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Half Term Homework


Artwork: Ugochukwu Freeley

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Digital Auto biography

Sunday 08:15 On the way to the airport.
09:15 Just got to the airport and waiting for aeroplane to board.
12:30 Got on aeroplane, ready to go to Kigali.
17:15 Landed in Kigali Airport waiting for our next plane to board.
18:30 Went on the aeroplane to Entebee, Uganda
20:30 Arrived at Entebee  Airport .
21:00 Left Airport got on a bus taxi to Yellow Have Lodge.
22:00 Arrived at Yellow Haven Lodge.


Monday All we did was look around Yellow Haven Lodge.



Tuesday 10:00 Got ready to go to breakfast.
11:00 Went out boating on an outlet to Lake Victoria.
12:00 Stopped on an island, went looking for monkeys but couldn’t find any.
13:00 Left the island safely.
13:30 Went to a fish market and saw a 57 kg Nile carp.
14:00 Arrived at a university where we stopped for lunch.
16:00 Got back to the hotel.
19:00 We went for dinner .
Wednesday 11:00 We woke up and got ready to go to Freedom City Mall.
11:30 We arrived at Freedom City Mall.
13:00 We finished shopping and left Freedom City Mall to go to Kampala Central Market.
15:00 We left Kampala Central Market.
15:15 We went to go to KFC for lunch.
16:00 We left KFC.
16:15 Arrived back at Yellow Haven Lodge.





Thursday 10:00 Woke up for breakfast.
16:00 Chuks, Daddy and I went swimming.
16:40 Me and my dad were playing badminton.
18:30 Our whole family played pool and my mum didn’t play darts with us.
19:00 We had dinner.


Friday 10:00 We went for Breakfast.
11:00 We all got our bikes on to the boat.
11:15 We all got ready to go on the boat.
12:00 The boat arrived on an island.
We cycled inside the island in 2.5 hours.
14:30 We got our bikes back on the boat.
15:15 Got back to the hotel around 3:15
Saturday 10:00 We woke up for breakfast.
13:54 I did my homework until 14:00.
15:00 We then went for lunch.
16:00 We went swimming and played badminton.
19:00 We had dinner by the bonfire.


Sunday 07:30 We had breakfast then finished packing our bags.
08:30 We left for the airport.
11:50 The plane left.
17:30 Arrived in Lagos, Nigeria.
18:30 We collected our luggage and left the airport.
19:30 My family and I got back home.


20:30 I finished the remainder of my homework by 20:30.




Polar bear

The most carnivorous of the bear species, polar bears feed primarily on the fat of ice-dependent seals. The remains of these seals provide food for many other Arctic wildlife species, giving polar bears a vital role in their ecosystem. Polar bears are marine mammals, and spend much of their time on Arctic sea ice.

Artic Fox

In winter they are white to blend in with the snow, while in the summer they change to brown! The Artic foxes found throughout the entire Arctic tundra, through Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Norway, Scandinavia, and even Iceland, where it is the only native land mammal.

Alpine Plants

Alpine plants must adapt to the harsh conditions of the alpine environment, which include low temperatures, dryness, ultraviolet radiation, and a short growing season.

Some Alpine plants can serve as medicinal plants.

A medicinal plant is a plant that has similar properties as conventional pharmaceutical drugs. Humans have used them throughout history to either cure or lessen symptoms from an illness. A pharmaceutical drug is a drug that is produced in a laboratory to cure or help an illness.

Artic Moss

Arctic moss is an aquatic plant which can grow underwater in the tundra. It has adapted to its climate by being able to store energy to use even when it isn’t

growing. Like most plants in the tundra, it grows low to the ground to avoid the harsh winds and freezing cold.

S- The science is there adaptations.

T- The technology is when I printed out the pictures.

E- The English is when I’m writing this.

A- The art is when I drew the base of the project.

M- The math was when I calculated how many centimeters it will be.


King John

Born:December 24, 1166, Beaumont Palace, Oxford

Died: October 19, 1216, Newark Castle, Nottingham shire, Newark-on-Trent, United Kingdom

Buried: Worcester Cathedral, Worcester, United Kingdom

Children: Henry III of England, Eleanor of Leicester, more

Spouse: Isabella of Angoulême (m. 1200–1216), Isabella, Countess of Gloucester (m. 1189–1199)

Leadership style

Overtaxed as a result. Many believed he was responsible for the murder of his nephew, Arthur of Brittany. He got on the bad side of the Pope, causing all of England to be excommunicated. Finally, he lost all of Britain’s lands in France.

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