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How To Write A Successful First Essay For A College

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Essay writing is a tough task. However, with the right tips and tricks, every student can write an excellent essay. With proper planning, practice, and commitment, you can write an A++ essay in minutes.
In this article, I’m going to teach you simple tips to write a good college essay.

Understand the Essay Instructions

What’d happen when you buy an item you’ve never bought and start using it without reading the instructions? You’d probably misuse it, right?
That’s what’d happen if you started writing your essay without reading the instructions.

Whether you understand the essay (you’ve probably written about it) or not, you should start by reviewing the essay question to determine what is required of you. Understanding the essay question will help you know the goal of the paper.

When reading the essay question, understand the following key elements:



– The essay topic;
– The length of the essay;
– The kind of research and background information required to completely explore the topic.


Avoid starting the brainstorming process before understanding the essay question fully.  This way, you will have ample ideas before you start brainstorming topic ideas.

Seek Essay Writing Help

Sometimes no matter how many rounds you take reading the instructions, you might find that the essay is too complex for you. Some essays are too difficult to write so you might want to seek ideas from experts. There are many resources on the internet where you can find useful ideas and writing guides for different college tasks. EduBirdie is a great resource where you can find essay writing samples, topics for almost any kind of essay.


Choose an Interesting Topic

Skip this step if you’ve already been given a topic to write about. If not, it’s your opportunity to choose an interesting topic you can write about without getting bored. When selecting a topic, it’s a good idea to choose something you’re passionate about. Choosing a topic you can research and write about easily will save you a lot of time and headache. Make sure you have ample knowledge about the topic.

Make a Strong Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is a sentence or statement that will guide your entire essay. It’s the central point of your essay that sums up the subject of your essay and states your position. Make it catchy to grab the reader’s attention. Your thesis statement must match with your essay prompt or question. And include the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph in the last sentence.


Create An Outline

Create an outline to plan the first draft of your essay. Your outline should be guided by the thesis statement and should define how you want your paper to flow. The outline can be in point form or you can draw a simple tree diagram showing the main points and what comes inside each point.
Outlining before you start writing will help to keep you from wandering away from the main topic.

Write Your Essay

Up to this far, you’re done with the difficult part of essay writing. Begin with the body or introduction. Some students prefer to start writing the body then finish with the introduction while others start with the introduction then finish with the body section. Choose whatever formula suits you and remember to use credible sources of information.

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