Etsy & Google Shopping
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How can I integrate my WooCommerce store with Google Shopping and Etsy?


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Google Shopping and Etsy are the two massive open-source marketplaces that offer the biggest platform for online sellers. Different eCommerce business owners offer their inventory on these marketplaces in an effort to grow their online enterprises. These marketplaces see a lot of everyday customer traffic because of the diversity of options provided for the consumers’ preferred products.

Etsy & Google Shopping

Having a WooCommerce shop and selling on marketplaces are the latest methods of running an eCommerce business. Do you know that by utilizing the admin panel for your WooCommerce store, you can quickly list every item in your store’s inventory on Google Shopping and Etsy?


If you want to know how then keep an eye out!



WooCommerce Google Shopping Connector

You can list your feed on the Google search results page with the aid of the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping connection extension. It is simple to set up and link the WooCommerce store to Google Shopping with the WooCommerce Google Shopping Integrator. The store owner only needs the client secret and client ID to establish the connection with the Google Developer dashboard.


After configuring the WooCommerce Google Shopping connector plugin, the store admin may quickly and easily add every item in their inventory to Google’s search results.


The Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping integration plugin allows you to create the required feed from the WooCommerce admin panel and list it on the Google Shopping marketplace.


With the aid of all the great automatic functions, the WooCommerce Google Shopping connection plugin gives eCommerce merchants piece of mind. The Google Shopping API connection extension for WooCommerce provides options for Cron-based automated Feed synchronization and feed status synchronization.




The WooCommerce owner can create an infinite number of profiles for all of the stock that is offered in their WooCommerce Shop. The WooCommerce Google Shopping integration plugin additionally eliminates the requirement for manual listing by listing several items at once.


The Etsy Marketplace Integration Plugin for WooCommerce

Etsy, one of the huge marketplaces, has millions of customers and vendors. Thousands of individuals search the Marketplace every day for the items they’re looking for.


On Etsy, an open-source marketplace, every online store can promote their goods and increase their online visibility. As the admin of a WooCommerce business, you may quickly list your whole WooCommerce Shop inventory on the Etsy Marketplace. The Knowband WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace connector plugin offers easy listing on both marketplaces from a single admin panel. The WooCommerce Etsy Marketplace connector plugin only requires the Application ID and Application Secret, both of which are easy for anyone to generate.




You can use sandbox mode for the product listing as a WooCommerce shop admin using the Etsy Marketplace API integration plugin.


Using the extension, you can also easily track the orders you’ve received from the Etsy Marketplace and make adjustments to them right away from the WooCommerce admin panel. The link between Etsy orders and the WooCommerce store is made possible by the automated order status synchronization capability provided by the Google Etsy connector add-on for WooCommerce. Multiple profiles and listings can be created with easy sales figure tracking using the WooCommerce Etsy integration plugin.




The multi-platform selling strategy is unquestionably beneficial even though it may seem new. Currently, selling on marketplaces is a need for the eCommerce sector. Retailers using WooCommerce may now set up connections using the Knowband WooCommerce Google Shopping and WooCommerce Etsy API connector plugins. Plugins for WooCommerce come with a free three-month support period. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance using our API connection extensions or if you have any questions.



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