How PDF Actually Saves Healthcare Workers Time and Frustration by Shawn Mike - Illustrated by Shawn Mike -
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How PDF Actually Saves Healthcare Workers Time and Frustration


Artwork: Shawn Mike

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Digital transformation is not a new concept in the healthcare industry. In order to enhance the patient care, the digital transformation has become an important part of the healthcare organizations. A study has been performed recently by the SAP Center for Business Insight in which they surveyed 400 global C-level healthcare executives to recognize the impact and progress of digital system. According to the survey, about 61% of the companies labeled digital transformation as critically important for the healthcare sector. This importance is expected to rise to about 86% in the next five years.

It’s not difficult to evaluate that why digital transformation is important in healthcare. With better patient care, the life expectancy increases, hence the population grows. So, for providing better services to the patients and for improving the experience for healthcare professionals, it is necessary to implement the digital transformation. With the help of the digital system, the administrative processes can be made more efficient, streamlined, and precise, while enhancing the security and protecting the information of the patient.

The advanced digital system can satisfy the growing needs of patients and doctors. The hospitals can get more patient-centric, and the employee efficiency also increases if the digital system is implemented properly. Moreover, with a digital system, the administrative burden can also be removed and the security can be enhanced.

However, the progress of digital transformation in healthcare is not very fast. According to a survey, only 2% of the organizations said that their digital progress was mature enough. So, where does the issue arise from? It is a difficult task for most of the organizations to digitize their unmanaged data.

There are many digital solutions available but the key is to focus on those solutions that can minimize the cost and effort. So, you must choose the scalable tools that can help you in saving time and require less printing. Moreover, the process must be streamlined for completing the daily workflow tasks like managing and archiving patient records or accelerating patients’ completion of forms.


How PDF format is helpful in the healthcare sector:

There are many PDF software programs that empower the healthcare organizations to provide better care by improving the workflows that employees and patients come across on daily basis. PDF is one of the most commonly used formats in the world and it is used on daily basis in healthcare organizations. The PDF has made the daily tasks easier such as for getting a signature from the patients, the doctors can use eSignature option rather than printing the form. Moreover, different digital PDF tools can be used for editing and sharing files. Also, there are many converters that can help you to generate the PDF files such as JPG to PDF converter.

The PDF software programs allow the hospital workers, to create, edit, review and share the documents with their colleagues. The staff can also share the documents with patients for making the process more efficient and streamlined. It is no more necessary for the healthcare workers to get a signature from the patient on a printed document and then archive the file in the huge cabinets. Now, the hospital staff can get the consent of the patient by using mobile devices or PCs. Hence, this process is less error-prone and also saves time and energy of the hospital workers. Moreover, this process is more secure as compared to the old paper-based system.

In this way, the habits of workers are modernized and they do not spend time on unnecessary things. Rather than that, they can focus on the things which are more important such as identifying the treatments, providing extra care, and saving the lives of people.

In the current world of electronic health record (EHR) systems, PDF is still one of the most commonly used file formats.

There are many hospitals that possess the EHR technology, but still, these hospitals use PDF files for completing daily tasks. There are many workers who deal with PDF files without having any access to the PDF editor.


Do you use the PDF editor at your workplace?

Most of the people do not take this into account, but the lack of accessibility to good PDF software leads to many issues like security problems. The productivity also decreases if you do not use a PDF editor for viewing, editing and sharing your files. There are many workers in the healthcare department who still use the old paper system for filling the forms or for taking signatures.

These paper-based habits are not only less secure but they also consume a lot of time and effort so the workers cannot focus on the other important things.

The solution to this problem is very simple. You can use any PDF editor such as Classic PDF. There are many PDF software programs that also have the capability to convert the files into PDF like the Classic PDF can also work as a PNG to PDF converter.



Here we have mentioned the benefits of a PDF editor for the healthcare employees.

  • Helps in keeping the records confidentialPrinting the documents and sharing them in paper format makes the documents less secure and more vulnerable to malicious activities. Hence, by storing and sharing the files in PDF format, the employees can make the files more secure. Moreover, there are many PDF editing programs that possess the feature of password integration. Hence, the files can also be protected with a password.
  • Fill out the Patient Forms Easily and AccuratelyBy using PDF editor, you can import and export form field data directly from the PDF file. You can also set custom form fields, and enable secure and legal electronic signatures. In this way, you can maintain the data of patients accurately and quickly.
  • Do not worry about duplicating the files

    There is no need to duplicate the files as you can easily convert the documents from other formats into PDF. Moreover, the text and images can also be edited in PDF format.

    Hence, a good PDF editor is very helpful in saving the time and frustration of healthcare workers. If you know any other advantage of PDF for the healthcare sector, please mention in the box below:

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