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by nuri muhammet çaylı

The Soviet Republic of Georgia has a surface area of ​​70,000 square kilometers, but it is a country of great contrasts as it spreads through both alpine and sophisticated climates. Because Georgia is a mountainous region, Georgia now has its own status of competence with its own dialects, clothes and culinary traditions. Given that Georgia is constantly “open to external influence”, it is surprising that its kitchens have remained largely untouched, being a small and rich country, which is constantly under the control of powerful nations. Undoubtedly, geography has been a factor in maintaining and preserving Georgia’s own gastronomic traditions, but there are two other reasons. First, the majority of the neighbors (and the majority of the occupiers), on the contrary, Georgia is a Christian. Secondly, the people of Georgia have struggled to confirm their way of life. This strong national honor has helped to maintain only five and a half million lives of this small population with an independent and separate culture.

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What is most specific to the Georgian cuisine is the use of cookies. It is not only used as a garnish, but as a complementary additive to all kinds of food. In particular, walnuts form the basis of rich soups, boiled and sweet. Only walnut sauces have about a hundred different varieties, each requiring varying proportions depending on whether they are used in vegetable, chicken, meat or fish. Satsivi, satsebeli and Bazhe are perhaps the most popular walnut sauces; but in reality these names mask the possibility of dozens. It is understandable that the oil from the walnut is expensive in cooking; nevertheless, contrary to the kitchen habits of their neighbors, Georgians are not dependent on olive oil for daily use, prefer sunflower oil, mostly corn oil. In fact, Georgians eat a lot of corn both fresh and processed. They make gomi, which is a polenta-like preparation, and mchadi or corn breads. One of the main dishes of the Georgian cuisine is elardzhi; this occurs when corn flour mixed with a local cheese is hot served close to the liquid. The number of meals required for Egypt distinguishes Georgia from the other countries in the Levant (eastern Mediterranean): these other countries have a tendency to weigh rice or lentils. While the geisha extensively uses dry beans, they often limit themselves to the tamed or wild species of the so-called “leidney bean”

Artwork from the book - georgia by nuri muhammet çaylı -

Finally, the fact of Georgia’s Christian formation helps explain one of the most symbolic characteristics of Georgian eating methods. This is the use of wine. Wine-tasting (viticulture) is a very advanced art in Georgia, and a dish that does not consume plenty of wine is unthinkable. Therefore, it is appropriate to use the traditional Kvevri, that is, the soil cabin used for underground wine-hunting, as an analogy for everything that constitutes the Georgian kitchen. Just like buried vessels, the best Georgian kitchen appliances have been hidden in the valleys, isolated and intact from external infiltration. georgia has developed and nurtured these traditions for centuries, thus protecting their culture as if they were the heart of their culture.

Artwork from the book - georgia by nuri muhammet çaylı -

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