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How to Cope With Maths Anxiety: 4 Hacks for Students

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Lack of confidence and poor preparation is the main cause of anxiety. You feel self-defeated and tend to forget everything you had learned before. As a result, it affects not only your memory but also your processing speed. You end up with a poor grade. Unlike other subjects, mathematics needs immense confidence. So, how can you handle math anxiety and improve your grade? Below are four hacks.

⦁ Ask Questions
Imagine failing to ask a question, only to open the exam paper and realize that it is the first one. The anger and regret may make you forget everything you had learned. Instead of wondering if people will think you are stupid, you should be positive and ignore what others may think. After all, your classmates may thank you later for asking the question.

⦁ Overcome Negative Talk
Are there negative voices discouraging you from putting in efforts to better your math skills? Silence them by adopting a positive attitude. If you get 70%, do not dwell on the 30% you failed to achieve. Instead, be happy that you managed to handle 70%. Believe that you can tackle the remaining ones too.

⦁ Read in Advance
Anxiety may also come when your classmates keep on answering questions while you fill blanks. To avoid that, read ahead of your teacher and know what he will be teaching. When the teacher starts teaching, you can ask a question and give answers where needed.
The internet has amazing student help guides to help you understand better when reading ahead of the teacher. So, where should you look for help? You can find help here whenever you feel stuck. You will get the basic concepts and understand various formulas. You will also get the tactics on how you can solve average questions from the guru.

⦁ Practice Daily
Why don’t you read the story from mathematic scholars and get true inspiration to handle challenging math problems? That will motivate you to practice daily and perfect your math skills. A schedule is vital if you want to revise well. Ensure you are only revising in the hours that you are most active. If you revise when sleepy, your concentration levels will be low, and you may not understand a thing. Stick to the schedule you have formed and, if possible, look for an accountability partner.

Anxiety not only lowers your processing speed but also tampers your memory. As a result, you need to prepare adequately before your exams. Make a schedule and practice how you can tackle challenging problems daily. Silence the negative voices by adopting a positive mindset. Read ahead of your teacher to get the basic concepts. Never fail to ask questions whenever you feel stuck.

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