Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -
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Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers

  • Joined May 2020
  • Published Books 7

First lesson with Aleksander HALE, the Survival teacher

Good afternoon students, and welcome to Showgart, your school of witchcraft and wizardry! You have been sorted out in four houses: Platymagus, Aquilaclaw,

Emperfeet and Wolferion. I’m Alexander Hale, your Survival teacher, and my aim is to teach you how to survive in a hostile environment such as the

Cursed Forest, when you are lost or when you don’t have with you your magic wand, your broom or any magical device to help you.

You will need to remember 20 magical spells for survival, but today, we are going to learn only five:

1) Freezio! (to help you freeze a dangerous beast and run away. The effect lasts 2 hours only, then the beast comes back to life)

2) Thunderstoppis!

3) Ediblis sortis! (to know if a food you found is edible: if yes, the food will levitate. If it is poisonous, it will fall on the ground)

4) Protectum totallum! (when you sleep, this spell creates a shield that protects your from any attack or curse. It lasts maximum 4 hours per person and

per night)

5) Flintus apparatus! (to pronounce in front of a tree to get a flint, which is a stone to make fire. Each tree has flint stones under its roots)

Now, leave your magic wands and your brooms and anything that is magical in your schoolbags. We are going to the Cursed Forest. By groups of three

or four students (see your groups above), I want you to imagine that you are lost together in the Cursed Forest for two days. You must:

– make a place where you can sleep

– stop a thunderstorm so that you won’t be wet

– look for edible = eatable food

– cook some fish from the river in the forest

– sleep and be protected

– face a dangerous animal and protect yourselves. This animal is a Flamingator, it spits fire.

Work with your group to find solutions to survive 2 days in the Cursed Forest without any help (then you can imagine that a wizard will rescue you)

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 1 (Aleksander Hale): Maja Owczarek, Héloise France and Victoria France

– We are lost in the Cursed Forest! So we have to find a place to sleep?

– Ok let’s look for the place to sleep. Let’s sleep near the forest it will be a safe place I guess.

– Let’s sleep near a river to get water and catch fish that we will eat later by making a fire. we can sleep in a hammock in the trees to be safe from animals

– Yes we can use a spell to protect ourselves.

– We can use a magical spell Protectum totallum!

– Ok lets look for something to eat. Let’s see whether that snake will levitate: “Ediblis sortis!”

– Great! It is levitating so it is good to eat!

– And how do we know that is is not edible?

– If the food is poisonous, it falls on the ground when you say “Ediblis sortis!”.

– Oh yes, that’s true, we learnt in in the Survival lesson!

– We can make a fire too, in order to cook our food: with the spell FLINTUS Apparatus.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2 (Aleksander Hale): GloriaB Italy, Marcin Mikielski and Asya France

– Asya, we found the place to sleep, now let’s look for something to eat, maybe something like fruits?

– yess forest fruits will be ok after that, what can we find?

– Yes yes , what next, we are looking still for food? some fish to cook…

– how will we cook it?

– okey then we must light a campfire

– very good, let’s go get some wood to do it

– Asya, dry wood will be good but how will we light a campfire, any idea?

– yes let’s go fast before it gets dark the sun will light wood I think if it is very hot

– haha yes we could use the spell “Flintus apparatus” to get flint and make fire…

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 3 (Aleksander Hale): Malgorzata Nowakowska and Hinde France

– Hinde, come back.

– Yes

– So we found a good looking place. I think I saw a little river somewhere close.

– Okey. So we found a good looking place.

– Look I can see the river over there. Do you have a bottle with you by any chance?- Yes! But I think we have to be careful, the water may not be drinkable.

– Let’s take some with us anyway, it may be useful, then let’s build the shelter and later try to make a fire.

– Yes it’s a good idea.

– There are the branches we’ve been looking for. They’re big enough so let’s drag

them to the place.

– I think we have to build the cabin first. We will look for food later.

– good, look for food and check if if it is no poisonous

– I think we should be able to find berries or something in this forest. Later we can look for a big river with fish.

– We can bake the fish on the campfire. Let us organize ourselves, first of all we must look for wood for the fire. Then we can fish in the river to cook fish.

– okay.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

First lesson with Aria ZORA, the animagic teacher

– Good morning, freshmen, and welcome to Showgart!

Now that you have been sorted in your four houses : Platymagus, Aquilaclaw, Emperfeet and Wolferion, and that you have bought your school stuff, it is time to start your first lessons.

My name is Aria Zora. I’m from Croatia, and I’m here to teach you ANIMAGIC. During this lesson you will learn what animagic is, and in groups you will discuss what animal you want to transform into. You have to explain what qualities and abilities it will have.

How do you understand animagic? What does it mean?

– We can learn to train magical animal maybe

– close but not exactly, for example my animag is raven

– We learn how to transform into different animals?

– yes very good

– It’s an animal from the wizard’s world.

– It’s a spell which allowed to be an animal, I mean that we can transform ourselves into the animal that we want. Do you think it is a useful ability?

– yes

– Yes

– yes I think it is since you can hide without knowing that you are an animal

– Yes, I think that too.

– In what situations can we use it?

– We can use it when we are in danger.

– to hide from people and to enter into places discreetly.

– For example, when carrying out daily tasks, such as transportation, and so on …

So it is very important to choose an animal with specific qualities, Now, I would like you to work in your groups and choose an animal, write its traits, advantages.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 1 (Aria Zora): Olga Sitarek, Sohir France and Gustave France

– hello I am Sohir from France

– Hi I’m Olga from Poland

– Hello, I am Gustave from France, how are you ?

– I’m good what about everyone else?

– I am good too.


– Should we start discussing the animal we wanna choose?

– yes

– I think it should be docile.

– no this is too girly

– No, I think Gustave is right, actually

– But he mustn’t be frightened by human contact.

– yes but not too much docile

– I think an animag should be somewhat limber, that’s pretty useful

– Maybe he could be aquatic to change?

– yes good idea

– Sure why not

– Like a big flying fish 😉 ?

– Alright, so I’m not saying that’s a bad idea, but don’t you think we as magicians and students would be more active in land? not necessarily in water areas

– Yes I understand … So, do you have an idea?

– What about something like a cheetah or just a basic cat? I think it would melt into places well. What do you think, Sohir?

– Or a Lynx?

– Yeah I think it’d work too

– I prefer cheetah

– I think we’re supposed to write down our animal’s traits so let’s get into it shall we?

– He must be wild but tame too. (I think)

– Yeah it would be no use of it if it didn’t listen to you right? It should also be fast and as I’ve already mentioned – limber

– sohir do you have an idea?

– I don t have a precise idea but I think olga is right

– Yes, Olga, I think it’s a good idea.

– It has to be big enough to carry us but small enough to go everywhere… One in between?

– Yes, I think you’ve got a good point here,

– me too

– should we give it any magical powers or something?

– I think we need to give him a special appearance

– Yes! I think it should melt into the background well, so it’s easier for us to hide or simply run away if we need to.

– Teacher! We chose a cheetah. It’s an African animal which is agile, fast but also wise. It’s a fast and limber animal by nature. They’re also very smart animals to go anywhere and to wear humans. Furthermore, he’s more or less close to man.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2 (Aria Zora): MartinaB Italy, Oliwia Skrzypinska and Bertil France

– Hello my group I am Bertil from France. How are you everyone?

– Hi I am Martina from Italy. How are you?

– Hi I am Oliwia from Poland, I am fine and you?

– Yes thanks. I think the lama is a good animal since he goes unnoticed and has a fatal weapon, he spits

– Hello I am Burak

– Hello. Also the lama is a good Idea since our lama will fly but he will keep his special position

– yes, good idea

– It is actually a good proposition

– So we choose a flying lama?

– yes

– and he spits poison

– that’s the best animal of the world

– Yes I agree! thanks my friend

– I agree too!

– Okay then our lama can fly, is fast and spits poison, anything else? magical powers?

– but what magical powers?

– mmmm, I don’t know, let me think

– Maybe it can teleport?

– oh yes good idea

– yes it’s that

– Why a lama?

– the lama is funny and do nothing also it’s a good idea

– Okey!

– Miss Zora, in our group, we choose a lama. Our lama can fly and also go faster but he will keep his special position. The lama is a good animal since he

goes unnoticed and has a fatal weapon, he spits. He spits a poison that can kill anyone. Furthermore, he camouflages himself well to kill his opponents or hides in places.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 3 (Aria Zora): Anna Nowak and Karolina Kasianiuk

– So do you have any ideas?

– Hello, my name is Karolina from Poland.

– hi Karolina. We need to choose animal.

– Ok I choose animals fox

– ok so now we need to think about it’s special abilities

– Fox is animal that has really good hearing, have you ideas?

– I have no idea.

– What about traits?

– ok so it’s fox. It’s small and fast. Any magical traits maybe becoming invisible?

– ok

– now we need some more: The fox is sly.

– maybe flying with wings

– It could have the ability to appear and disappear by moving its wings.

– Yes that is a good idea.

– And do you have an idea?

– Maybe it would change its color because of different moods. Something like a chameleon.

– And instead of flying it would appear in places like You said earlier:).

– Yes is a good idea!

– What will its name be?

– Yes is name could be QUEEN!

– Yessss☆

– She’s a star!!!

– Of course she is;)

– Do you have any other ideas?

– haha I don’t know. Queen is already perfect.

– okay it is good.

You got any other ideas about power?

– So it can disappear, change color, and maybe glow in the dark? I don’t know if it useful, but it would maybe look cool:)

– yes it is cool for me.

– Good bye!

– It was nice meeting you, bye!

– me too

– Miss, we choose a chameleon because it’s a small animal which is discreet because it can change his color so it can hide easily. And it can be very useful in some situations. Moreover he can catch prey with his tongue. Finally, the chameleon has a 360° vision

so it is on the lookout for everything

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 4 (Aria Zora): Martyna Kaszynska and Mariana France

– Hello, my name Mariana from France

– Hi! I’m Martyna.

– How are you?

– Good. And how are you?

– I’m good thank you 🙂

– 🙂 Do you have an idea for an animal?

– I have no idea, and you?

– Personally no… I have to think about it

– I still don’t know

– I propose the tiger

– Ok, that is a good idea, I like cats very much 😀

– Do you like cats?

– I prefer dogs but I like cats

– 🙂 ok

– We have to think about the qualities of the tiger.

– In our group, we choose the tiger since it’s a really clever animal and he knows how to protect his own. Furthermore, he can climb trees and swim.

– Nice!

– Thanks! 🙂

– In our group, we choose the tiger since it’s a really clever animal and he know how to protect his own. Furthermore, he can climb trees and swim.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

First lesson with Bahia SHARMA, the Calligraphy and Time Travelling teacher

– Now we can start the lesson – Calligraphy and Time Travelling.

Time travelling – what does it mean to you?

– Travel into the past and future?

– Exactly, you are right. Wiktoria?

– In order to travel in time you have to use the right spell.

– The spell for travelling into the future is “precontinum timus rex”, we can go anywhere in time

– yeah, you are right, but you have to have a spell to go into the past: you must use “postcontinum timus rex”. We are going to combine time travelling with calligraphy. Do you have your quills? I guess you do

– what is quills?

– Are your quills brand-new? It’s a feather to write with.

– Yes, I have.

– A quill could be a peacock feather, an eagle feather – but the feather must be a long one. Do you have such a feather on you?

– No.

– no

– No

– no

– no

– So we will travel in time to find the right feather for you. The point is that you have to find a feather that suits you, your personal feather/ quill. Do you know how to make sure it belongs to you?

– No

– no

– no

– no

– no

– no

– No

– The moment you find a quill – a long feather, you must use the spell “epi depi mine name”. When you say it, and the feather writes your name, it means

this feather/quill belongs to you. Do you follow what I mean?

– Yes

– of course

– yes

– yes

– yes

– yes

– yes

– Yes!

– Now, as you can see on top of this Framapad, you are to work in groups. In each group you have to decide which period of time you would like to travel to

together – as the whole group – there you will try to find quills for yourselves. You have to:

1) say why you chose this particular period of time – you have to reach an agreement about it

2) you have to use the proper spell to time travel

3) you have to be careful while travelling because you can meet beasts there. If you do, you have to tell us about it

4) When you find the quill, try it out

Below, I will organise the space for groups to work/ talk

Do you have any questions? Join your groups please

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 1 (Bahia Sharma): MartinaV Italy, Weronika Nowak and Clélia France

– Hi !

– Hi! I think we can go to antiquity, because it’s a very interesting period in history.

We could get to know people’s lives better at that time. We can also see many buildings and monuments that have not survived to this day.

– yes, I think it’s a good idea !

– also we must use postcontinus timus rex

– yes

– yes, let’s try

– what do you mean?

– let’s use postcontinus timus rex

– We have to choose a place?

– Yeah, you should. You have to concentrate in order not to get lost in time

– okay thank you

– Maybe Rome? What do you think?

– yes it’s a place that seems important to me in antiquity

– I have always wanted to visit Italy and now there will be an opportunity haha

– yes Italy it’s so great !

– we have the time and the place, what should we do now?

– Now type (key in) the spell and it will work

“Postcontinus timus rex!”

– sorry I was ejected

– Try again, it will work for sure.

– You will find yourselves in Rome

– I think it worked. Let’s look for our quills! OMG, Rome at the time was amazing!

– Yes, it’s so great, I don’t imagine Rome like this during antiquity, it’s better than I thought!

– we must now found the quill!

– yes, maybe we should look near the Amphitheater? It’s a heart of Rome after all.

– Beware of the magical beasts. They might be lurking there

– Yes maybe, but we are strong, have we magic power?

– But we will be careful

– yes of course

– I see something!

– A quill? or a beast?

– I think, however, these are our quills.

– I see nothing I’m going to go up in the stands, maybe a quill will be there

– When you find the quills, come back to Showgart…

– I see one, I hurry up!

– I can see to! We had it!

– Then we must say our name?

– yes, and we can go back to Showgart!

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2 (Bahia Sharma): MerieL Italy, Wiktoria Kubiaczyk and Ilaria France

– Hello

– Hey!

– So, what time period should we choose?

– I was thinking about middle ages maybe?

– Nice idea, any reasons why?

– because it would be a challenge to go into a time where magic was considered a crime.

– Hmm yea, we should be very careful there

– do you think it’s a good idea? or maybe you would choose something else

– I don’t have any ideas to be honest but middle ages are a very good option

– so we take middle ages, do you think that the reason I gave you is a good explanation?

– I think it is good enough

– A reminder – You have to concentrate when using the spell in order not to get lost in time. Choose also the place you want to go to

– which place do you want to go?

– Maybe woods or mountains? Somewhere where there aren’t too many people

– the woods would be good to find feathers

– I think so too. So middle ages. We should use the “postcontinum timus rex” spell

– Key in the spell and it will work

– what does that mean?

– Just write the spell in the new line

– oh okay

– postcontinum timus rex

– Postcontinum timus rex

– so now we are supposed to be in middle ages

– Yeah, let’s find those feathers

– what do we do first

– Hmm good question… I hope nobody’s here

– in the middle of the woods I think we won’t see anybody. do you know what country we’re in?

– I guess we are in Canada

– sounds good to me

– I always wanted to come here

– if it’s a country you like, do you know anything about it? for example where we could find feathers maybe?

– Let me think… hmm…

– Beware of the magical beasts. They might be lurking there

– I think we should look for a bird’s nest and hope to find feathers

– If I remember correctly, some big birds live in the north, not so far away from here

– I think we’re are gonna go see and hope we don’t run into any animals or human beings

– When you find the quills, come back in time to Showgart

– I hope so. Come on, let’s get this over with

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 3 (Bahia Sharma): MichelaS Italy, Anna P, Lorenz France and Jakub Gac

– Hi

– Hi ! I think we could go to the Jurassic time.

– A reminder – You have to concentrate when using the spell in order not to get lost in time. Choose also the place you want to go to

– I would go to an island to be safe at first.

– I as a place would go to America then, I would begin to invent the poigioni manighe

– Where exacly in the USA? California? Alaska? New York City?

– exacly in California

– Now just write the spell in the new line and it will work. You’ll find yourselves in California

– I would like to create a spell to kill evil people who kill other people

– You will learn how to to create spells in different classes, not in this one

– When you’re in California, look for quills

– Hi, now I’m writing with you guys 😀

– What are the quills?

– Quill is a long feather of a bird which you can use for writing

– uuum sounds interesting

– What can we do with a quill?

– You are the new students. Scroll up the page to see the beginning of the lesson, please

– Ohh sorry my bad. I don’t really know what was going on, my bad

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 4 (Bahia Sharma): Anna Sramkowska and CamilleG France

– Hi!

– Which period we choose?

– Maybe Middle Ages because I really like the characteristics of those times

– Hi, guys. Elise of another group is going to join you

– ok Elise what do you think about that?

– I don’t like history so middle ages is not my favourite part of the past

– so, suggest something

– what do you think about the future?

– that sound interesting

– yes

– Why we should choose this time?

– uh because it is interesting to know what will happen in few years, what do you think?

– I would like to know how the future looks

– yeah but we don’t know what is going to happen there, we must be careful

– A reminder – You have to concentrate when using the spell in order not to get lost in time. Choose also the place you want to go to

– and we can use the spell “precontinum timus rex”

– yes good idea Anna, where do you come from?

– Poland

– nice

– what we should do now?

– I think choose the place where we wanna go

– Exactly, decide now on the place you want to go to

– Anna where do you want to go aha?

– Maybe the USA?

– OF COURSE that’s my dream

– So let’s go to the USA, to see how the future looks like

– hope the virus is not there

– I think so too

– in which town would you like to go? NY? miami? LA?

– I would like to see New Orleans

– right that’s fine, what should we do now ??

– I don’t know

– ohh well we have to say the spell and go to the future and find the quill no?

– write the spell in the new line and you will travel in time to New Orleans. When you get there, look for quills

– precontinum timus rex

– precontinum timus rex

– I think we are in new orleans do you see

– let’s look for quills

– yes I see

– when we see quills we need to say another spell

– I see my quill, do you see yours?

– yes !

– epi depi mine name

– epi depi mine name and now ?

– I think it’s all what we need to do

– Beware of the magical beasts. Can you see any there?

– I don’t see

neither me

– That’s good for you. You are the lucky ones

– What about your quills? Have you found them?

– yes !

– yes

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 5 (Bahia Sharma): Patrycja Mikolajczuk and Tessa France

– hi

– Hello

– Which period do you want?

– I was thinking about middle ages maybe?

– Yes that could be good!

– I agree

– So why do we choose the middle ages?

– because it would be a challenge

– can we go to a castle?

– I think that’s a good idea

– Do you know the Haut-Koenigsbourg? It’s a castle from the middle ages in France

– I haven’t heard of it, but it sounds great for me

– Great so can we cast a spell now?

– Yes

– Can you repeat the spell please?

– Have you got an idea for the spell?

– Epi depi mine name

– That’s not the correct spell – it’s for trying out the quills. To travel in time there are two different spells

– postcontinum timus rex

– That’s great. So now we are in a castle in France I suppose

– Yes! I can see an eagle

– yes you’re right, its sitting on the roof.

– I see it too.

– I see him too

– Oh a feather is falling, can you get it?

– I caught it!

– We should say the spell no?

– Epi depi mine name

– so what’s next?

– We come back

– so are we supposed to cast another spell to come back to the future?

– Yes

– precontinum timus rex

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 6 (Bahia Sharma): Julia Kuczora and Vincent France

– Hi, so what period of time we would like to select?

– I like the Middle Ages

– That could be good. Some exact time? Or have you got another idea?

– No, it’s fine I think.

– I don’t know for an exact time…

– Okay then. Let’s take times when Poland did not exist. I have some legendary tale about time of formation of the Polish state. It’s a tale about ‘Lech, Czech and Rus’. They were wandering in search of a land where they could stop. One day they stopped under a tall tree, where an eagle had his nest. We will travel in time to take his feather. What do you think about this? Okay. Our argument is simple – it’s a legendary bird which you can find on the Polish coat of arms.

– Let’s start then.

– “precontinum timus rex”

– Ok, we are already there. I will take his feather, you have to cover me from beasts. – Ok I will watch for the beast!

– “epi depi mine name” – Okay, the feather wroted my name. We got this!

– Let’s get back. “postcontinum timus rex”

Ok, we are back. We got this – look. Big, long feather from eagle! Yes we need it!

– “epi depi mine name”

– I will take a feather from the eagle then I can have my own quill

– I have it. “epi depi mine name” I have mine too now, I have to go back before this eagle catches me

– “postcontinum timus rex” Yes! I am safe and I am back and I have my eagle quill with my name!

– So you are the lucky ones. Good for you. welcome back! What quills have you found? Of an eagle? hawk?

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 7 (Bahia Sharma): Wiktoria Swiniarska + Drinart France + AminaB France

– Hello there!

– hello

– Hello

– which period we choose?

– Any suggestions?

– Vikings you said?

– no it is not a period

– antiquity

– I love this period…

– So… Do we all agree?

– yes for me

– Amina?

– Yes I agree

– Are you ready?

– yes

– Yes

– Alright then… postcontinum timus rex!

– Does the spell work?

– It has to:)

– we have to give argument for our choice no?

– Oh my gosh, I forgot.. Sorry!

– Well then, antiquity is a very interesting period, so many beautiful sculptures. I always would like to see one of the Olympic Gods.

– yes there are many sculptures.

– Yes, I agree with you

– We can’t forget about philosophy!

– it’s the beginning of the great civilizations like the roman empire

– Without this period, we couldn’t have any interesting stories!

– yes it is right

– Which place do you want to go?

– there are cities like alexandrie or venice or roma? I don’t know, do you have other cities? Greece

– I’ve never be in any of those cities…

– yeah I see

– Which city do you prefer?

– Venice

– athens?

– Greece can be an interesting place

– Well, I think we can go to Athens. What do you think?

– yes I agree

– Amina?

– yes

– Alright then… Can we cast a spell now?

– yes let’s go

– Postcontinum timus rex!

– go

– everyone has to say the spell?

– I don’t know… Maybe yes

– I do not think so

– Postcontinum timus rex!

– Postcontinum timus rex!

– and now what is happening? We are in Greece?

– I think yes… Look, it’s Athens Sculpture!

– omg waw it is incredible

– Where can we find those quills? Any ideas?

– must go to the Acropolis

– in the basement

– yes of course

– Yeah sure ^^

– Now look for the quills

– Beware of the magical beasts

– Do you see anything guys?

-I’m blind

– Hey, look over here!

-I can not see anything

– Have you got any torchlamp or anything like that?

– yeah I have one

– Could you turn it on please?

– of course I have just turned it on

– Wow… So many sculptures…

– Hey, isn’t it an eagle over here?

– Have you found your quills? Are they working and cooperating with you?

– I think yes. I’ll just check it. Epi depi mine name. Yes, it’s alright, it wrote my name!

– yes

– So we should go back… What a shame…

– Postcontinum timus rex! Wow, I’m back and nothing happened to me and I have a quill!

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

First Lesson with Chelsea TURNER, the Teleportation teacher

1. CeciliaB Italy + Gosia Szymczak + Betül France + Manon France

2. DavideG Italy + Iga Gorecka + Tufan France

3. CarlottaV Italy + Jakub Witczak + Elias France

4. Zuzana R + Samir France + Aleksander Drygiel

5. Klara S + Edith France + Hubert Urbaniuk

6. Marcel Maksymiuk + Morwena France + Dominik Grajek

7. Wiktoria Cydejko + Klaudia Lewandowska + Emilie France

8. GiadaC Italy + EliseH France + Iana France + Marek Generowicz

– Hello My students, how are you? 🙂

– good

– good 🙂

– good

– That’s great 🙂

– today we are going to learn a very important skill- teleportation ;-)))

So the first task is to imagine the place you would like to be now

Please write where it is 🙂

– las vegas

– you need to imagine some tokens

– to my kitchen, my tea is cold put it into the microwave

– at the seaside

– Ok, so you will need some imaginary brilliant sand

– I would like to be on the beach with my family

– I would like to be with my friends

– where?

– on the beach

– in a bed

– just go to bed ;-D

– I would like to be in Hollywood, in a studio. To be a star 🙂

– in a studio? Or on location?

– I would like to be in Australia

– where exactly?

– Harbour Bridge

– What are you going to bring with you?

– A necklace in the shape of a star

– hola

– I would like to be on the top of a skyscraper

– be careful, don’t look down

– As you see, some of your wishes are very easy and you don’t need to use your imagination

– But some of them need to start dreaming. Be careful – sometimes it might be dangerous!!! :-)))

– to me ring more discreet and it doesn’t have to look fancy just simple silver ring I just done in a simple silver ring that doesn’t add you much attention

– Ok, describe the object more precisely, please

– A necklace in the shape of a star

– shield

– If you are on the top of the building, you might fall down

– I am sometimes an evil – you know Chelsea Turner, don’t you??? Be careful…

– Ok, now you have to create a special tool – a kind of weapon which protects you from the evil. Tell me, what it might be- an object:

a sword

– describe the object more precisely, please maybe something like a lightsaber, it destroys evil

– Ok, it might be very powerful

– to me a ring will be more made of something that lasts

describe the object more precisely, please

– I would like to be in a tower with a view of a beautiful city

– Don’t approach the window pane – it can freeze you

– I have some superpower words which can destroy your protective shield

– We can protect ourselves thanks to a magic wand

– Do you all have your magic wands?

– No, but we can imagine…

– Great! Well done 🙂

– we can have a spectrum make with lapis lazuli ( a type of stone) yes, that’s very interesting – the lapis lazuli is blue and the blue colour deters from the


yes exactly

– Furthermore it’s a beautiful blue

– yes, which is the opposite of the evil’s red yes, like heaven and hell

– If yes, do you know the spell?

– No I don’t know the spell..

– some very tough clothes

– tough? For example?

– which protect us from being hurt?

– Ok, could you describe the clothes? Is it unisex or for women or only for men?

– hm unisex and they could make us invisible!

– Can you see your friends wearing those clothes? Are you invisible or the others?

– That’s good question. I think, I wish to see them wearing these clothes. We could be invisible together.

– We can protect ourselves with an invisibility cloth yeah, sounds good..

– The spell is a 6 letter word

– it starts with f and finishes with e. PLEASE, TRY TO GUESS THE SPELL:

F- – – – E

– the person who guesses the spell, will be able to ask me three wishes 🙂

– Future?

– Great! That’s the right answer!!! Congrats! So now your three wishes:

Thank you ! 😀 I can wish whatever I want ?

– yes, sure 🙂

– Well.. I wish … that my Family stays healthy

– Done 🙂 another one, please

– Okay second wish, is…I wish I could Fly 😀

– Done but don’t approach the open window please 😉

– Okay 😀

– Imagine there is a strong wind – how can you change the direction of your flight?

– I would try to take shelter and I can try to use maybe magic.

– Great- magic will help you because there isn’t any shelter around. Invent a special magic tool which helps you

– I will work on this in this case !

– Yes, invent a tool which is very light because you will fly with this equipment 🙂

– What is it? I thought, that it would be maybe like a kind of round and invisible shield, which would surround and which could still make me fly against the Wind. – Sounds good… Like a bubble?

– Yes like a bubble, but which will not explode so easily 🙂

– I wish to have a dog now

– So you wish you had a dog…

I have a dog for you but it’s very big and dangerous..Do you want to keep him at home?

– Yes it’s my dream and it doesn’t exist a dangerous dog, he is just not bred.

– Ok, but you must know how to train him- you should enroll to the special school for


– It’s my dream to have a dog , that said my mother is very afraid of dogs , consequently , I must wait . Besides I would like to become a veterinarian so ,

I’ll take care of my dog as best I can. But I like japan too, and I’m dreaming about going here too.

– Sounds like a good plan. So you can teleport to japan now. imagine you are on top of Fuji . What can you see?

– Fuji is not necessarily my priority but if I am on the top of it , I believe that I would have a breathtaking view, the view that I would like to have is a view from a very high tower, it is so high that from above people are like little ants

– and can you see any birds flying around you?

– Yes they are beautiful 😀

– Are you alone in this tower? yes I am the only one to see this beautiful landscape

– Now I‘m taking you to a very crowded place.

– where are you now?

– I am in a very crowded fast food 😀

– Are you hungry? You don’t have any money, only magical token but the shop assistant

doesn’t want to take them. try to persuade him

– I did everything to persuade him but he does not accept, Can I use a spell ?

– Yes, you can 🙂

– thanks !

– Next time you can use it. During our next meeting 🙂

– the view is beautiful, I can see a large sea and a sunset

– Sounds really amazing. What can you see on the surface of the sea?

a small sea, waves and some ships in the distance maybe? it very relaxing no ships, because it is a place where there are not many people.

– I am sometimes a mischievous and evil teacher, so suddenly I’m teleporting you to a very crowded place. Where the view is breathtaking, I can see forest and lake. There is a dangerous dragon in the forest. what are you doing to win?

– I try to find an armour which is fire resistant and a big sword to win with him.

– are you now?

– oh no, so am I in a shopping mall?

– oh no Yes, you are in a shopping mall – it’s full of people and very noisy. where are you going to escape from the crowd?

I can teleport

– Great!

– to my house

– Well done.

– What are you doing to protect from the veil who wants to stop you ?

– uff i have my lightsaber

– Yes, right. Use it

– I would like to go to Canada, and if I like it, I would like to live there since it’s very cold there and I love it (in fact I love snow too)

– Imagine a small wooden cottage covered with snow – you are there now. It’s very cold…brrr…You have to warm the place but you don’t have any matches. what are you doing?

– I have no idea, but it’s not a problem, as I like cold .

– But it’s freezing cold, you must warm up the house to survive

the view is beautiful see in front of me and mountains made of sandstone behind me not too many people around peace and quiet only sounds of wind and

waves in the background

– Sounds very relaxing… but now I’m teleporting you to a dark and cluttered room. How can you escape?

– it depends what kind of walls that room has and where this room is. It is in a very old and abandoned house.

– it’s dangerous, so you should escape as soon as possible… so its easy just take the weakest wall and destroy just a little so I can go outside something like the dog door or something like that

Hmm..sounds it is possible…

– But there are some traps. Can you imagine what are the traps? what should you avoid?

– first of all strings connect to mechanic of a trap second fake parts of a floor and finally razorblades something like in Indiana Jones where this kind of trap activates poison darts

– Yeah, definitely you must look at the floor carefully

– there are some holes in the floor. when you fall into the hole, you will teleport to a very unpleasant place…something like magic wolf hole you know holes with spikes on the bottom something like that and to avoid something like that smart move to do is first drop something on the string see what kind of damage will it take and prepare something to neutralise damage so you can find exit there I’m sure you will survive in this dangerous situation.

– I would like to be on the beach with all my friends, at the sunset

– Sounds perfect. how many people can go with you?

– We are a group of six-seven friends.

– Imagine each person can take only one important for you thing. What are the items? Please, list them

– It’s very important to bring music, a phone so I could stay in contact with my family, a camera to take photos

– what about the charger and batteries? If you are in a secluded place, the mobile is useless, you can’t charge it

– Yes but we wouldn’t use it much, it’s only if there is a problem

– Ok, I see. Just in emergency.

– Of course. I imagine we have a very big house where we can sleep and cook

– So you have something to play music, maybe a guitar? And something to cook dinner, maybe a pot?

– Yes, there is a kitchen into the house, maybe we have to bring dishes. Moreover, we can bring a guitar to play music

– Yes, and you must take something to protect you from cold and danger. what is it?

I bring a teeth of shark. I would happy to see some beautiful mountains during sunrise. Morning mist could be there. It’s early spring and there are blooming flowers


– What kind of flowers can you see? Which colour?

– They are blue and yellow but I don’t know the names.

– Maybe crocuses? The flowers which grow in the spring in the mountains?

– Yes, I think, that may be those ones

Nice 🙂

– I would like to see a quiet place, somewhere in the middle of the countryside. Where the green grows everywhere and the sky is pink with a beautiful sun. I

would have peace, I would be alone and I could enjoy every moment in Nature. We only hear the sound of the birds, and the wind. Then there will be a

small river not far from me , with stones in the river which shine like Diamonds. I would be around giant trees, to hear their light breathing. The

sun would never set, and the flowers would never wither. From time to time I would like to see my loved ones, through a small portal, like a mirror.

– Maybe you can also enter the mirror to meet them, don’t you think so?

– Yes, I could go there to see them, but I think I would not go there. I would just like to see how they are, if they are well and be there with them in difficult times.

– How long would you like to stay there in this beautiful place?

– Maybe until the day when I would have understood all the notions of magic. Because where I would be I could train magic, without putting anyone in danger. ,it might take a hundred of years…..I would try to do my best, maybe there is a spell for immortality?

– It is quite probable… :-)So just decode the spell for an eternal life, the first to master the notions of magic.

– I would like to teleport to a foreign country to learn their culture and new magic spells, which we don’t know in our country. And I would like to meet new


– Where would you like to go to? Choose 3 countries

– I’d like to go to Japan, the U.S.A and Australia.

– Ok, next time we will teleport to your dream destinations. 🙂

– Yes, that’d be cool.

I would like to be in Australia on a beach alone watching the sunset and listening to some music.

– alone or with other people?

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

First lesson with Hannah KRAVCHENKO, the “Use of Gemstones” teacher

– Hello young wizards and welcome to our school, Showgart! My name is Hannah Kravchenko and this semester I’m going to teach you the use of magic gemstones.

– nice to meet you

– Nice to meet you too. Let’s start then…Is everybody here?

– Yes

– Ok so this is so nice to have you here and I believe you are going to and want to become the best wizards in the world. So first of all what do you think we are going to talk about during our lessons?

– We are going to talk about the magic gemstones and how to use it.

– Have you ever come across any magic gemstones and seen how it works?

– no

– noo

– no

– no

– no

– On

– o

– nooop

– all right let’s get to work. What you have to know is that you have to be aware of the fact that you have to follow the proper protocol, you have to learn the techniques to experience the magic power of your stone. And it is important to be very careful, otherwise some strange and undesirable things might happen. If you do anything incorrectly, you will be surprised by dangerous side effects. For example to use the malachite’s power you have to follow the procedure; boil it in a potion composed of spider venom and then after 45 minutes you say : ‘Lithos malak alea jacta est’ holding your magic wand in both hands. It will bring luck then.

So you have to know the spell and a procedure and obviously have a magic device like a wand foras an example. Do you follow?

– yes

– So now my dear wizards-to-be there is a task for you. We’re all going now to our school garden and each of you will look for any stones which are presented in the Great Book of Stone Science and then we’ll come back to the classroom and share our findings. You have to work in groups that are at the top of this page. Please find your partners. Now you have the book, you look for stones (let’s pretend), I’m answering Gabin’s question.

The stones are as follow:

lapis lazuli








– that’s all?

– Now, each group chooses one stone and then make up a spell and what is its power, shortly what it does

– ok can we start?

– yes, sure you can start, if your partners are not here, you can join the other group or prepare it on your own. The point is to work in groups so maybe it’s better to join any.

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 1 (Hannah Kravchenko): RebeccaT Włochy, Wojciech Gorski, Carla France, RebeccaV Italy, Mikolaj Filipiak, Walid France, SilviaP Italy, Bibiana S, Martin France, ValentinaP Italy + Tamara P + Jeanne France

– hello

– hello

– which stone do we choose?

– let’s do the 4th one because we are the group 4

– the sapphire?

– Sure. but if you want the different one…

– no no it’s fine 🙂

– Ok then 🙂

– don’t we have 3rd member?

– probably yes, but she isn’t here

– No I think she is. I can see her there.

– yes. I’m here

– ah fine heyyyy

– Hii

– hi

– what is the power of our stone?

wait I have to google how it looks like. I don’t even know

– I think we need to imagine, no?

– I mean it already exists so that is less work for us.

– That’s a great idea less work = better for us Ha ha

– ok so it’s like rich blue or however you say it is darkish blue

I think it could do something with ocean or water.

– yes it could

– so the spell could be aqua…something

can we control aqua with those stones?

– yes sure like aqua … and water will rise or something like that right?

– or the water could go out of that stone.

– Or the two?

– you mean second?

I mean control aqua and that she can go out of the stone

– she? 😀

– it, sorry

– oh ok

– so we are finish?

I mean we can make the spell better than just aqua. Like aqua consurge

– Yes but I think the class is finish yet

– ok then bye

– bye

– 😀

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2 (Hannah Kravchenko): Eliska R, Gabin France, Daniluk Jakub, Bartek Kurek, Maël France, Kinga Swiderska, Sebastian Muszyński, Salma France, Jarosław Jaronski, Julia Latanska, Monika Kotlarek and Léa France

-Hi !

– Hiii

– Are you ready?


– yes and you

– I’m ready

do you all agree to choose the obsidian for the stone?

– Yes

– yes

– gooood so now we have to make a spell?

I‘m lost

– I also

– how to arrange this spell?

I don’t know maybe for the word that we could say it could be “Amaterasu”?

– Very nice name thank you I just take it from the manga naruto

– I know I love this mangaa

– Why not fire ?

– yeeeeahhh like a black fire no?

– of course it could be like in naruto I mean it burns everything

– honestly I don’t have any idea

– I have no idea either

– Okay so, our spell is called Amaterasu and can make fire. The stones is Obsidokej

– great idea

– It’s okay?

I like it

– Yes

– yes

– So it’s okay we have finish FINALLY actually it wasn’t that hard

– it wasn’t difficult at all

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

First lesson with Jennifer TURNER, the Reading Through People’s Minds teacher

– Hello this is Jennifer Turner. Good morning, freshmen. Welcome to Showgart and to your first lesson of Reading through People’s Mind. Who is present today?

– Hello, nice to meet you Mrs. Turner, I’m Natalia.

– Hello, I’m present Dominika

-Hello, I’m present too.My name is Dawid.

– Hello, I’m present, I am Gabrysia

– Hello, I’m present, I’m Ambra

– Hello I’m present ,I’m Anaëlle

– Hello I am present, I am Mathilde

– I’m present

– I’m present Joseph

– Hello, I’m present, I’m Sarah

– I’m present and my name is Lyne

– I’m present Dawid

– I’m present Tomas P

– I’m present, Amina

– I m present , Magda

– Good. Here I am. I was trying to solve some problems. Remember to match your color with your name, please. I will wait a few minutes for everybody before starting. Can you write your names please?

– I’m present, late but present; I’m Mozhir from France

– Good. Hello everybody.

I see you have all your material: the book, your magic wand, a quill, ink and a parchment to write. Now that you have been sorted in your four houses

Platymagus, Aquilaclaw, Emperfeet and Wolferion and you have bought your school material, it is time to start your first lesson. My name is Jennifer

Turner from Britain and I am your teacher of Reading through People’s Mind. This is my third year in Showgart.

– Hello I’m present, I am Filip

– Can you tell me what Reading through People’s Mind is in your opinion? Can you define our school subject?

– We’re basically going to infiltrate people’s minds and thoughts

– It’s something to know what do the people think.

– Very good. Hello Filip. Nice to see you.

– Reading human minds is reading other people’s brain, that is their thoughts and plans. It is the ability to discern the thoughts of others without the normal

means of communication. Don’t confuse it with Mind control, which is the concept that the human mind can be altered or controlled by certain psychological techniques. OrTelepathy, which is the transmission of information from one person to another without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.

Like all powers, reading through people’s mind must not be abused. In what circumstances do you need to use it?

– To avoid troubles

– To know what someone thinks about us

– To protect ourselves

– To be ahead of someone (mentally)

– For example to avoid getting scammed or tricked.

– Good

– Hi, I’m Adam.

– Nice to meet you. I am your teacher of Reading through People’s Mind

– Hello, I’m present, I’m Huda

– Hello Huda

– To sum up, when can you use the power to read somebody’s mind?

– We can use it with wizards and non-wizards to predict what they will do in a fight or in other circumstances, to avoid being damaged… etc

Now take your book called “Brain Reading” and have a look at the example of mind reading on page 3. I am going to read it for you:

To read somebody’s brain you need a mixture of magical plants and a secret ingredient which belongs to the person’s body. Only then you will be able to

hear the person’s thoughts through a seashell.”

In our example, mixing water, mint, pepper with a lock of hair, you get the right potion to read a witch’s mind. The witch is trying to fight against a

monstrous lizard. Here is what she thinks. “Gosh. This lizard is larger than I thought. I must focus. I must concentrate otherwise I lose my magical powers… The lizard is very fast… too fast and really strong and precise in its strikes. Help! Can I manage alone or do I need to call for somebody to help me. … My magic broom is not enough… I must take another magic object… or call somebody for help.”

– That’s very interesting.

– I’m very curious about this topic 🙂

– In the book you can read that you need a mixture of magical plants and a secret ingredient which belongs to the person’s body. Only then you will be able to hear the person’s thoughts through a seashell.

Now look at the magic mirror in front of you. What can you see there?

We must exercise our imagination. We have a book with us and also a magic mirror.

– I can see me fighting with large monster.

– I see me in crystal palace in beautiful dress. I’m the Queen of the secret city hidden in woods.

– I can see my future. I am the best football player

– I can see my future. I am the strongest witch in the world.

– Let’s imagine the mirror works also like a screen. We are going to work in groups in a few minutes.

– I see my future ahead of me as I do my favorite profession there is also a beach, a house with my wife and 3 children

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 1 (Jennifer Turner): AlexM Italy, Dawid Lawniczak and Mozhir France

– Hi Alex and Mozhir! My name is Dawid

– Hello to you both

– Let’s go to that garden

– Where is it?

– I think it’s downstairs

– In the basement?

– I don’t think so. It must be somewhere outside. I think I can see a sign with “Garden” written on it

– Show me the way then

– Ok. This way!

– Are we there yet?

– I think so.

– Ok, let’s take these plants and get out of here

– What should we take?

– Which ever do you fancy?

– I like that one with purple flowers. Do you want some too?

– Better smell decent at least

– Hold up, where’s Dawid?

– I’m Dawid

– Alex is not here, I am afraid. Start from the magic plant.

– Oh my! pardon me.

– No problem. So this purple one. Let’s go back to school 😀

– Fine then

– And we are in.

– That was a short trip…

– A little short but we got what we wanted

– Are we supposed to dismember this person for the secret ingredient? Sounds gruesome. 🙂

– We can

– Fine, bring the machete.

– Maybe not. Lets better cut some hair haha

– Go on then, I’m not touching their scalp

– I got some

– Is it grey?

– yeah, it’s pretty silver

– Look at the magic mirror and decide on who you see and who is his/her antagonist (person or fantastic beast).

write down what the hero facing the antagonist is thinking about at the moment

– Let’s see Alex’s

– Alex ain’t here though

– So how does it work. Who are we going to summon in the mirror? I think he don’t need to be here to see him in the magic mirror. Are you in to try?

– Do we need to speak to the mirror to get it working? Perhaps…

– Let’s try. Magic mirror on the wall, can you show us Alex?

– It’s working

– Fantastic…

– Is his antagonist a wizard? It’s hard to tell.

– Yes, I believe so

– Wow, what a fight but I think Alex is loosing.]

– Poor feller…

– Look he summoned a weird creature. I’m sure he could win!

– Don’t get your hopes up to early…

– Oh no, I’m slowly starting to see that view in the mirror is slowly getting worse. It’s fading out

– Is he dead yet?

– No idea. Wait the mirror stopped working. I don’t think we will get to know who won…

– A mystery awaits…

– Try and yell at the mirror this time.

– MAGIC MIRROR ON THE WALL SHOW US THAT FIGHT!!! Oh no it broke… It was a little too loud I think XD

– Ooops….Never mind.

– So what do we do now?

– Take a break from all of the action and excitement.

– Yeah let’s rest. It was intense. It was a great little adventure.

– Thank you we have a few minutes left to complete the task; I hope you enjoyed your first lesson at Showgart & meeting new students

– The lesson was a bit loose but meeting my new friend was pretty great

– It was my first try at using a magic mirror, I think we did well

– Thanks 😀

– Enjoy the rest of your day Dawid.

– You too

– Bye

– Bye

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 2 (Jennifer Turner): AmbraA Italy, Dominika Prokopiak and Sarah France

– Hello, my name is Sarah

– Hello Sarah, I’m Ambra

– Nice to meet you

– Nice to meet you!

– Dominika is missing

– Ah okay

– Do you know some special plants?

– No, I don’t and you?

– Me too ahah.

– ahah

– Which secret ingredient from the person’s body do you add?

– I think, a personal object or a hair

– Yes, it’s a good idea

– The plant could be a plant that as soon as you touch it, you become invisible

– Yes!

– Look at the magic mirror and decide on who you see and who is his/her antagonist (person or fantastic beast).

write down what the hero facing the antagonist is thinking about at the moment

– In the magic mirror I see an elf and its antagonist is a bee that flies very fast and if it stings you, it ignores you a poison that makes you become the skin

of all colors. The elf, in front of the antagonist, thinks that it is really very dangerous and must kill the bee in all ways because he does not want to become of all colors

– Waw, I like this idea

– Thank you

– we have a few minutes left to complete the task; I hope you enjoyed your first lesson at Showgart & meeting new students

– Yes, I liked this activity and also meeting new students.

– Yes, I liked doing this activity and meeting new students.

– Bye, see you soon.

– Bye see you soon!

– Bye

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 3 (Jennifer Turner): FedericoP Italy, Gabrysia Stasiak, Huda France and Darine France

– Hi my name is Huda

– Hi my name is Gabrysia, I think we already know Huda haha

– Hi my name is Darine my teacher sent me to this group

– Good Darine.

– Yes for the magic creature Gabrysia

– yes, where is Federico?

– he must have had problems with the line.

– Hi Darine all right

– hi darine

– Hi Huda and Gabrysia

– start from choosing a magic plant

– Yes and you Huda

– Did you understand the recipients?

– where is a garden?

– What is your idea for magic plants?

– maybe our plant will be a nice flower that is poisonous

– Can we choose a plant that was in the Harry Potter film?

– yes you can.

– The Mandrake

– ok, cool

– we can it’s a good idea

– Yes

– so what secret does this plant hide? any ideas?

– it’s toxic?

– she screams a lot

– okay, her scream can kill?

– It is dangerous and very toxic to people

– yes it’s deadly

– okay, so our plant is The Mandrake and his cry can be toxic, screams a lot and she is deadly?

– his cry can be toxic

– yes

– ok, next task

– she is toxic and deadly

– Not deadly, that toxic

– so deadly or not deadly?

– deadly

– not

– What do you think Gabrysia?

– I think she is toxic but not deadly

– okay it’s not deadly

– the lesson is over

– it’s finish?

– Ok thank you bye!

– bye, thanks for a great time 🙂

– Good bye thanks (:

– Good bye, Thank YOU

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 4 (Jennifer Turner): Filip P, Lyne France and Adam Rypinski

– Hello! My name is Lyne

– Hello. Nice to meet you. I am Filip

– Hi I’m Adam. Nice to meet you guys

– Nice to meet you

– How are you?

– I’m fine thank you and you?

– Good, how are you guys?

– Not good, not bad

– Lets start? Or no?

– Yeah Let’s Go

– Yes which flower do you prefer?

– Mandragora 🙂 and some magical flowers: black roses

– I prefer blue roses, they have something that captivates me And you Lyne, what flowers do you prefer?

– yes me too

– ok we use blue roses

– After we can use hair or nails or other thing if it is a fantastic beast

– some flower from which will be a magical oil????

– that’s a good idea but we are supposed to had an ingredient from the antagonist body’s no?

– I’m not sure

– yes, we should have maybe

– Hmm Maybe Storczyk?

– Storczyk? What is it?

– Such a white small flower growing in Poland

– Well, unless you prefer rapeseed?

– I like both

– I can’t disagree

– But for the ingredient from the body what do you choose?

– we choose blue rose,,,what more

– We choose rapeseed

– Time’s up! See you next week!

– thanks, bye

– bye guys 🙂

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 5 (Jennifer Turner): Tomas P, Mathilde France and Dominika Koziol

– Hi! Nice to meet you guys. I’m glad that we are working together. I’m Dominika.

– Hello , I am Mathilde. Nice to meet you too! Do you know some special plants? It’s nice ! I think that Tomas is not here.

– Now we must look at the mirror. Isn’t it? But I have not all understand we need to choose someone we are going to look through the mirror ?

– Yes

– So I was in that garden before. Let me show you a secret place with magical flowers.

– Yes, Have a look at that huge rock! There’s a black roses.

– about the secret ingredient are we going to use hair or nails?

– What about eyelashes? It’s really rare to get them.

– What is that? I don’t know what eyelashes are. Ok yes it’s a very good idea !!!!

– It’s little hair on your eyelid.

– I’m not sure, but it’s a rabbit with huge front teeth! OMG it’s so creepy

it almost looks like it wants to jump through the mirror

– Be careful. He’s looking at you Tomas. The only person who can save us.

– So we choose a rabbit or an other thing?

– We choose the rabbit and only Capitan Clover can save our lives.

– So let’s recap:

plant: black rose

Body part: eyelashes

antagonist; rabbit with huge front teeth

hero: Capitan Clover

Do you want to add something?

– Yes

– no I think it’s fine

– Tomas what about you?

– I agree

– so we have finished 🙂 We can log out?

– Yes, You can. Good bye

– Ok thank you have a nice afternoon!

– Thank you and have a nice afternoon

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue 6 (Jennifer Turner): Weronika Tomczuk, AminaS France and Joseph France

– Hello

– Hi, uhm… What’s your name?

– I’m Joseph and you

– Amina

– It seems like the Polish student is not here yet

– What do we do? We can use flowers and a vegetable

– We can use… I don’t really know which flowers and vegetables we can use but it’s a good idea

– Hum… A pumpkin seems a magic ingredient, the wizards like it

– That’s true

– We can use celery, celery brings concentration to the witch or the wizard who uses it.

– That’s a good idea, we can put clover with four leaves indeed it brings luck

– Yes!

– Maybe black salt too? In wicca, black salt is used to bring protection which

could be useful to not be attacked while you’re reading someone’s thoughts

– yes it’s a good idea I think it’s the end for today, isn’t it?

– To be honest I couldn’t say, we should wait for the teacher to tell us ok

– so we have pumpkin, black salt, celery, a clover, and a lock of hair and it’s all I think – it’s the end since it’s 3.

yeah you’re right so bye bye

– See you soon 🙂 Bye

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

The first lesson with Sadie HILL, the Holography teacher

I need my beverage to get to different places at the same time

Prepare the recipe for my drink: Use your magic wands, liquid, herbs to prepare it. Discuss how to prepare it. The colour, taste, the drink,smell/ odour, I need different kinds of drinks to get to different places at the same time. Give a name for each kind of drink in your groups.

You can equally have some other stuff at the disposal, such as a lab, magical plants, tubes, pipettes, a magic mirror, etc…

You need a recipe book : Holography Transport drinks

Welcome here. I am Sadie Hill your teacher, so find the members of each group A or B please and follow the instructions given. you can start

discussion. I should be conversation Like. Hello Mateus, what equipment will we need,

Yes? Everyone: There are 2 teams as I need to get 2 different beverages, one to get the Hologram, the next to remove the stuff to the original position,

Group A: 1. FrancescaA Italy + Kajetan Luczt is a roleplayak + Lana France + Liselle France

2. Oliwer Slupecki + Katarzyna Nowinska + Inès France

3. GiorgiaaC Italy + Magdalena Osiewala + Farah France

4. Lenka R+ CamilleE France + Aleksandra Jurkowska

Groupe B:

5. Aleksandra Saja + Arthur France + Jolanta Grudzinska

6. Mateusz Nekres + Arnaud France + Fabian Bohonos

7. Joanna Suchowska + Maria Pinska + Laura France

8. Oliwia Gersztyn + AntoineH Fr+Hélène FR

So find your group please and start working in the way of role play ( dialogues) here : bellow this sentence

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue A (Sadie Hill): FrancescaA Italy, Kajetan Luczak, Lana France and Liselle France, Oliwer Slupecki, Katarzyna Nowinska, Inès France, GiorgiaaC Italy, Magdalena Osiewala, Farah France, Lenka R, CamilleE France and Aleksandra Jurkowska

– Okay guys let’s start, shall we?

– I think we should check the recipe book

– What about using some magic plants in our recipe?

– Sounds good! Were you thinking about anything in particular?

– Yes, maybe the mandrakes-they are the ones that scream a lot.

– What colours do you want for the beverage?

– Maybe red?

– It’s a hologram potion, so it should be light red

– I do agree with this light red colour

– Yes red is good, and the odour?

– You would need a place object if you want to move quickly.

– I agree with this light red color

– Maybe let’s make it smell like flowers, it’ll make the Hologram last a little longer

– yes I think it’s the best odor

– Yes I agree with you!

– Can someone check the ingredients in a recipe book? It lies on a shelf next to us

– I found in a magic book that you need a place object, a hair and mint syrup

– And the taste about the beverage?

– It should be something sweet.

– maybe a fruity taste?

– Something like strawberries?

– I love strawberries

– I think the strawberries would be nice.

– It’s so nice!

– Yes it’s a good idea.

– Do you guys know how long it will take us to prepare that potion?

– maybe 30 minutes

– Yes!

– And a name for this red beverage?

– It’s a Hologram Potion, I’m pretty sure that name is sufficient

– What about the ingredients?

– Sure, and do not forget we need some equipment, too

– Yes! I’ll go for the cauldron. We’ll prepare our beverage in it

a natural plant, like eucalyptus for example and carnivorous plant?

– good idea

– Yes good idea

– Ok I got the cauldron.

– maybe some flowers even, like daisy for example

– I thought we needed some peppermint extract… Am I right?

– Yes!

– Yes! It’s very original!

– Yes!

– Yes it’s a good idea

– Ok I’ll squeeze these leaves. Two drops of extract should be enough. Please, collect them with a pipette.

– I’ll take the rest of the plants and throw them into the cauldron

– could even say a magic formula after making our recipe?

– that would be so cool!!

– Yes I’m pretty sure it was written in the recipe book

– Yes it is written in a book

– Did you check? How does it sound?

– So let’s say it!

– Magic, help me I want to go but I can’t, I don’t want to be king, I just want to go there.

– Yeah! Magic formula, do you remember it? Can you put it here?

– I found it! It’s “reflexionem realitatem”. I think it’ll be “a reflection of reality” in english

– it’s so good! Pefect!

– Yes it’s very nice

– We have everything we need now, don’t we?

– We do. I think it’s the end now.

– Great! Let’s hope we did right and everything will work!

– Yes! Thank you for all!

– Thank you and goodbye

Thanks for working together. I’m glad it worked out somehow. I’m sure we’ll do a lot better next time ^^

– Working with you all was a pleasure. Thank you!

– Thank you guys, and goodbye.

– Yes we are working well. With good ideas.

– Yes thank you for our work goodbye

– bye

– Good bye and good afternoon!

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -

Dialogue B (Sadie Hill): Aleksandra Saja, Arthur France, Jolanta Grudzinska, Mateusz Nekres, Arnaud France, Fabian Bohonos, Joanna Suchowska, Maria Pinska, Laura France, 
Oliwia Gersztyn, AntoineH France and Hélène France
– Hey Groupe b what color you want the drink to be ?
– I think that green can be good no ?
– Yes I agree
– yes I’ll say multicolored are you okay?
– Oh okay good idea
– Yes it’s a good idea
– thank you
– What do you want in the drink?
– Now we need to think about how we prepare him
– yes I thought of the mix
– yes but we need some ingredients to mix
– Maybe we can use plants
– yes it’s a good idea but what plants?
– How about adding in some fruits for example? This should be at least a little bit tasty.
– Yes but what
– What kind of fruits ?
– What the fruits will be for?
– maybe cherry
– yes good idea for fruit such as strawberries and melon?
– Why not the dragon fruit ?
– Sounds good, what it might do with the person?
– yes good
– so we have to find other ingredients
– Yeah, why not spices?
– Good idea but what
– Maybe a fresh bay leaf and a little bit of garlic?
– cinnamon and honey ?
– yes good idea for a fresh bay leaf and garlic
– Curry it smells good
– so we can use a fresh bay leaf and a little bit of garlic? I think it’s a good idea
– What else do you want?
– So what kind of fruit do we take?
– What equipment do we need to put all the stuff into? and what procedure we have to make with all the ingredients?
– Maybe we need a cauldron.
– A big cauldron
– a mixer can be used to gather all the ingredients together to melt them.
– Yes a mixer is a good idea to mix the fruits
– Why not use a self-stirring cauldron though? They do sell those on Diagon Alley. If it’s going to be a potion, I’d suggest using a few magical ingredients, too. I think unicorn blood and the essence of daisyroot would be a pretty decent fit, what do you think?
– ow yes I agree with your idea
– yes why not use some magic I agree

Freshmen’s first lesson with their Showgart teachers by Welcome SHOWGART -
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