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How well do humans adapt to change in 2022? Singapore Live


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Humans will have to adapt too many changes. Some of these changes will be simple to adapt to, while others will be more challenging. The increased use of technology will be one of the easiest changes to adapt to.


This change will make many tasks easier and faster to do. Humans are incredibly adaptive creatures. We can change the way we work, the way we live, and the way we think to accommodate any change in our environment.


We can do this because of our intelligence and our ability to learn. Our brains allow us to problem solve and find new ways of doing things. We are also social creatures, which means that we can learn from others and share information.


In this article, let’s see how humans evolved from apes to working on computers, we will discuss the working conditions of humans in the past to the present and we also predict how the style of work humans will have in the near feature. Finally, we will suggest you the best places where you can get the best height adjustable standing desks.


Human Evolution from Ape to Computer – Retrodictions


Nature of work in the ancient days – Ancient period


One of the most interesting retrodictions is that of the Human relationship with technology. For much of our history, the earlier human beings have been largely agriculturalists, using tools and techniques to cultivate the land and grow crops. With the development of agriculture came the domestication of plants and animals, which allowed for a more reliable food supply and led to the rise of civilizations. People had to survive in an unpredictable environment during the ancient period. They used whatever materials were available to them to make tools, clothing, and shelter. They also learned how to use fire to cook food and stay warm.


It is believed that men were responsible for hunting and gathering food, while women tended to the domestic chores, such as cooking and cleaning. This division of labor may be due, in part, to the different physical abilities of men and women.


Problems faced:


People back then had to face many problems that we do not have to worry about today. For example, they had to find their food and water, which was not always easy to do. They also had to find shelter and protect themselves from the weather. In addition, they had to find ways to entertain themselves without all of the electronic gadgets we have today. Finally, they were frequently required to work long hours for little or no pay.


Nature of work in the middle ages – Modern period


From the middle ages till the early modern period, Human working condition was tough when the nature of work became mostly industrial. The Work was often physically demanding and involved dangerous tools and machinery. the working conditions of humans were very harsh. Work was often back-breaking and dangerous. Workers were paid very little, and they had no rights or protections. Child labour was widespread during that period, and working conditions were frequently hazardous. Life was hard for workers during the Industrial Age.


Many workers were exposed to harmful dust, fumes, and chemicals. Accidents were common, and workers often suffered from repetitive stress injuries. Most firms have completely one way or order have depended on industrial goods, crafts, and more. The exposure to IT is not significant during that time.


Problems faced:


Men’s had a tough time working in harsh chemical factories, and industries and they don’t get good pay even after harsh work during the day, Stress and lack of sleep affected them in that era. While women has many problems mentally and physically as the priority of women was not an ideal choice during that time, many restrictions and denials made many women homemakers and low wages laborers


Nature of work after Introduction of IT – Late Modern period


The introduction of information technology (IT) has had a significant impact on the nature of work. For example, Information Technology has made it possible for employees to work from computers in the office most of the time, and then it gradually made people work from home because technology. The Field of IT has made it possible for employees to work collaboratively with colleagues located in other parts of the world. As a result, the traditional workplace is no longer the only option for conducting business.


In the early days of information technology, the work of men and women was more of technical activities such as programming and system design, and building a program as Most of their work is based on the development phase of IT and computers Then it changed as choosing candidates with perfect skill and knowledge because this work became a saturation among all.


Problems faced:


There are some problems that people face in their work with computers. One problem is that people can become too dependent on the computer. They may not be able to work without it and may not be able to think for themselves. Another problem is that people can lose touch with reality if they spend too much time working on the computer.


Sitting on the computer for long hours is unhealthy for people as sitting in front of a computer for more than two hours increases the risk of heart disease and obesity.


For people who are working in the gym, sitting desk cannot be beneficial to keep their body perfect!


Human Evolution from Sitting to Standing Desks – Predictions


There has been a recent trend of people converting their standard desks to standing desks to promote better health. While the research on the benefits and drawbacks of standing desks is still inconclusive, there is evidence that suggests the humans may have evolved to be better suited for standing desks.


Studies suggest that when humans stand, they use more muscle fibres than when they sit. This increased muscle use can lead to better blood circulation and stronger muscles. Additionally, standing desks can help improve posture and decrease the risk of obesity and heart disease.



Despite the benefits of standing desks, there are some drawbacks to consider as well. Standing for long periods can lead to discomfort or pain in the feet, legs, or back. Additionally, the standing may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who are pregnant or have joint problems.


Shortly, it is predicted that a majority of people will be working at standing desks. This is because research has shown that there are many health benefits to standing instead of sitting. Some of these benefits include improved heart health, increased productivity, and reduced back pain.


The switch to standing desks is also happening because of the way our society is evolving. We are now a more mobile society, and we are no longer confined to our desks all day long. With smartphones and laptops, we can now work from anywhere. This means that we can take advantage of the health benefits of standing by using a standing desk while we are at home or on the go.


Sit to Stand Revolution – Future


The sit-to-stand revolution is quickly becoming the future of office work. Sitting for long periods has been linked to health problems, such as obesity and heart disease, so many people are turning to standing desks as a way to avoid these risks.


Standing desks have many benefits beyond just health. They can also help improve productivity and creativity. When you stand, your body is constantly moving, which helps keep you alert and focused. You’re also less likely to snack or take breaks when you’re standing, which can lead to increased productivity.


In addition to the health and productivity benefits, standing desks also come with environmental benefits. By standing instead of sitting, you’ll use less energy, which means you’ll produce fewer greenhouse gases.


So in this, we can say that sitting desk would be no longer a useful desk option for people because people from time to time need sophistication and comfort using technology, It is also said that nothing going to last forever.


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sitting and standing work of human evolution
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