Full of Stories by students of 3A-3B-3C by Welcome SHOWGART - Illustrated by Mrs.Anna Jankovýchová - Ourboox.com
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Full of Stories by students of 3A-3B-3C


Artwork: Mrs.Anna Jankovýchová

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May 2020
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Full of Stories by students of 3A-3B-3C by Welcome SHOWGART - Illustrated by Mrs.Anna Jankovýchová - Ourboox.com

A Common Saturday Night

It was usual Saturday night, when I was going home after my friend´s party. All around me was darkness. Only moon was shinning on the road in front of me. I felt insecure. I thought that someone is behind me. And I was right, I turned and saw a tall man in the dark clothes. I began to fear in that moment. After a while of walking, I got an idea to call someone. But my phone was in the bag on my back. As I pulled my backpack down from my back, my phone fell to the ground. The man behind me stopped walking and started looking at me. I was scared like never before. I grabbed my phone as fast as possible and began to run. At the same time the man began run, too. After a few hundred meters of running, I hid in the bush. I tried to be quiet. I held my breath. Meanwhile, the man approached the bush where I was hiding. I counted the seconds to calm myself. In the short time, out of the blue, the man found me. The moment I saw his face, I was very confused. Eventually that stranger was my dad who wanted to scare me.

By Viktor Šúrek 3C


Me and Adam

One day I went cycling with my friend Adam. We spent the whole day riding around our village and it was time to get back home. When we arrived at Adam’s place, he asked me to go with him and play some videogames. I agreed, so we decided to go indoors. Adam has got a small dog, who lives in his house and everytime he comes home, the dog runs to the door to welcome him. This time after opening the door, the dog didn’t come. We started calling him, but nothing happened. We saw an opened window and realized that he is not there. He might ran away through the window. At the same time, our friends arrived to play games and we told them what happened. They decided to help us with the dog search . As we were walking through the village, we were shouting his name. After a while, we began to think that he is gone and we should go back. At this moment, Adam didn’t say anything and I knew that he is very sad. As we got to Adam’s place we heard barking behind the house. It was his dog trying to get back through the same window that he got away some time earlier. Having found the dog, he took him into the house and gave him some food. Eventually, nothing happend to him and we were happy about it.

Sebastian Bach 3.A



A few months ago me and my friends went shopping. We went to Bratislava by train. As we were travelling there, we were thinking to which shopping center we would go. In the end we decided to ….?

Having arrived to shopping center we went shopping and browse trough product which shops´d been offering. After a while we stopped in our favourite coffee spot and than we went shopping again. When we were in the last shop I went to changing room so I could try clothes. We were in a hurry because our bus was about to leave in few minutes, so I just grabed my things and I started running to the bus station. As I put my hand in my pocket to check the time on the phone I realised I didn´t have my phone. I didn´t know what to do, where to look for the phohe.

Meanwhile my friends where looking for a new bus for us, I tried to search in my mind where I  had left the phone. As I was walking back to the shopping center I realised I had left my phone in changing room in the last shop. I went straight to the changing room, but my phone wasn´t there. Suddenly shop assistant asked me if I was looking for the phone. The moment she showed me my phone, I couldn´t be happier.

In the end we took later train and luckily get home….

Elizabeth Černá 3.A


A Raining Day

It was a day like any other except it was raining. Owen Patton was a businessman and at the time he was doing a business with cars. He was heading to the bank for a cash deposit but he stopped at the coffee shop so he could wait until the rain is over. In the coffee he noticed a man, he was dressed in black but that would not be anything weird. Owen noticed him because the man in black was on the phone and he had so deep voice Owen could not overhear it.

Shortly afterwards the rain stopped Owen went finally to the bank. But something terrible happened. Four guys with guns stormed into the bank and one of them started screaming at people to lie down and stop moving.

In that moment Owen realised two things. First one was that he became a victim of a bank robbery, and the second one that he knew the voice of the screaming guy. It was the same man he saw at the coffee shop.After a while all the villains left the bank with money and the police came. They started to ask a lot of questions.

Owen said to the police that he recognised one of the robbers and he described him to the police. In the end thanks to Owen the police found all the villains two weeks later.

Jakub Dvorský 3B


A Summer Day

It was summer day, sun was rising and me with my horse was already on trail. Large meadows and forests all around me and pair of horse ears before my eyes. Trial was peacefull and silence. I can only hear singing birds or breath of my horse. This is my favorite view. We walked on little dirt path in forest. My horse stopped at the moment when deers ran out of the bushes. When they disappeared we start moving again. Later we walked out of forest. It was time to go back to stable when I saw that sky is darker with more clouds. Some time earlier it was perfect sunny day and then storm was coming. I pushed my horse to gallop on meadow. We went straight to the storm. It started raining when we was closer to the stable. After hearing thunder, lightning hit the ground few meters before us. At that moment my horse stopped, he was sliding little on wet grass and started panic. I almost fell off him. Shortly afterwards we came back to the stable, wet but happy that we was fine and safe at stable.

Katka Kurucová 3.A


Unexpected friend´s help

It was a typical summer day. John with his friends were playing football on a public pitch. Weather was fantastic, the sun was shining and the grass had been just mowed. John´s best friend was Matthew, he was also the oldest one from the entire group. There were also two another friends of John, Mike and Jacob, who were same aged. They were all teenagers, so it was really hard to speak about any responsibility.

After playing football, they decided to go cycling. However, it was not meant like a normal cycling. Friends had decided, they are going to jump a hill placed near by their houses. Obviously, they were very confident and did not wear any helmets. At the same time, their parents warned them, that it is quite dangerous. They did not listen.

When they arrived on the place, they were still quite confident about jumping that high hill. Shortly afterwards, John, the youngest boy of the group, got frightened and did not want to jump it. Of course, Jacob and Mike had convinced him to jump.

After a while, they created a row, Matthew was first and right behind him was standing scared John. In a second, Matthew was in the air with his bike and hit the ground perfectly. When John saw this, he immediately started pedalling. Flying in the air, he lost the control.

Unfortunately, he made a flip and hit the ground with his forehead. John remained lying on the ground. Jacob and Mike wanted to leave him there, although John was not responding.

Matthew, his best friend ran to him. The moment he saw his face, he knew it had been serious. As he started to cummunicate with him, he realised John was not fine, and he need to be transported to hospital. Matthew alarmed his parents, who took him to hospital. Meanwhile, other parents were investigating what happened. Jacob and Mike did not want to talk about it much. To be honest they were scared, only person who want to talk was Matthew, he even said it was his fault, that this happened.

Eventually John had a mild concussion and a big bruise on his forehead. Two weeks later, he was released from the hospital. Having found out what happened, he thanked to Matthew and their friendship became stronger. They have not done anything like this anymore.

Michal Janovíček 3.B


A Prank

It was a ordinary evening like any other. Sam Wilson lives alone. He is very selfish and popular, he has everything what he wants. One night he was sitting on sofa and watching his favourite film. While he was watching TV he heard weird voices. He was scared because he didn´t know what happened. He went to see if someone is in the house. Nobody was there, so he calm down but suddenly the power went out. He was calling his friends but nobody answered him. After calling his friends, he decided to check out what happend with electricity. He saw some shadow on a wall while he was walking in the basement. The moment he saw the shadow, we can see tears in his eyes. He was so scared that he cried. He was shocked, he started to believe that he can see ghosts. He was running in the living room and calling friends again but they still didn´t answer. The voices were much louder than before, he didn´t know what to do, still calling friends but still nothing. He thought that he was paranoid. In the end his friends showed there and said: It was a prank. Sam was still in a shock so he didn´t know what happened. His friends wanted to scare him because his behavior towards people and his friends was terrible. They wanted to give him a lesson. Two weeks later he was totally different person. Sam wasn´t selfish, he became a good man.

Monika Junasová 3A


Lost bracelet


unexpected guest

Suzie Henderson is an older woman, she lives in a house at the edge of a small city. She is a widow and she doesn´t have any kids, so she is feeling quite alone. Diamond bracelet which Suzie got from her husband was only thing which reminds her of him. One day when she woke up, she realized that bracelet is gone. Suzie searched the whole house. She was really clueless, until she heard some strange noises from a basement. She thought that she is just paranoid and let it be. Day passed quickly. Suzie woke up at midnight because she heard noises from the basement again. She put on her fluffy, pink slippers, took flashlight from her bedside table and decided to check it. She was brave but careful. She was going down to the basement and looking around herself when she noticed open window. So she closed it and thought strange noises came from there. She was going upstairs when she heard noises again from an old wardobe. Suzie was decided to open it. She came closer, thousand things were running in her mind and she opened it. In wardrobe there was a puppy and next to him was her lovely bracelet. She took the puppy into her arms and carried him upstairs. Puppy was hungry and thirsty so she gave him water and food. Now her know-who was the thief which had stolen her bracelet. She kept a puppy and named him Diamond. After that day Suzie never felt alone again.

Klára Fodorová 3.A


My Tale

We were all ready to go on our trip to nature. The moment I saw the blue sky, I knew it will be amazing weekend. The Sun was shining and I was full of energy. The road by car wasn´t too long and meanwhile we stopped at the pump once. We finally arrived to the target. At the same time we were all very hungry, so I did snack for us. Shortly afterwards, me and my friend Lívia decided to explore surroundings. Others were too tired to go with us. We coundn´t wait to try our new camera. So we went to find a beautiful place. We weren´t far from our cottage and suddenly, out of the blue, there was a big bear standing behind the tree. Lívia was screaming. The bear noticed us and wanted to catch us. We both climbed on the tree and we were very scared. Ten minutes later we saw our friends coming to help us. They heard Livia´s shout and it saved us. The bear ran away. In the end we were happy what lucky we were. The rest of the weekend we spended in the cottage.

Timea Poláková 3.C


A Shopping Day

It was Saturday morning when I decided to go shopping with my friend. It was raining and everything was really strange. Our train was late and we were nervous because we had to be in Bratislava as soon as possible. After arriving at the station in Bratislava, we bought a ticket on a bus. After a while our bus arrived and we went to a shopping mall. It was just a normal shopping day. Meanwhile I was looking for T-shirts, my friend was waiting on me on the chair in front of the shop. When we both realised that we were supposed to be in the bus at the moment, we ran out of the building and eventually we caught the bus. Everything was fine until we stopped in front of the train station. As my friend put hand in her bag she found out that her wallet wasn’t there. It was horrbile, because she had every important things there. She told me that she thought her wallet was left on the chair in the shopping mall. I coudn’t believe that. We didn’t know what to do, but I knew I needed water, because I wasn’t feeling well. As I looked for the bottle in my bag I touched something like a wallet, but it couldn’t be mine, because I had money in my pocket. Having found her wallet, I took it out from the bag. We didn’t know how this happend to us, but suddenly we were happy. We tried to figure it out, because we didn’t know if it could be possible, that something like that happend to us. Then we let it be and we were just happy. But it was kind of mystery, wasn’t it?

Lívia kormanová 3.C



It was a normal sunny day in California. Where young teenager Simon lived with his mother, dad and older sister. One sunny Monday morning his came and said ” Wake up we are going to camp”. I was a suprise at that moment I remembered it is my birthday. After I got up I started packing. Later my father came and said ” We must hurry up “. I dont know why they are in such hurry. After replying it would be a long journey and he wanted to build a tent and make a fire pit before the dark”. Then I understood. As we boarded the first problem occurred , our back tire was torn. Luckily, dad was clever and skilled so he changed the tire. After we came into a campsite it was almost dark so we had to hurry a bit until the night fell. When we done all things what were needed then me and sister roasted sausages. Being tired parents went to sleep. After an hour sister went to sleep, too. As I wasn’t tired I decided to go for a walk into the forest. After seeing a deer I crouched watching him. Unfortunatelly, I had broken a stick while I was going closer and the deer was gone. It was awesome but I didn’t see the light from the camp so I was lost. I tried to go back but I walked in a circle. So I tried to scream. Nothing happened. I was totally scared because there can be a bear or a snake. Or what if nobody would find me then what. Then I heared really silent voice “Simon where are you?“. I got up and I saw all my family looking for me. In the end, everything ended well.

Adam Valúch 3.C



It was day like any other and Veronica just arrived to the school. She was waiting on the school parking place, scrolling Instagram as usual. Shortly afterwards Chuck arrived. Chuck was a bit scared and impatient. He said Josie was not answering the phone. „Weird“, Veronica thought. „She’s never late.“

When Josie didn’t arrive, they decided to check her if she is allright. They took the car and went to her house. Veronica rang the bell, knocked the door and impatiently entered the house. They were looking for her, but no one was at home. They went to her room and found her phone lying on the bed near the napkin full of blood. At the same time they heard  steps.

Someone was walking up the stairs. Veronica got scared. „It might be a killer“, she said and grabbed Chuck’s hand and hid into the Josie’s closet. The steps were comming closer and closer and Veronica‘s heart was beating more and more. As the closet door opened she thought of death and she almost tored off Chuck’s hand. The whole town heard their screams when sheriff Johnson opend the door.

Eventually they ended up at the police station. When Josie arrived she said „What the hell have you two been doing at my house?“ Veronica and Chuck said everything to her. However there was no crime, no murder and no kidnapping. They found out Josie just cut herself while doing a breakfast, so her parents took her to the emergency.

Andrej Jurovatý 3.B


Flight Tickets to Barcelona

Last summer, me and my family bought a flight tickets to Barcelona. The day of the flight was at the end of the summer holiday and we were so excited. We haven´t been abroad for a long time and I was excited to spend some time with my brother and my parents.

It was not a wonderful weather outside at all and it looked like it was going to rain any minute. My mum is such a planer, so she had to have everything planed and organised before the trip. My dad called a taxi the day before to be sure we get to the airport on time. My brother woke up with a fever that morning. As soon as mum found out, she got really nervous. Packing a few last things, we were ready to go to the airport. We were only waiting for the taxi to pick us up. After ten minutes of taxi not comming, my mum was ready to pass out. Fortunately, out of the blue, the taxi showed up and my mum calmed down.

Meanwhile we were on our way to the airport, the weather started to be terrible. After all that stress, we were trying to stay positive. We finally made it to the airport and got to the check-in. Suddenly, our positivity dissapeared. We found out that my mum left the case with all of our passports at home. We were devastated. We had zero chance to go back home and come back in time.

When we came back home, we haven´t spoken a word with each other. We were so sad and disappoited, that we were just sitting in the living room, quietly. I turned on the TV and we couldn´t believe our eyes. There were a live news from the airport. The flight that we should be on, had a crash because of the bad weather. We started to cry and laugh from happiness. We could die, but because of one thing that we thought that ruined our holiday, we survived.

Tereza Klingová 3.A



It was a day like any other and Josh was spending his afternoon with friends on their boat near the coast. The weather was sunny and hot as usual. All of them were enjoying the end of another summer day in a small village near the ocean. What else would you do in such a town?

Out of the blue, they heard a loud crash. John turned the engine off as soon as they heard the noise. Nobody knew what happened. Did they hit the bottom or maybe some large rocks were lying underwater?

Cara was the first to look down to see what was going on. Leaning over the edge of the boat she saw something she never thought she would. The moment others saw her face, they knew something unexpected is down there. All of them went to her and looked down. They crashed because of an old shipwreck! Having found the boat meant only one thing. They should probably call the police and tell them about it. But Paul had a better idea. They could go into the water and see if there is something valuable. Shipwrecks don’t belong to anyone, or do they?

They jumped to the water but after while of diving to the shipwreck and back, they found nothing. Suddenly they heard a siren. Looking up, they saw a police boat approaching them. They started panicking as they didn’t know what to. As the police officer saw them he got really curious and asked them what are they doing in the water. They tried to lie and cover it up, but it was useless. The officer charged them for vandalism.

In the end, Josh said what happened precisely and tried to explain that the shipwreck is quite dangerous and should be pulled out of the water. Fortunately, it all got sorted out and they could leave and enjoy the rest of the evening.

Karolína Pirohová 3.C


Visited Rome

My friend and I visited Rome last summer. First of all we had to pack the necessary things, say goodbye to our parents and the whole family to make sure if we don´t come back, and then we could go to the airport.

We flew from Vienna to Rome in the first class. It was fantastic!

As soon as we arrived in Rome, we immediately went to the hotel, unpacked our luggage, and took a long nap.

After that we went out to find a great restaurant for dinner and we decided to sit outside. When we ordered food, suddenly a scooter appeared out of nowhere and almost hit me! I was lucky one that the scooter didn’t hit me, or my friend or someone else in the restaurant. Scooter driver had only a minor injury.

The next day, we began to explore Rome. During the afternoons, we visited ruins and museums. At night, we hit the clubs and exploring the streets. We woke up in the morning and a friend realized that he somewhere lost his wallet, where he had a flight ticket without which he could not return home, so we had to return to the clubs where we were at last night and look for the wallet. We were lucky that we finally found it and could come back home.

Matúš Prekopa 3.C


                                                   On July

It was a beautiful sunny day on July. I went on hiking as I do it usual. I wasn´t alone. My good friend Adam went with me. We had a nice day ahead of us. The moment, when I saw his sad face I was knew that he had left something at home. In that moment was eight o´clock and he hadn´t water. Adam decided that he go to the shop and bought it. Meanwhile he was in the shop I stoop up, looked aroung me and thought about this day. After a while he come to me and I saw his happy face. Adam was happy beacuse he had his water. In that day we had been choosing Rysy as our daily goal. Everything has been fine. We just walked, looked around us. We looked to a beautiful nature everywhere around us. After an hour we heard someone to screamed for a help. It took us a long time until we came and saw a young woman. When my friend Adam saw face this young woman he knew who is she. She was his classmate Rebecca. Rebeca‘s leg was under a very big stone which was probably fallen from a mountain. She was screamed, cried and she was in a pain. Meanwhile I was tried to calm her down. Adam had started call to the Mountain Rescue Service. He told them everything about Rebeca´s leg and actually situation. The woman on the other side in phone said him that we should try to take her down where an ambulance will be waiting for her. After this information Adam took Rebeca‘s bag and we went down. Two hours later we had came down at place where was waiting ambulance. The doctor took her to the ambulance and they left. We took a car and we went straight to the hospital.

Surprisingly, after we had been coming, the doctor said to us that, she must stayed here around one week but she will be okay. After she waking up, she thanked to us that we saved her.

Šimeková Regína 3.C


Jack Colombo

On one Thursday in September, Jack Colombo went for a walk as usual. He walked through the park and wanted to see his favorite river. He needed to unwind because he didn’t have enough money to repay the mortgage.

Out of the blue he saw a briefcase. He quietly put it under his jacket and took it home. He opened it at home and saw the human skull. He was shocked. After a while, he called the police. When the policeman arrived, Jack showed him the skull. Meanwhile, a criminologist also came. The criminologist looked at skull and took it to the station. Shortly afterwards, the skull disappeared from the Museum of Paleontology. Police thought Jack stole the skull. When Jack saw the report on TV, he remained frightened. In 2 days, the policeman called Jack to come to the police station. Jack was terrified, he thought he would be charged for a theft.

When Jack came to police station, he was surprised, policemen told him that he would get money for finding the skull, because one museum worker admitted to the police that he had lost skull when he was drunk and inadvertently took it home instead of his suitcase. Jack got 500€ and was happy that he can repay the mortage.

Tomáš Janči 3.B


A Cycling trip

Me and my friend saw a picture of a small church around our city and we wanted to go check it out. Two weeks later we went on a cycling trip to the small church near Borský Mikuláš. The whole trip lasted around 3 hours and we cycled around 30 km. We cycled from Senica, through Šajdíkové Humence and Borský Mikuláš. On the end of ,,Búre´´ we turned left on the road to Bílkové Humence. Some time earlier we found out that we needed to turn left on a asphalt road midway between ,,Búre´´ and Bílkové Humence. But what we didn´t know was that a big hill was before the turn to the church. As we were climbing the hill my friend realised her water was missing because she didn´t close her bottle properly and it slowly poured out. The moment I saw her face, I knew she´d be tired in a while so we stopped and I gave her my water because I wasn´t thirsty or tired. Eventually we made it to the left turn on the asphalt road and then to the church. Shortly afterwards we arrived to the church my friend realised that she had a spare water bottle in her backpack the whole time.

Matúš Valo 3.C



It was summer day like any other. Diana just woke up. After eating her breakfast, she wore her favourite blue dress and went to the shop. Sun was shining, birds were singing and Diana has very good mood. She bought bread, som fruit and orange juice. As she wanted to pay for the purchase, she found out her wallet was missing. She probably lost it on the way to the store. Diana left her purchase in the store and went looking for her wallet. The moment she saw it, a stranger man picked it up. Walking to him, she realised that he was charming. He thought the same thing about her. They were talking all the way back to the store, his name was Daniel and he wasnt living in the town. In front of the store they said goodbye. Diana hadn‘t seen him since that day, but she had been thinking about him.

Two months later someone rang the bell at the front door Diana’s house. As soon as she heard it, she thought about Daniel. Could it be him? Diana finally opened the door. In front of her was standing that charming man, who found her wallet two months ago. She smiled, he smiled. Sort of embarrasing moment full of hapiness, excitement, surprise and love. Of course that they fell in love. Diana and Daniel got married and they lived happily ever after.

Denisa Lutovská 3.A


                                   A Summer in Spain

It was a day like any other. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the waves were huge. A beautiful day in summer in Spain. Hugo was spending his afternoon with his four friends on his boat near the coach. He lived here, on the boat. They were drinking beers and laughing a lot. His friends were also Latin-American dancers. It was their common hobby. That is what united them. After losing Hugo´s family, his friends were his new one small family.

Hugo was a young, handsome and carefree dancer. He danced from 10 a.m. after 8 p.m. every day. One day he came home some time earlier. Out of blue he decided to go to the party. Having enjoyed this evening, he drank a lot of alcohol and took some drugs. Some hours later he woke up after a night of partying next to a charred headless body on his boat. Shortly afterwards the police arrived and Hugo was convicted of the murder. Hugo didn’t remember anything that happened the night of the crime, but he was sure that he wasn´t the murderer. Seven years later, he was visited by a young lawyer, Tatiana from Valencia who took his case and got him out of prison. Tatiana was an ambitious, responsible, serious and hard-working lawyer.

Hugo returned to his troupe of Latin-American dancers and resumed his career. Meanwhile they actively investigated. They worked together trying to find a person who murdered this man because on prison there was an innocent person for seven years. Looking for a murder, they got him. Eventually they found out the murder was his best friend Erick.

In the end Hugo with his lawyer Tatiana fell in love. The moment they had a serious relationship, they realised that it wasn´t easy because she is his lawyer and he is her client. They enjoyed each other and felt very happy.

Ema Vlková 3.C


Holidays in Italy

Last summer my parents decided to spend holiday in Italy. I was very excited about that because I was in Italy just once and I really enjoyed spending time there.

We were travelling by car. Nine hours later we finally arrived at the hotel. The journey was long but after I rested I ate dinner which was very good. Next day we decided to spend some time on the beach. The sea was really beautiful and sun was shining all day.

After a while I was bored and I told my parents that I was going for a short walk. At the beginning, I only walked the streets I knew. Shortly afterwards I thought that it can be nice experience got to know small Italian streets. As I was walking, I found out that my phone was dead and I had no idea where I was. After finding out that my phone was dead, I started to be worried. No GPS, no signal, but most of all, no idea where I was. I was trying to find a way back, but the more I tried, the more I got lost. I didn’t even want to imagine how much my parents had to be afraid.

Out of the blue I saw my dad. He was looking for me, and happily he knew exactly where we were and also, he had charged phone. The moment I saw his face, I was the happiest person on the planet. In the end, everything ended well.

I have never been so afraid in my life, fortunately I was lucky in misfortune. And especially, I will never go for walks in a foreign city alone or at least with a dead phone again.

Samuel Ščepka 3.C



It was a warm , sunny Sunday morning. A very typical temperature for a June I would say. Warm breeze was slowly running through my hair as I was walking in the woods. The sun´s beams were gently playing on my face. „This is my favourite type of weather.“ I thought to myself. After walking a good 1 kilometer, I stopped to have a break. As I was laying down on the grass, suddenly I saw a very cute squirrel on a twig. I could swear she was staring straight into my eyes. The look on her face was simply unforgettable. Out of the blue she started to run away from me. Having seen her running away, I decided to follow her. It was very hard because of her small size. As I ran closer and closer towards her I realised that I didn`t recognize the place anymore. Meanwhile I was looking around the place, the little squirrel came right next to me. It was a very exciting moment as I never stood next to a squirrel this close. Suddenly, completely out of blue, the sguirrel started to speak. „ Hi my name is Hannah. And what about you ?“ said the squirrel. Looking at her, I couldn`t believe my own eyes. „ You can speak ?“ I asked her with a frightening in my eyes. „ Yes, we all do here ,you silly.“ said the squirrel. „By all, you mean all of the lovely wild animals in this forest ?“ I asked her. However, I did not get the answer. Eventually, she ran away. „Jessica, Jessica !“ I suddenly heard a very familiar voice. „ You need to wake up immediately ! Or else you will miss the school !“ said my mom. Even though all of this was just a dream, in the end, I could swear to you, that on that same day I saw the exact squirrel outside of my window smiling at me. It was a very strange experience !

Zuzana Čižmárová 3.B


The Hitch-hiker

In one summer day, two best friends Lucy and Susan went to Bratislava to spend girl’s day together. They met at 10 a.m. at the train station and after 2 hours they arrived to Bratislava. Lucy and Susan felt very happy because they hadn’t seen each other since they had graduated from high school. They were shopping all day, they said all the gossips and they were satisfied that their friendship was still strong as before.

In the late hours, Lucy and Susan arrived to Senica. Lucy found out that her bus had left 15 minutes ago. Fortunately, Susan had a car so she offered to take her home. It was raining and the wind was blowing. As they drove the road, they noticed a hitch-hiker. Susan decided to take him home, but Lucy was afraid to take a stranger to the car. “Don’t be stupid” Susan said with laugh, “you watched a lot of horror movies, I just wanted to give help to hitch-hiker. The weather is very bad, come on, Lucy.” Lucy calmed and Susan stopped on the shoulder. The man with backpack was very happy that they took him home and he sat in the front seat of the car because Lucy had a lot of shopping bags next to her. Susan wanted to talk with him, but he wasn’t interested in talking with her.

Please, can I sit in the back seat of the car? I don’t feel comfortable here ” the man said.

Yes, of course” Susan answered. She stopped the car and as he got off, something appeared in her mind and she went away. She was very upset and had weird feeling. When she was at home, she told her mum what happened. Her mum was angry and told to her that it was very rude. The hitch-hiker forgot his backpack in the car, so next day she went to police station to give them his backpack. She hadn’t opened it from politeness so she kept it to the policemen.

2 months later, the girls forgot everything. Out of the blue the police phoned with some unexpected news. They had found a knife and a rope in the backpack and the hitch-hiker was serial killer, who was wanted for a half of year. They had been lucky that they eventually had run away. They could be on a list of victims, who were killed in a car by a rope and and a knife from a back seat. The feeling, which had appeared in Susan’s mind, had saved their lives.

Katarína Ilčíková, 3.B


The Story

I visited Piemont last month. Piemont is in Italy. The capital city is Torino. When I arrived Torino I decided to attend a football match between Juventus a Napoli.

I wanted to travel by car, but my car was stollen by burglar. After losing my car, I called the police. As I waited the police I bought a flight ticket from Bratislava to Torino. I waited for an hour to the police. Meanwhile waiting the police, I called a Taxi. After a while the police came. I was in the Taxi yet. I flew to Torino by aircraft. I flew for two hours. When I landed, I was very lucky. Shortly afterwards I had prolems with my luggage, because I could not find it. After a while I found my luggage. Before the match, I went to see the city of Torino.Shortly afterwards football match was canceled for Covid 19. I had to fly home immediately. I was unhappy because Juventus is my favourite club and I wanted see Allianz Stadium.

In the end, I was happy. When I came home the policeman told me that he had found my car.

Kristián Mego 3.C


A Hot Day in August

It was a hot day in August and I and my friends were on holiday in Australia. We were sunbathing on the beach and enjoying the sunny weather.

After a while we decided to go surfing. We took the surfboards and we were surfing in big waves. It was a big adrenaline because the waves were extremly high. Meanwhile we were in the sea, it had happened. Out of the blue the shark had attacked. Blood was everywhere. My friends were shouting and I was in shock. Swimming to shore, shark had attacked again. It had bitten my friend´s leg and had destroyed her surfboard. After that we tried to swim to save our lives. After sailing ashore, we phoned ambulance, which quickly arrived. They took her to the hospital, where they treated her. Unfortunately doctors had amputated her leg.

Two months later she had been fit again. And she had started new live without one leg. Even though this accident she enjoys live and she is happy that she had survived something so terrible.

Vanessa Válková 3.C


In London

I visited London last year to attend a football match. While I was there, I decided to visit other city attractions like London Eye, Big Ben and London Bridge.

At first, my flight was delayed. Meanwhile I landed at the airport, I found out that the airline had lost my luggage. I had to wait for two hours at the airport while they were looking for it, but, unexpectedly, my luggage had been set aside and forgotten. After a while I found my luggage and I could finally call a taxi and leave to town. While riding into town the driver was telling me about his last visit to the London Eye. When I arrived safely to the stadium, everything started to go smoothly. The football match was very exciting and I completely enjoyed my visit to the Emirates Stadium. The match was won by my team Arsenal and I was very happy and satisfied. After the match I  caught my flight back to Bratislava.

Eventually, return home went easily. I arrived home just in time to kiss my mother and say goodnight.

Filip Vizváry 3.C

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