Hire Application Engineers for Your Parts Programming

by Mike Langer

Jul 2017
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Hire Application Engineers for Your Parts Programming

by Mike Langer

As industrial metrology becomes a more widely used process in all manufacturing sectors, and moves closer to the production cycle, timely parts programming has become more important than ever. However, a number of factors are leading shops to use contract services. What they do is use parts blueprints to create instructions for your metrology equipment’s movements as it dimensions a component. That means that different parts all need different instructions, whether you’re going to make one or thousands. Not all shops can or should do it themselves, and it may be more economical to outsource this task. There are a number of reasons shops turn to contract measuring experts for parts part programming.


Staff Shortage


Many shops don’t have such high inspection needs that they have dedicated programmers. Coordinate measuring machine operators who have those skills often don’t have the time to keep one production line moving while plugging in the numbers for the next set of components. Staff shortages will leave your shop with costly bottlenecks, whether that’s in production or at the final stages.Often it makes more sense to outsource expert CMM programming services than expand your staff, especially if you need to overcome a shortage quickly or if your contract is small.

Software Training


Rather than a staff shortage, your shop may be facing a skills shortage. You can sponsor further training on software like PC-DMIS through a metrology dealer like Canadian Measurement-Metrology, also known as CMM. Many software training programs are also available as e-courses, as well, which allows managers to control when operators spend time training. Sometimes operators are needed on the floor in a pinch, but if they’re off-site in a training course, production is left in a pinch.You can also hire metrology dealers to train your staff on software updates if they’re already familiar with the fundamentals.


Complicated Software


One recurring issue facing programmers is the lack of a universal way of electronically transmitting data sets from blueprints to coordinate measuring machines. That means that much of a programmer’s time can be spent on manual data input, eating up valuable hours. Most machine tool programming is completed long before their inspection equivalent, creating a bottleneck at the information stage that wastes valuable hours of production time.

One Time Only Components


When you’re producing (or receiving, if you inspect incoming parts) a component one time only, it may be faster and more economical to hire programming experts like CMM to do it. Their programmers are constantly undergoing updated training and can complete these tasks faster than your regular staff. Depending on the state of your equipment, you may also want to take advantage of a metrology house’s contract measuring services. That means they can also perform the inspection, using their own state of the art equipment either in their own facilities or using a ROMER portable arm in your own. Always calculate the ROI on staff and training investments against the ease and efficiency of contract .


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