Group 6 Alt in Teaching

by Ohalo Alt Teaching

Oct 2017
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Group 6 Alt in Teaching

by Ohalo Alt Teaching

Alt in Teaching

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Hi.  My name is Debbie BenShimol.  I live in Rosh Pina.  I’m excited to be here teaching you. It’s my first year teaching after many years of working with the UN, in the Golan Heights.  I was born in the United States, and made Aliyah when I was 9 years old.



Hi.  My name is Risa (which means laughter.  Hopefully, we will share in some good laughs together), and I will be teaching you English.  I made Aliyah from Montreal, Canada, where I worked as a lawyer.  I am tri-lingual, which means I speak three languages fluently.  I speak French, English and Hebrew.  I will do my best to make learning English fun and interesting.


Hi.  My name is Gadi, you can call me Mr. Gadi.  I’m your English teacher, and I’m very excited. I moved to Israel with my family 6 years ago from Los Angeles.  I live here in the Golan.  We are going to learn a lot together.  I’m going to learn about you and you are going to learn a lot about English.


Hi.  My name is Lee.  I’m 24 years old.  I live here, in Katzrin.  This is my first year teaching and I am excited to be your English teacher.  I hope we will have fun together.


Hi class.  I’m Samantha and I’ll be your English teacher this year.  I live here, in the Golan with my husband and two little girls.  After years of all types of interesting work, I have found something I am really excited about-helping you to learn this wonderful language!  When I am not working, I love to spend time with my family and I love to read books.  In fact, I call myself a “book eater”-I eat them up!  I hope you will also learn to love reading and speaking English.  Lets learn a little about all of you.


The Usual First Day of School:

A lot of excitement, anticipation, high energy and confusion.  The teacher did not always ask for information about each student, s/he did not always show interest.  The teacher would usually give the class rules.


The First Day of School:

The teacher introduces him or herself.

The teacher does an “ice breaker” to get to know the students.

The teacher gives an overview of the class and the requirements.

Classroom rules are reviewed.

A small lesson is started.

This is applicable to all grades. Each item will be adapted accordingly, depending on the audience-elemenatry, Junior High and High School.


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