Contact Universal Credit and Solve All Your Benefit Doubts Today by Mike Langer -
Jul 2017
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Contact Universal Credit and Solve All Your Benefit Doubts Today

by Mike Langer

‘It’s always to be slow that to be fast and lose yourself’,


Universal credit completely sticks to this value. Hence to prevent keeping citizens from being duped the universal credit helpline was initiated to guide on any advice about benefits and other queries.


So, the next time you’re confused whether to apply for universal credit or what are the benefit suggestions, Given below are some of the solved answers for few common queries enquired at Universal credit helpline –




1. What is the purpose of the universal credit, and what’s it replacing?


The following benefits are the given rights to every citizen –


• Income Support,
• Jobseeker’s Allowance
• Support Allowance
• Working Tax Credits
• Child Tax Credits & Housing Benefits Employment.

However, as the government planned for increasing productivity, they designed the universal credit system. This credit system is targeted mainly for low-income employs or non-workers.


These individuals won’t receive the mentioned benefits however they shall be compensated with a healthy sum at the end of a month or two. This good sum of money will cover their required expenses. Also, with the government’s assistance, the person will find a suitable job too.


To know more, customers can contact the credit help lines mentioned and ask for advice about benefits.



2. What about the changes in the monthly budget and what are the solutions?


As the universal credit amount will be paid monthly, the government foresaw one issue that might likely to crop up. This issue being the monthly budget; it can be overwhelming for civilians to suddenly pay the entire monthly budget catering to just a basic allowance.


Hence, to aid people in readjusting to the universal credit system, the govt is gearing up to introduce their Personal Budget Support loan. This loan will help individuals adjust to the implementing changing budget.


Customers can call up and ask for advice about benefits and universal credit will be happy to aid.


Additionally, repaying will be done once you begin working and are able to completely fund your own self.



3. Legacy Benefit System already commencing, what to do?


If you’re already under the legacy benefit system, you still require applying for your universal credit system and awaiting further instructions.
Now, that you cleared some of your questions; here are few useful helpline assistant numbers you can ring to further aid you relevant questions like ones mentioned above.


• Job center Plus 0843 455 0081
• Universal Credit 0843 455 0032
• Budgeting Loans 0843 455 0031
• PIP Number 0843 455 0087
• Tax Credits 0843 455 0127


Well, there you have it! So, clear now that you know all about this credit system, apply soon you need a hand in hard times.



4. How to successfully claim this credit the first time?


As based on the requirements, apply for universal credit from your local work area or visit the company’s website for online application.

For clearing, confusion calls the helpline and let them analyze how much cash you require. Once you are eligible then you will have to sign a claimant commitment. Once done the government will allocate a certain amount for you.

This claimant commitment will aid you in finding a job well suited for you. Once you find the job, the stipend by the government will gradually reduce.


More in the next pages!

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