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How To Start A Business With WooCommerce PWA Mobile App


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Many eCommerce companies desire to increase sales and revenue in a short time. But the real question is, how will this be accomplished? The solution is to build a progressive web app, it is the most cost-effective and simple approach that any store admin can follow. It allows e-commerce businesses to reach out to more mobile customers and expand their reach.


The WooCommerce Progressive web app builder is the best way that helps the store admin to attain success. The WooCommerce progressive web app maker by Knowband allows the store admin to launch the shopping app on the eCommerce website.


The customers can add the progressive web app to the home screen when they visit on a mobile browser. It can be easily done by clicking on the “add to home screen” pop-up. This approach makes it easier for the user to use the mobile app and shop. Furthermore, there is no reliance on the play store or the apple store for the installation of the eCommerce mobile app.


Steps to Launch Your WooCommerce PWA Mobile App


#1. Buy the WooCommerce progressive web app creator by KnowBand and install it in your eCommerce store.

#2. To get started, fill out the app pre-requisite form and review the Progressive Web Application.

#3. verify and Confirm to make the PWA mobile app live on the store URL.


WooCommerce Progressive Web Apps’ Main Features:


Numerous features of the WooCommerce PWA Mobile App Creator can be helpful when you are planning to start an online business. Such as –


White Label Apps:


If you want to highlight your brand identity in front of customers then no worries because the WooCommerce progressive web app can easily let you do that. It allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under their brand name which increases the customer interaction with the brand. The store admin can add a logo, app name, icon, picture, splash screen, background color, and other customizations that enhance the popularity of the brand in the longer run.


Compatibility with All Devices:


The WooCommerce progressive web apps are compatible with all screen sizes and both the Android and iOS platforms. The single PWA Mobile App will be enough to easily target all the customers using different devices.


Simple Login and Registration:


The WooCommerce PWA Mobile App consists of a simple login and registration process for online buyers. The store administrator can allow social login options such as Facebook and Google as well as email signup.


Multilingual and RTL Support:


To target an audience in a certain geographical location or internationally, the PWA mobile App must support several languages. The WooCommerce Progressive Web App supports all of the languages available on the eCommerce website, including RTL languages. It also supports all currencies offered on the eCommerce store.


Supports Offline Mode:


The WooCommerce Progressive Web App Maker allows users to view the app even if their internet connection is sluggish. This eliminates the problem of accessing the PWA Mobile App in case of a weak network connection.




The features stated above are important to have while changing the WooCommerce store into the PWA Mobile App. The extension is an automated framework for increasing the reach and value of a business. More shopping through the PWA Mobile App will result in more sales and traffic and it is also a good way to start a business.

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