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How to Choose a Writing Style for Law Essay

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Many students who do not receive a good grade in their essays make the same error: they do not use the legal academic writing style. As a consequence, a large number of their essays frequently appear unprofessional and unscholarly. If a student wants to avoid making that mistake, they should read the following tips on the legal writing style, how to use it in their legal essays, and why it is important:

Understand What a Law Essay Entails

An excellent legal essay should demonstrate that the student has carefully considered the question’s specific requirements. A good essay will not simply discuss a topic in general but will seek to address the specific controversy raised by the question’s wording. Using previous cases related to the topic is crucial for composing a legal essay. To do so, students must first select their source to find relevant stories in newspapers and magazines. One can also find studies and discussions in research articles and academic textbooks. To make their argument more comprehensive, students should use both types of sources.

Refer to Relevant Laws

In legal essays, it is common to refer to past cases. Students should also think about citing any relevant laws in their argument in the law essay writing process. No one can criticize the argument if it is legally supported.

Follow Standard Writing Techniques

Many standard techniques, styles, and practices can make one’s job easier when one begins composing the essay. Students should consider the following steps:

Create an outline to help them organize their thoughts and save time.

Engagingly introduce the topic – Engaging one’s audience right away is critical.

Extend their arguments by including pertinent information, examples, laws, and cases to back up their position.

Expand the counter-arguments – They should be objective and balance their argument.

Present a conclusion: summarize their argument to help the reader understand their point.

Present a Clear Argument

It is time to present one’s argument once they have decided on the topic and title of their essay. Legal essays must begin with a thesis statement – the main point of view like all argumentative essays. All law students should keep in mind that their argument must be genuine and include their own personal viewpoint. They should avoid using clichés as much as possible. As a potential lawyer, one must persuade others that their point of view is correct. As a result, composing essays can be a beneficial practice. Also, one should give their argument as many paragraphs as it requires. Most students fall into the three-paragraph argument trap when, in reality, most legal essays require much more details before reaching a conclusion.


Even though legal essays are argumentative, they have their own distinct nuances. To write a stellar essay, college students must analyze cases relevant to their work and carefully evaluate existing evidence. Students will make a strong case and receive a high grade this way.

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