Etwinning projects in the 1st Primary School of Ampelonas /Greece by katerinavel -
Jun 2018
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Etwinning projects in the 1st Primary School of Ampelonas /Greece

by katerinavel

Etwinning projects in the 1st Primary School of Ampelonas /Greece by katerinavel -

Ampelonas is a Municipality of Tirnavos, located in Thessaly ,13 km away from Larissa. It is a picturesque town with stone churches and many vineyards  (Ampelonas means vineyard).

Ampelonas is very close to many interesting destinations in the area (Olympos, Mount Kissavos, Meteora, Lake Plastira, Pelion, Platamonas etc.) 


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eTwinning is the community for schools in Europe. eTwinning offers a platform for staff (teachers, head teachers, librarians, etc.), working in a school in one of the European countries involved, to communicate, collaborate, develop projects, share and to be part of the most exciting learning community in Europe.

eTwinning promotes school collaboration in Europe through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by providing support, tools and services for schools. eTwinning also offers opportunities for free and continuing online Professional Development for educators.






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Sharing our musical heritage! 

Registered on 23.08.2016




Through this Project, we will try to share our cultural heritage. producing traditional songs and dances from the own country and the other countries involved in the Project. Pupils improve their skills in their use of English and learn to cooperate with others in order to teach and learn about them and their musical traditions.


A birthday card for Rebeca – getting viral on etwinning – short term project

Registered on 02.09.2016


About the project A short term project – surprise birthday party. Rebeca is an angolan girl who is living Lisbon’s pediatric hospital for 2 years now, with no hope of being discharged. She has an inoperable tumor in the base of her brain and she is now paralyzed from the neck below and no logger breathes on her own. She will only get worse. Nevertheless, she is a hard working student, who loves to learn, as she attends classes in the hospital every day, and gladly follows the indications of her school teachers, from a school in Lisbon. My school, my class. She will be 14 on january 8th and her classmates would very much like to make her an unforgettable surprise, and they count on you to help them: they would like to flood her hospital room with birthday cards! Will you join us?


Our Saints

Registered on 18.09.2016


The project is to present some popular saints from the countries taking part in the project. Each partner is to show their saints in the powerpoint presentation (the picture and short description of the given saint’s life).
The last point is an electronic book with the saints from the given countries.


Building bridges of friendship and peace.

Registered on 26.01.2017


About the project

We hope through this project to unite students from the participating countries. The main aim of this project is to establish a mutual friendship among students from different countries and schools, using several means of communication . They will have the opportunity for personal expression .They will also share information about their school life ,their daily lives and their culture.



A Escola que Temos, a Escola que Queremos ~The School We Have, The School We Want~ Škola danas, Škola koju zelim

Registered on 16.05.2017


Collection of opinions of the school today and what we would like it to be, placed through the platform “PADPLET”. These opinions can be written by teachers, assistants, students and parents. In a first stage, make the presentation of the participating schools, using google earth to locate the participating schools



TwinPractice Λάρισας, Μαγνησίας 2017-2019 Registered on 20.01.2018



Let’s sing together! European Day of Language Registered on 28.08.2018


The aim of the project is to celebrate the European Day of Languages together in an international way. We are going to work on different tasks to promote intercultural dialogue through different forms of learning and students’ cooperation.


Come on! Photograph the Seasons!

Registered on 25.08.2017


This project is aimed at discovering and observing the sequences of seasons in your own environment during the year, through a photographic reportage that will be the starting point for deepening the subject

Of course, music is an integral part of every era. Songs and music will accompany the beautiful images of the children!


Traditional clapping games as a cultural bridge Registered on 25.09.2017


This project aims to bring traditional clapping games to the forefront of our curriculum by offering a different approach to lessons allowing them to be more interesting and stimulating for the pupils. Children love interactive songs and through this project they will learn coordination, body awareness, rhythm and teamwork. We will work Music, Art, Values, PE in a cross curriculum way and English, as the means of communication between teachers and pupils. We will focus on the use of ICT tools to improve and advance in the knowledge and uses of the New Technologies.


Traditional games: a bridge of generations, cultures and a vehicle for outdoor learning

Registered on 12.10.2017

The project aims to share traditional games in partners’ countries. Students create a collection of games. They share them at the twinspace, teach and learn rhymes, songs, give instructions. The games could be played in the classroom as well as outside (in a park, street, square). This cooperative project gives chances for Outdoor Learning, making friendships or building positive relations. As a part of our heritage and a symbol of the cultural diversity, we want to show that traditional games could be vehicles for transferring values of solidarity, tolerance, inclusiveness and cultural awareness. Living in a tech-driven world, we want to motivate our students to reap the benefit of the traditional games.


Envelopes full of hugs and smile

Registered on 25.10.2017


We want involve our 9-10 years old students in an exchange of traditional letters with different topics such as ‘This is me’, ‘My school’, ‘My city and my country’, etc. to practise their writing and reading skills. Meanwhile all topics can be issued online via web 2.0 tools. We are going to record videos, take photos or PowerPoint presentations to share information with our European friends on Twinspace.


Let’s sing together! European Day of Language

Registered on 28.08.2018



The aim of this project is to record a video how your students sing ” Are you sleeping brother John?” in their native language. The idea is to learn how this song sounds in different language. Additionally, you can make a short presentation, which include the name of your country, the flag and several words from your language written and translated into English. It can be in a form of a powerpoint presentation, a poster or e-book send by email. It’s up to you. Those videos and presentation could be used during celebration the European Day of Language (September 26th) in your school. #EDLComp18


Music is the food of love, so let’s play on!!!

Registered on 06.09.2018



The project will build a musical bridge among European countries and beyond them. Sharing musical experiences we will improve our musical skills, we will have the opportunity for personal expression and we will derive happiness working in teams. We are going to sing, dance, acquire knowledge and know about traditions and festivities of the countries. That is a cultural meeting leading to a mutual friendship among students from different countries and schools. At the same time we will improve our English language and ICT skills.



Registered on 03.10.2018


This project is designed around the school curriculum in a project-based learning approach. By one hand, we want students to know better their local environment, and culture; to learn about other people and cultures; to share information in a foreign language (English). On the other hand, we want students to improve their creative learning and the use of ICT tools in a new way. We will focus on important building in history to work on STEM subjects . Connecting schools subjects and creating for learning: integrated curriculum.


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