Dial Microsoft Support Number to password protect MS Office documents

by Thilde Carlsson

You should call Microsoft Customer Support number for your assistance. Microsoft support teams have huge technical knowledge. They can fix any error or any broad error in very less amount of time. They feel happy to assist you as well as Microsoft providing their service in 24/7 so, you can call Microsoft…
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Dial Microsoft Support Number to password protect MS Office documents

by Thilde Carlsson

To protect your Windows 10 account and files from unauthorized access, you probably using a password. But, there are also plenty of reasons that you may also want to set a password to protect excel, word or PowerPoint documents. Moreover, by putting a call on Microsoft Support Phone Number and taking guidance from ingenious experts you can know all about this in detail. Before, going for that option, why don’t you first see the reasons why you need to protect your Microsoft office documents with a password.   

Motive that lead you to password protect your MS office documents are:

  • You might want to share your document that has sensitive information only to one person and wish to ensure that only that person has access to it.
  • Usually, you save your documents to One Drive or another cloud storage services. In order to add an extra layer of protection you want to protect them with password, in case the account gets compromised.
  • You may work in an environment where more than one person have physical access to your computer and you simply want keep prying eyes out from your certain data.

Whatever the reason, Office 365 includes settings to quickly encrypt a document using a password. Here, we will walk you through the steps by which you can easily protect an office document using a password. However, if you want a quick solution, then we suggest you to make a call at Microsoft Support Number and contact skilled professionals. They will certainly guide you towards the easiest way by which you can easily password protect an office document.

Set password for an Office document

For adding an encryption password to Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or excel, just follow the mentioned steps:

  • Launch any office document that you want to protect with password.
  • From the file section go to info tab.
  • From the right side, tap on the protect document menu.
  • Click on encrypt with password option.
  • Now, you need to type a password to protect your document.
  • Afterwards, tap on the ok button.
  • Retype the password and then click on OK button to complete the process.

Once you done following these steps from top-to-toe, the every time you open a document in Office 365, you will be prompted to enter a password to decrypt its contents. While setting up a password for office documents, you need to keep it to safe place as without it, you will not be able to open document. However, to know more about this, you can contact Microsoft Support team experts and take their assistance. These technicians are well-versed with all kind of information related to Microsoft office so that they will surely guide you in a very proficient way.

Reference Link: https://outlookcustomerservicee.blogspot.com/2019/08/dial-microsoft-support-number-to_29.html


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