Half Term Homewrok by Chantel Watson - Illustrated by Google/Chantel - Ourboox.com
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Half Term Homewrok


Artwork: Google/Chantel

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King John was born around the time of Christmas in either 1166 or 1167 in Oxford, the youngest and the most favored son of Henry II. When his father died in 1189 his brother, King Richard, became king. King John received titles, lands and money, but this was not enough. In October 1190, King Richard recognized his nephew, Arthur, as his heir. Three years later, when King Richard was imprisoned in Germany, King John tried to seize control. He was unsuccessful and when King Richard returned in early 1194, was banished. The two were soon reconciled and, when Arthur was captured by Philip II in 1196, Richard named John heir.

     In 1199, King Richard died and King John became king. War with France was renewed, triggered by King John’s second marriage. While asked to mediate between the rival families of Lusignan and Angoulâme, he married the Angoulâme heiress Isabella, who had been betrothed to Hugh de Lusignan. A rebellion broke out and King John was ordered to appear before his overlord, Philip II of France. His failure resulted in war.

   By 1206, King John had lost Normandy, Anjou, Maine and parts of Poitou. These failures were a damaging blow to his prestige and he was determined to win them back. This required money, so his government became increasingly ruthless and efficient in its financial administration. Taxes soared and he began to exploit his feudal rights ever more harshly.

   This bred increasing baronial discontent. Negotiations between King John and his barons failed and civil war broke out in May 1215. When the rebels seized London, King John was compelled to negotiate further and, on 19 June at Runnymede on the River Thames, he accepted the baronial terms embodied in the Magna Carta, which limited royal power, ensured feudal rights and restated English law. It was the first formal document stating that the monarch was as much under the rule of law as his people, and that the rights of individuals were to be upheld even against the wishes of the sovereign.

   This settlement was soon rendered impractical when King John claimed it was signed under duress. Pope Innocent took his side and in the ensuing civil war King John laid waste to the northern counties and the Scottish border. Prince Louis of France then invaded at the barons’ request. King John continued to wage war vigorously, but his death in October 1216 enabled a compromise peace and the succession of his son Henry III.

Half Term Homewrok by Chantel Watson - Illustrated by Google/Chantel - Ourboox.com




My name is Chantel Watson but my full name is Chantel Obianuju Watson. I was born September 5th 2005 in Lagos Nigeria. I come from an extraordinary family since my mom is African and my dad is American witch means I’m African American. I have to younger siblings Jordin who is eight (8) at the moment and Tristan who is five (5) at the moment I also have two older step sibling Sarah and Kevin. I’m very athletic and adore sports such as swimming, track and basketball. I love to travel and going on road trips (mostly because I get to see new fascinating and astonishing things). Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to grow doing and having a job I love that’s why when I grow up I want to be a professional athlete –most likely Olympic swimmer-, Model or both.

   When I was young I wasn’t much of a talker well I didn’t talk at all. When the age one (1) came around people started telling my parents I should go for speech therapy, obviously my parents didn’t listen my mom kept telling them “ she will speak when she want to “. The age two came around and I finally said my first word, (like most kids it was “mama”).I also had a little white Shih Tzu named Caspa I think that’s where I got my love of animals/pets!

Like all of us we all had childhood best friends, I remember the first ever person to become my friend her name was Lilly even though she was two (2) years older than me we were still the best of friends! The funny thing is that our dad knew each other very well, they both worked for the same company but they never introduced us.

   Soon after that my little sister Jordin came along at first I didn’t really like her, I loved being an only child but after a while of all her nagging and crying I got used to her. Believe it or not but when I was younger I went to CIS (Children’s’ international School) for nursery and reception. Later after five (5) years in Nigeria I moved, Houston, Texas.

     I loved it over there it was amazing! I was on summer brake so I didn’t have any school. I visited many places, and got to see things I didn’t see in Lagos. Then my little brother came along Tristan he was the chubbiest baby ever. Soon my mom told me that Lilly was moving to Houston with that one sentence I was extremely happy! After her spending a week in Houston we finally met face to face.

      Finally! I started school I was so happy but extremely shy at the same time! I was shy because before school started I was supposed redo a year, because in America to join the rest of the year group your birthday has to be before September 1st, my mom thought my birthday it was close enough so they made me take a test to see how much I knew. I passed so I got to go to the next year group. Even though I was the youngest in the whole year group I made a lot of friends and went to many parties. On weekends I would sleep over with Lilly and on summer break and winter holidays I would go road tripping and go to fun places like Kemah, Splash town, Disney world and many more…

   Four (4) years had passed and it was time to move back to Nigeria! At first I didn’t really like the Idea but you know I had to stick it. I stayed in touch with Lilly and resumed going back to CIS (Children’s’ international School). Now writing this I’m in 6th grade, I still visit Houston and Lilly every summer and winter break.

Half Term Homewrok by Chantel Watson - Illustrated by Google/Chantel - Ourboox.com
My Artic habitat ♥


S- The science in my habitat was planning how the whole project was going to look like.

T- The technically was using the printer to print out my background and also researching on the animals and plants.

E- The English in my habitat was reading and writing down facts about the animals and plants

A- The art in my habitat is painting, gluing and cutting materials.

M- The math in my habitat was measuring to see if my habitat was A3 size.








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