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in this book you will find history related activities for students in junior high. The educational purpose behind this book is to enable students to be exposed to history from different angles and through personal experience and exiting activities.

The sudents will expand their horizons regarding historical events and will practice all four skills of English- reading, listening, speaking and writing by completing the tasks and activities in this book.



 The lexicon I want to teach the class: 



The activities i will use:

 A-I will give the students 10 minutes to get into Quizlet and learn the new words by playing the nice games it offers or using its flashcards. The students will have to write down a sentence with these new words.


B- I will let my students practice their spelling by playing this crossword!



C– The students will get a worksheet with the new words  written incorrectly and they will have to write the word correctly.
 September 11th 


Available online at: https://www.eslfast.com/eslread/ss/s040.htm

History by dana or ben saadon - Ourboox.com

Reading Comprehension Questions:



press this link and check your understanding by answering question about the text we read. Click on the “play” button on the left side.




Listening Practice:


Watch the Ted talk “The history of chocolate” and make a list of 3 new facts you learned about chocolate.

The history of chocolate:



Writing Assignment:



View the following animated clip and answer the questions:

1. What is the historical event presented in the clip?

2. Write a paragraph telling the details of this historical event (70 words minimum).

3. Imagine yourself going back in time to this even. How would you feel? What would you do?

4. Share your third answer with the partner sitting next to you.



Blog Assignment:

Read the following moral dilemma and post an answer to the question in the end in our class forum on the school portal:
You are a Jew during the Holocaust. You are hiding with three other families, in the attic of a German family who agreed to give you shelter. One night you hear  noises and realize that German soldiers have come in to look for you. A baby of one of the families starts crying. The mother tries to silence him without success.
People next to you offer to kill the baby. On the one hand, killing a baby is a terrible act. On the other, if he won’t stop, the soldiers might find you and kill all of you.
What would you do? Would you kill the baby or not?
You have one week to upload your answer. You must write at least 75 words in your answer and justify your decision logically. You will have four more days to read your friends’ answers and post your thoughts and respond to at least two other members. Post responses that represent depth of though and avoid writing a short answer like “I agree” or “you are right”.
Good luck!


This free e-book was created with

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