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The colleges and schools also do not offer a variety when it comes to the choice of subjects. So, they are forced to choose certain mandatory options which may or may not suit their interests and aptitude. Sometimes, at the collegiate level, it so happens that societal and peer pressure victimizes children to choose some subject that does not synchronize with their inherent interests. On the contrary, parents feel that the child’s dream subject may or may not give them the dream life that they expect from this lifetime. So, a budding genius in some remotely known area would be nipped in the bud and sacrificed at the altar of a much sought-after subject that he abhors. Some children do not realize what they are good at, and generic career counseling does not help as it can have its loopholes; so, through astrological counseling, he would know which subject he is destined to study and what kind of a career is destined for him in that direction.

Vedic astrology surely helps the student choose the right subjects as well as a career so that success in life is guaranteed. Right moves at the right time, in the field of academics as in any other field, are necessary for him to choose his dream area of expertise and talent. There is no doubt that Astrology can help to choose the subject for which you are best suited.

How to choose the right education stream through astrology

Study the planetary influence on the fifth house and the fifth lord in general to know the basic aptitude. Planetary influences on the second house, fourth house, and ninth houses. This will determine the level to which the education can continue.

Identify the planets connected to the 10th house or lord to check if jataka has any specific skills required for professional success.

Fifth from Karakamsha provides hints to unusual talents.

Try to find out which planet is the strongest amongst those influencing the fifth house and how strong is the fifth lord.

Check the sequence of Dashas to see if this Dasha period promotes such talents during the time of the academic course.

The nature of signs and nakshatras must be noted carefully as these also have a say in deciding the academic stream.

Check the general status of the horoscope, the ascendant strength, sun, and moon, before coming to interpret the said events. Using these methods, we Choose the right education stream through astrology.

How do planets help in Subject selection as per astrology?

Certain subjects are naturally chosen by the planets for the academic course of the child when it is born. Let us see which subjects of your interest synchronize with those chosen by astrology.  These subjects would be the ones for which your kid would have an aptitude.

Sun would have a grip over Math, philosophy, medicines, Ayurveda, healing, astronomy, history, etc.

Moon would be related to creative arts, psychology, psychiatry, herbs, chemistry, biology, hospitality, fisheries, etc.,

Mars would relate to all types of engineering courses, logic-oriented courses, construction, black smithy, arms and ammunitions, sports, etc.

Mercury would deal with journalism, acting, theater, radio, account keeping, library studies, company secretary, astrology, trade, and those communication-oriented subjects.

Jupiter governs classics, Vedas, astrology, mantras, priests, philosophy, Sanskrit, history, management economics, biology etc.

Venus is concerned with humanities, fine arts botany, painting, creative arts, fashion design interiors, architecture, travel and tourism, aviation etc.

Saturn relates to history and archeology, mining, petroleum, constitution, law, engineering related to construction, and study of ores.

History, Archaeology, Mining, Petroleum, Geology, Geography, Constitution, Law, Study of Ores, Minerals.

Subjects Related to Rahu & Ketu

they are more concerned with higher psychology, philosophy, aviation, films, aerospace, aeronautical, engineering, computers, mantra, etc. they would acutely reflect the characteristics of the planet that are associated with them. These planets help in Subject selection as per astrology.

How do the right career selection by the birth chart?

There are some important combinations or Yoga’s that predetermine the career success of an individual. Apart from this, the twelve houses indicate the variety of professions that are pre decided by birth for the native. They are as follows.

First house- Professions related to law and order, ministry of home affairs.

Second house: – State revenues, commercial transactions, and Government Treasury; Nationalized Banks; commerce and industry of Stock Exchange business.

Third house- Telecommunication, Postal Services, Railways, printed media, Publication, Business or Libraries.

Fourth house- University, colleges or school jobs, Mines and Geology Ministry of Agriculture, Department, CPWD

Fifth house: – higher education /research institutes. Maternity Centers and amusement spots

Sixth house: – Ministry of Defense, Army, Navy, Medical hospitals, financing companies.

Seventh house: – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, trade and family courts, gynecological clinics, and children’s hospitals.

Eighth houses- rehabilitation of masses; death birth/mortality rate record maintenance.

Ninth house: – Judiciary, supervision of religious organizations, tours, and travels, shipping, and courier.

Tenth house:  topmost governmental heads, parliament affairs pension departments, chairperson of the board of directors, etc.

Eleventh house: – Income Tax Department, Revenue Department, Ministry of Finance, Stock and Share Brokers.

Twelfth house- CBI or Secret Service, diplomats, wards of hospitals, spiritual heads.

This is how we Choose subjects by the birth chart. Let us see how careers are decided by the planetary influences as well.

How to choose a career according to the planetary influences?

Sun Metallurgy, Electricity, Medicine, Gems, Agriculture, Cardiac/Orthopedic surgeon, etc.

Moon Navy, Fisheries, Textile, Chemical Engineering, Agriculture, Dairy Farming, Toiletries, Drama and Theaters, Dentist, etc.

Mars Automobile Engr, Army, Factories, Manufacturing Industries, Catering, Construction Business, Law, etc.

Mercury Electronics and Communications, Neuroscience, Robotics, Dermatologists, Banking, Editing Air force, etc.

Jupiter Business Management, Trading, Investment Banking, Real estate Social Works, Aeronautics, Diabetologist, Religious Teachers, etc.

Venus Fine Arts, House Keeping, Training and Counseling, Performing Arts, Garments, Vascular surgeons, Gynecologists, etc.

Saturn Heavy Metals Civil Engineering, Menial Work, Mentors), Civil Aviation, Environmental Engineering, Geologists, etc.

Rahu big businesses, Transportation, Animal Husbandry Leather Industries, Plastic Industries, Bodybuilding and Gyms, Alcohol-related businesses, Pathologists, Cancer Specialists, Radiologists, etc.

Ketu represents Lab technicians, Editors, Proofreaders, Researchers, linguists, painters, Preachers, etc.

You can get Career guidance by birth chart, using the ways and means described above.

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