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Getting Sabrina

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We’d been hoping for two years that we could get a dog. Tyler asked every time we went out. We begged,pleaded everything we could to convince our parents that we were responsible enough to get a dog. Finally, all our begging and pleading paid of. It was a Saturday morning and we were getting in the car to go out.


         “Where are we going?” I ask as we pull out of the drive way


.“out” my dad explains


I thought we were just going on our usual eran run. I was very Anxious to find out where we were going. I got really bored in the car so i started humming. I  started to get bored of that too so  I tapped my feet. I started doing anything I could to not be bored.


        Finally, After a long ride of being bored we pull up to a store but not just any store a
“PET STORE!” me and tyler scream at the top of our lungs


I hopped out of the car and the car door went *Slam*. Tyler and I ran into the store but  we couldn’t see any dogs. We ran around the store looking 2 times and when we finally we were extremely tired.


       “What the?,where are they?” I question.

We go up to our parents with questioned looks on our faces. My dad walks up to a lady so we all follow when we all are standing in front of a woman


my dad says “we’re ready”


  “for what?” I ask


She brings us into a room and says “I’ll be outside if you need me” when she walks out i here “ruff” so I turn around quickly and a little puppy comes running out.


.  She was black on her body except for her snout, feet, and tip of her tail. “she’s so cute” i cheered, “her name is Sabrina” my mom informed us.

 Sabrina was licking Tyler and my face the whole time. When she looked at me with her precious eyes i knew she was our’s.


“can we get her!” Tyler whines


. We put her new leash on and walked her out to go get her toys to make her new home comfortable. My parent’s paid for everything we even kept her name Sabrina because we loved the name.




BY Cassidy Morris




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