Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -
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Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 )

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Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -

Overview of his life:

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born in London, England, on April 16th, 1889. He is considered one of the film industry’s most important figures. His career spanned more than 75 years.

Chaplin began performing at an early age, working as a stage actor and comedian. Modern Times is the funniest of Charles Chaplin’s many great films. Chaplin wrote, directed, produced, edited and composed the music for most of his films. He was a perfectionist, and his financial independence enabled him to spend years on the development and production of a picture.

He passed away at the age of 88.




Se bella giu satore
Je notre so cafore
Je notre si cavore
Je la tu la ti la twah
La spinash o la bouchon
Cigaretto Portabello
Si rakish spaghaletto
Ti la tu la ti la twah
Senora pilasina
Voulez-vous le taximeter?
Le zionta su la seata
Tu la tu la tu la wah
Sa montia si n’amora
La sontia so gravora
La zontcha con sora
Je la possa ti la twah
Je notre so lamina
Je notre so cosina
Je le se tro savita
Je la tossa vi la twah
Se motra so la sonta
Chi vossa l’otra volta
Li zoscha si catonta
Tra la la la la la la



But what language it is?



This song is in fact in “gibberish” with elements of English/French/Italian/Spanish which makes no sense.

This language is a speech that is nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words or language game.

It main goal is to seems nonsensical to strangers.



This is a small quiz for those who are curious:


It will be very difficult to try to understand the meaning of the words.

The original song of which this is a parody is in French as follows:
TITINE – Je cherche a Titine’ 1917  by Frenchman Léo Daniderff with lyricsby M. Bertal, B. Maubon and Henri Lemonnier.



Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -

some information about this song of Léo Daniderff:


The song was performed in Paris, in a café-concert called “Moulin Rouge” still famous nowadays.


Having become a success, it circulated in the trenches during the First World War, then was brought back to the United States by American soldiers returning from the war.


As I said, Chaplin give the Tramp (the name actor) a voice for first time in his movie  called : ” The Modern Times”



Let’s talk about music through his life:


After Chaplin made his first million, he installed a pipe organ in his Beverly Hills house. Realizing the importance of musical accompaniment to the silent film, he bought expensive instruments.

Charlie has the advantages of a musical inheritance from his  father ( who was a singer) that provide him a superb sense of rhythm and a huge taste for the art.


Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -
Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -

He used to manage all of the musician of the orchestras before each movies, show, etc.


During this work, I tried to understand what genre music Chaplin was playing, but it was a quite difficult to answer this question.

For me, Chaplin genre music was as simple as himself with quick tempo.

This song is as authentic as the actor of the movie. Although he not the best singer, when I hear him or saw Chaplin in a movie, a smile comes to my face and fills me with positive energy.





I hope next generations  will learn about this giant artist.


Moreover the colorless in his movies makes it more special and original.



To conclude : one one my best source of happiness 🙂



Charlie Chaplin – Nonsense song (1936 ) by Elie Saragossi -
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