charlottes web by tala naarane - Illustrated by Garth Williams -
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charlottes web


Artwork: Garth Williams

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This story talks about a girl named Fern. After she saw her father that he would kill a piglet (Wilbur), she decided to help him mature and become big. After he grew up, she took him to the farm of her relatives and there were many animals (spider – herd of sheep – horse – ducks and mouse) )


They were going to kill Wilbur, but the spider and mouse who called on  
Charlotte and Templeton to help Wilbur was Templeton bringing words so
 Charlotte would write them into her web.
This work brought many tourists and they thought it was a miracle, and so
 Wilber succeeded in killing, but Wilber entered a competition if he did
 not win, they would kill him, but Charlotte Templeton helped him succeed,
 but Wilbur did not take the blue tape, but he took a medal from the judges
I might give another title to the story: True friendship, because
 Their friendship Charlotte Wilbur was, loyal, and true
If I were the writer, I'd keep Charlotte alive and her kids having fun with

I liked the story because it talks about love, love, friendship and a

I did not like choosing the characters because the writer chose the 
character of the pig, and this word could harm children, and they would 
insult each other with this word. 


Father fern was looking to kill the pig (Wilbur)
Templeton went to find interesting words for Charlotte to write in her web

Wilber didn't take the blue tape. I'm a medal of referees





Wilbur and Charlotte
Wilbur: Where are you? I don't see you
- I'm up in the north at the entrance to the gate
I saw you who you are and what is your name
- My name is Charlotte
Sleep, Wilbur, because I work at night in the morning. We will talk and be friends
- OK

I want to change 1
 Characters in the story
2 Wilbur wins the blue tape

tala naarane

9 A

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