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How To Exercise Out Of Self Love And Not Out Of Body Shaming


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Loving yourself in the era of social media, filters and photoshopped celebrities can be a challenge. 2020 beauty standards are dictated by famous people portrayed by media, social media and beauty magazines and they are beyond the natural beauty. This is the main reason why many women these days don’t like their bodies and exercise out of body shame, not out of self-love. The sole purpose of the exercise isn’t to look like a photoshopped model or to lose weight just to fit into that dress. The benefits of exercise go far beyond that.

Exercise because you know that:

You can.

Our bodies are meant to move a lot every day. This is where exercise comes in handy and reduces the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. An hour of exercise can reduce the effects of inactivity throughout your workday. You can move and you should move to feel good, not because you fat shame yourself.


Your body deserves the best.

You only get to have one body so give it the best treatment you can. Just like you take care of your best clothes, hydrate your skin, only choose the finest food flavors, you should give the same kind of attention to your body. Think of the food you hate eating. Now, would you eat it every day? The answer is probably no because it probably makes you vomit. It doesn’t make you feel good. The same goes when you neglect physical activity. Your body needs it because it deserves the best treatment.

You care about your health.

Exercise is important as much as healthy eating, proper sleep, hydration and everything else we need to stay healthy and live longer. This should be the main reason behind your exercise routine.


But also have in mind other reasons besides fat loss:

Exercise is a natural stress reliever

If only we could live without stress when we work on our career. Stress is unavoidable, no matter how hard you try not to stress about things. But, you can also learn how to manage it right. Heading to the gym right after a stressful day at work will help you blow off some steam. A vigorous sweating session will reduce stress and make you feel better. Exercise reduces negative thoughts and emotions by reducing cortisol levels in your body responsible for the physical tension. 

You’ll sleep better

If you have trouble sleeping, the first tip would be to reduce coffee intake and go to bed early enough so you’ll sleep for seven to eight hours straight. The next tip would be to increase your daily amount of


physical activity. It helps you relax better by reducing stress and lowering cortisol levels. Physical exercise also reduces body temperature which your brain reads as a signal that you’re ready to sleep. But don’t exercise right before going to sleep because it can produce the opposite effect. Physical exercise can also improve the quality of your sleep by helping you achieve deep sleep for longer. Sleep is an essential element of our day because it helps our body heal itself and recharge. 

It will boost your energy

Even though physical exercise is a tiring experience, it can do wonders for your energy levels. Stress can be the reason why you feel fatigued and we already know that exercise solves that issue. But, the reinvigorating effects of exercise are due to the production of endorphins, better circulation which results in more oxygen on the cellular level. Exercise renews the energy levels by waking your body up. Even if you exercise three times a week for 20 minutes you’ll feel a


gain in energy. If you need the afternoon pick me up, go for a walk instead of drinking a cup of coffee. 

Fires up your cognitive power

Exercise also improves blood flow to the brain and fires up your cognitive power. Not only does exercise keep your body strong and healthy, but it also boosts your brainpower. Exercise is also beneficial against the early onset of Alzheimer’s so people of all ages are advised to move and increase the amount of movement especially as they age. Just remember that even walks and hikes count as physical exercise, you don’t have to go hard at the gym all the time.

Exercise turns back time

Exercise won’t stop the lines forming on your face but it will turn back the time. Exercise helps you keep your body younger than its age. Basically, exercise slows down the aging process of cells in the body. So, you can be sixty but your body will be like someone who is even


20 years younger. According to research, when you exercise three times a week for 50 minutes, you also add up to seven years to your life. Exercise is a mood booster and this also adds life to your years by making you happier and more positive.

It is one more reason to bond with others

Physical activities have always been a group activity. You can use this newfound love for exercise to include your friends and family as well. For example, you can join a pilates class with your friends, go to the gym with your partner and go swimming with your parents. These are all different types of exercise you can do with others and bond along the way. You don’t have to chat for hours with a friend when you can go cycling and explore a new route in your city. You can also take up cycling as a family and use it as a way to instill healthy habits in your children. If you get yourself an electric bike, you’ll motivate yourself to cycle to work as well. Morning exercise can positively influence your productivity levels, cycling to work can help you with that.


Exercise is a natural antidepressant

Regular cardiovascular exercise can be just as effective as antidepressants. The only difference between the two is the origin. In other words, exercise is a natural antidepressant that is always a better and healthier choice. Whenever you feel blue, unmotivated, tired, anxious, or sad, cure it with exercise, not with medication. People who are depressed, have the urge to hibernate and stay in. Regular exercise can motivate them to step outside and use exercise to cure their bad mood. Even when you’re just having a bad day, resist the urge to skip your workout because it will definitely improve your mood.

It will curb your appetite

Exercise can also curb your appetite in a way that you’ll reduce your junk food cravings. When you start your fitness regime, you’ll probably use exercise as an excuse to give yourself a treat. But, when you tone up, increase muscle mass, reduce body fat and feel proud of the


results, you’ll pay more attention to your diet. You won’t be so inclined to go for that second serving of fries because you’ll know that there are smarter food choices. Balance is the key is you adopt a healthy mindset. Focus on the type of diet that fuels your exercise regime and you’ll have room to treat yourself once in a while. Regular exercise, proper diet and a healthy amount of rest are the keys to weight loss and fat loss.

Exercise also boosts your productivity at work

When you make exercise a regular part of your lifestyle, you’ll see how commitment and hard work yield results. Your health is better, you feel better, stronger and fitter and more confident in your abilities and capabilities. You’ll want to put the same determination into your work and career. Exercise will help you be more productive and focused on your work tasks. Regular exercise boosts your memory and cognitive power which is also important if you want to excel at your work.


It will boost your mood

People who exercise are a lot happier than those who not. When you cycle, you get to spend so much time outdoors and improve your vitamin D levels. This is way better than sitting on your couch all day long. Exercise is also a natural way to release endorphins and serotonin, hormones responsible for the state of happiness. That feeling after you finish exercising can turn your day around and make it the best day ever. 


Lastly, exercise will be the reason why you’re no longer ashamed of yourself and you’ll learn how to love yourself more. Looking better is simply the result of regular exercise so you’ll definitely feel more confident. When you love yourself, you put yourself first and you prioritize your health. That is why you should exercise to improve your health, mood, reduce stress and add years to your life.

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