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How to Succeed in Statistics

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Are you looking to succeed in statistics? It’s not easy. Yes, you heard that well. Statistics is one of the most complex courses. There are a lot of complex concepts mixed with algebra and reading comprehension.
Don’t worry because, in this article, we’re going to discuss some effective study techniques for statistics that can help you pass your exams.

Let’s get started.

Attend All Classes

Yes, if you want to succeed in statistics, you should never miss class. And this applies to all subjects and courses.
In all math-based courses, concepts are built on the previous ones. If you miss a class, you will not be able to understand the next concepts since you will have missed the previous one. Missing class will not only make you fall behind in the syllabus but can also hurt your grades. Some instructors award marks based on attendance.

And if you have to miss a class, get in touch with other students who can send you class notes, and explain your reasons for missing class to your professor to see if they can help.

Seek Extra Help

Seeking help with statistics is a good way to succeed in the course. As mentioned earlier, statistics is a complex course. Oftentimes high school statistics and probability can be challenging.  Seeking help can streamline your study sessions and make you succeed in statistics and probability as well.

Practice More

You already know the importance of practicing but you’re probably not aware of how important practicing can help you succeed in statistics. It’s worth noting that statistics isn’t a subject you can learn by listening to or watching your professor solve problems.
Doing statistics is pretty much like playing sports or learning how to play your guitar. To succeed in this course, you have to practice solving problems. You can practice problems in class, during homework, or in the textbook. You can also find online problems to practice.

Ask Your Teacher for Help

Your professor is the first person you need to go to in case you’re struggling to understand something. When the professor is teaching, you should make sure you understand the concepts and if you can’t, let the teacher know so that he or she can change the teaching strategy.

Practice Doing Calculations By Hand

Even though gadgets were introduced to make our lives easier, sometimes they can make our minds not engage actively in class especially when it comes to subjects that require calculations like statistics, math, and physics.
If you want to succeed in statistics, train yourself to use your hands when calculating. This will help you learn how to execute formulas when solving problems.
You can use your calculator if you’re in a hurry or double-check the answers.

Master the Foundational Knowledge

Statistics, like any other math-related subject, covers concepts that are built on the previous ones. For that reason, you must review your basic knowledge. Revisit your algebra notes to refresh your skills and knowledge in the subject. There are many resources on the internet where you can find free introductions to algebra courses.

Review Your Notes Regularly

Some students write their notes and put them aside until it’s time for exams. If you want to succeed in statistics, then you need to review your notes regularly. You can do it once or twice a week. Review your notes and solve practice problems you already solved.


This free e-book was created with

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