Dear John by Keila Chen -
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Dear John

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Dear John by Keila Chen -

At the start of chapter 1, we meet the main character which is John. John just lives with his dad.They weren’t very close, his dad had the same daily routine. Most of the time John dad would be working on his coin collection. When John was young his mom had left them. That is when John started to struggle, he started hanging out with the wrong set of people. After being, a trouble maker John decides to grow up and enlist in the military. When John came back after a while, he didn’t come back until his 3rd deployment. At the beginning, John didn’t expect much to happen with the time that he was going to be back home. He decides to go down to the pier, he sees a girl with her friends out talking. John was looking around when he sees a purse just fall into the water. It was a lady with brunette hair asking for someone to help her. Out of nowhere John decides to just in and get it for her. After John got the purse and handed it to her, there eyes met, feeling a connection between them. More like a spark. Her name is Savannah, quickly she thanked him. Both quickly exchanged information about each other.


After a few dates, things started to get very serious. Both did not know where things would go or if they were able to have a future. For a while things go really good, the only problem was not being able to see each other, only very so often. Plans would always change there was no specific time when they were able to see each other. Later on, they decide to end the relationship after a while, John encounters Savannah. Savannah had already been married, with a family, and her dream job.

Dear John by Keila Chen -

John- He is the main character of the story. John had always been an independent person, he taught himself to do many things. John didn’t only just teach himself many things but was very mature.


John dad- A very quiet man, who kept most of this thoughts to himself.


Savannah- A very outgoing girl, always involved in activities to help others.


Bounded-walk or run with leaping strides.


Engulfed- as to surround


Uninhabited-without inhabitants.


Dingier-gloomy and drab.


Hovering-remain in one place


Briquettes-is a compressed block of coal dust


Waddling-a walk with short steps


Imperceptibly-in a way that is so slight



”It reminded me that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me”

This quote says a lot, this was Savannah writing to John. She would always express the love she has for him. Everything meant a lot to her. No matter what they would stay together.


“She was in love with someone else”

With this quote you can notice the big change that occurred between John and Savannah. After so many promises they gave each other, they just couldn’t be together, maybe it was never meant to be. Both gave the relationship so much effort. When John comes back Savannah fell in love with someone else.


This is a book I would recommend to everyone. The reason I would recommend this book is because it showed how to people are willing to fight for love. It shows how to people come together to be there for each other and not give up. One’s true love type of story. It shows so much character from John and Savannah, both believed together. A lot of emotion is put into this story, from the first chapter you can feel the emotion in it.

Dear John by Keila Chen -
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