Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps

by Erika Slonov

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Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps

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preparation for the trip:

1. We need to know the area well (the Amazon Rainforest),

the creatures that live there, to recognize which are


We must always stay together, because we can not know what can happen there.

2. I think that we will have a lot of problems, because this is our first trip to a place that is far from our homes.

Not everyone knows what could be there.

For example: there are a lot of dangerous creatures

(snakes, spiders, ants…) that can bit one of us, and it can

end badly.

3. We wiil bring food, water, cold and warm clothes, flashlights, a map, medicines, a waterproof watch, a large backpack, closed shoes, a sleeping bag, matches, tent, fishing rod, insect repellent, cap, knife, flare gun…

You can endlessly continue this list, but I’m not a horse, I won’t take everything)))

4. I would like to go on this trip only with Ed because he knows all the things we need to know about this trip, I don’t need anyone else to help me on this trip.


Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps by Erika Slonov -

The first day of our trip

2nd of April 2008 – 

We woke up early to finish our plans for the trip, it was difficult.

Our first day started with a big breakfast, it was very tasty.

We saw a lot of desert, we were surprised.

There were snakes hiding in the sand of the desert, it was scary for me, but we were careful.

It was very hot that day, but we knew we had to start the journey.

After that we went to the Pacific Ocean, the water was cold.

It took us more than two months to get to the jungle, we walked more than 300 miles.

*And the most important thing is that we must survive this long trip!

Ed reminded me that I should always stay with him.

13th of July 2008 –

The first thing we did when we got to the jungle was find some new and interesting creatures for our research.

We were very scared and curios at the same time, but we kept going.

We noticed that our water was running out, and after a few minutes the rain started.

We were very happy but also realized that we must act fast, we took all our water bottles and collected the water that came down from the sky.

It was the hardest day for us, but we did it!

We saw a lot of snakes and spiders there… And that day Ed accidentally stepped on a snake, only now we realized how dangerous the snake was for us. He was very lucky because the snake didn’t have time to bite him.


Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps by Erika Slonov -
Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps by Erika Slonov -

Reflection on the trip 

9th of August 2010 –

When I got home I was very happy to see my family after not seeing them for a long time, they were happy too.

1. Yes, it was worth the money because not everyone has a chance to visit this beautiful place, and see the amazing view we saw there.

It was an interesting and fun adventure for me and Ed.

This trip gave me a chance to realize that I’m very strong.

It’s important to know that everyone can overcome their fears, and after that understand that it was not at all scary as they thought from the beginning.

2. Yes, I really enjoyed this trip because it was the first time I went to a place without my family or friends.

I can’t even explain my feelings, for example: at the first day I was very stressed, the next day I felt not really good, I was tired and wanted to go back to my family. But after a week I realized there was no going back and I had to keep going.

3. I would take my mom or my friends to go with me on this trip because I want to show them that in the beginning it seems like it is very difficult, but if you believe in yourself you will succeed in everything!

And now I understand that you don’t have to take many things that I took for this trip, you just need water, fire, food and desire to survive…

4. I wouldn’t go again to the Amazon because I think I got the experience and now I will appreciate more the comforts that I have at home.

I think I started to be less afraid of everything moving around me (Insects) because of the trip, and now it’s easier for me to stay calm.

Being alone with nature opens up many new possibilities. It has always been and will be interesting.




Following Ed Stafford’s footsteps by Erika Slonov -
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