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 My Eating Habits 😋♥🍕


I usually start the day with milk and bread but sometimes eat brioche and biscuits , i often drink tea or white coffee. at the weekend i usually eat eggs and meat.




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In my family i usually eat rice it’s a typical African food but i love pasta and sometimes eat spaghetti with tomato sauce.

I have lunch after school at 13:40.

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I love dinner, in my family it’s light meal . I often eat chicken and boiled vegetables but sometimes eat a meat sandwic



I love  love junk-food i’m think is delicious but i know isn’t very healthy . My favorite junk-food is hamburger and chips.

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I have snack at school and at home . At school i usually eat crackers or chips.




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But at home eat food made at home it’s very good.

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I LOVE EAT !!!!!!!!Risultati immagini per mi piace il cibo

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