no one was around, and it was just there in the alleyway.” as Akihiko tried to convince his mom.


“Akihiko, Having a pet is a lot of responsibility…are you sure you want a cat in the house?”

      “Yes, mom. I always wanted a cat anyway. It’s kinda lonely in the house sometimes.”

      “Ok fine, but we are going to the pet shelter to adopt it first, then the vet, and when we get home that cat is getting a bath.”

They then got into the car and put the cat in the back seat sitting on a towel. They drove down to the pet adoption center. Mom had to fill out a lot of paperwork. When everything was ok, they asked if we wanted to name it. I named him “Mischief.”


After that was done we got the Mischief checked for any diseases and a checkup if he was healthy.

We got there after an hour. We brought the cat inside and waited at the office to make an appointment. Soon after, a pet doctor walked in. They took the cat and didn’t come back until two hours. They said Mischief was healthy and they only just gave him a few vaccines.


It was all complete with the cat and everything. We also got cat food, toys, and cat bowls for the food.

It was now noon and around dinner time. Kyota comes downstairs to see the cat.

       “So you actually kept it?” Kyota said looking at the cat weirdly.

       “Yep and his name is “Mischief.” Akihiko answered back.

      “That’s a weird name…why exactly?”


“Because he was the one that started all of this, but we could have just went home normally without any trouble. But you know, I am happy I met Mischief.” Akihiko said looking back at the cat.

        “Hmm, good answer Ak. So what does this cat do?”

        “Well, it’s supposed to turn into a weapon in battle, but…I have no idea how or what it will become…” Akihiko said in an unsure way.

        “Well when the time comes I’m sure it’ll be cool.”

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