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Christopher Columbus

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1) Read the text about Christopher Columbus –


Christopher Columbus was a brave explorer. In 1492, he sailed west from Spain to look for Asia, and
discovered America by chance!
Columbus was born in Italy in 1451. Columbus loved to travel and he loved the sea. When he was a young
man, he was shipwrecked* and almost died, but this didn’t stop him.
Columbus had a dream. He wanted to sail across the ocean to Asia. Everybody thought this was a crazy
idea. Columbus asked the people of Italy for money and ships. He promised to bring them
gold and spices from Asia. But nobody agreed. Columbus didn’t stop trying. He asked the
Kings of Portugal, England, France and Spain for help. Finally, after eight years, the King
and Queen of Spain agreed.
On August 3, 1492, Columbus left Spain with three ships – the Santa Maria, the Niña and
the Pinta. It was a long and dangerous journey. The sailors didn’t see land for many weeks
and they were afraid. They wanted to rebel* against Columbus. Columbus said, “Let’swait
three more days.” Two days later, they saw land! It was the Bahama Islands near Cuba.
Columbus thought this land was India, so he called the people there Indians. Later, he made
three more journeys from Spain to America, but he still thought it was Asia.
Columbus became famous and was an example to other explorers. After his journeys,
explorers were not afraid to sail across the ocean. Now they knew it wasn’t really a crazy


1) Watch the movie about Christopher Columbus.

2) Open a new Word file and call it  – “Christopher Columbus”.

3) Write four new facts that you learned about Christopher Columbus from the movie and the story above.







1) Open the link.

2) Watch the movie and play games.

3) Have fun!



1) Open the link and read more about Christopher Columbus and the story of “Columbus’s Egg”.

2) Add to your Word file two new sentences about the this story.

3) Save the file.


1) Open the link.

2) Write a fact file about Christoper Columbus.

3) Add it to your Word file.

4) Don’t forget to save the file.


Let’s make a class board about Christopher Columbus.

1) Open the link.

2) Work on the Padlet.


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