INVINCIBLE SPIRITS 無敵の精霊Muteki no seirei 2 by ₍⸍⸌̣ʷ̣̫⸍̣⸌₎  - Illustrated by Neko Creations: Me     -
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INVINCIBLE SPIRITS 無敵の精霊Muteki no seirei 2


Artwork: Neko Creations: Me

Hi,  I love to write and draw anime manga a lot. I love watching Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, and Blue Exorcist. Read More
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無敵の精霊Muteki no seirei 2


Hello again. Remember me and my twin brother Takumi Omoiyari from the first INVINCIBLE SPIRITS無敵の精Muteki no seirei. Well if you do then great! Lets get reading! Knock,Knock! What the!? Whats out there? Hey Taiki Who would be out there at this time or night? I don’t know why don’t you check. Okay then. If it’s a ghost I’m running and it will be all your fault Taiki. Okay what ever you say Takumi. Ya ya keep being rude. (Opens) Hello? Anyone out there? Who is it Takumi? Its no one Taiki. Boo! What!? Oh hi its just you. Ya its just me. Hey Ren! Oh hey Taiki! So what are you doing outside people’s houses at night Ren?


Hey for a fact I am not outside people’s houses at night. Ya I know I was just joking. Okay so why are you here? Well I’m just here to say that there’s a cool thing I found. But I can’t figure it out. Go figure it out yourself. No but you need to come with me. No. Please? No. Please please! Alright fine what will I tell my parents if they found out? Well just blame it on me and walk away. Okay But I’m not sneeking out of the house with out permission. Be right back. Hey can I come Ren? Ya sure your brother is going to ask your parents if you guys could go. Nice!


Few minutes later…

Okay I got an response and my parents said that we could go and do what we need to do. Alright! Common lets go out the window! Nope sorry I’m going to stop you there. Why? Because my mother always says being safe comes first. And she at least expects us to go out the front door. Oh,right. Common. Bye mom bye dad thanks again for letting us go! Yep come back to the house at 6:45 at exact!


Okay so where is this thing you found? Well its more down the street Hey Ren is it one of your tricks again? Because remember last time? Ya I don’t even want to remember that. Okay its over there, near the boxes. Okay. Hiss! Whoa what was that! That’s what I heard when I was walking by. That’s why I came and got you at your house. Aw,a kitty cat. No I don’t think that’s a cat Taiki. Oh I get it you were just scared. No I was very curious and wanted to know. No you were scared admit it. Okay fine I was a little scared ya happy? Yes very.


Okay I’m just going to ask you a few questions before we go back over there. Well I heard scratching sounds, hissing and growling. Great I think we found ourselves a sky monster. Great job Ren. Hey what are we going to do? Hey I have great idea. How about this, we run away before we all get eaten! No I want to go and look at this sky monster. No Taiki you’ll get killed if you do that. Oh ya forgot about that. But maybe its friendly. Okay fine I don’t even want to argue anymore. Hey look its a baby sky monster. Oh how cute. Takumi what are we going to do with it?


Well the best thing to do is leave it and let the other sky monsters get it. They probably forgot it here in the dark. Well that’s not very good parenting. Hey should we show it to the Scientist? No they will probably call the Sakaigado and kill it. Great more awful things to hear. I have a the greatest idea! Okay lets hear it. Okay we bring it back to your house. Then raise it then once we train it we can use him to battle against the sky monsters. Ya but that wouldn’t be fair to the baby sky monster to fight his own kind. True. Then what are we going to? Well the best thing to do is report it to district 12’s headquarters.


No we will not do that. Fine well go back to our house and discuss it there. Okay but just how are we going to sneak past our parents? Easy we distract them. You sure that will work Taiki? You know I’ve tried it before and dad caught me in seconds. Oh ya I forgot dads good eye vision. Ya that’s going to be a huge mistake. Wait Taiki just how did you distract dad and mom? Who said any thing about dad? It was mom that I distracted. But there is another way. One of us distracts dad and bring him into another room so that we can get past. Okay sound sounds good,now lets go and see if it works now.


Okay how are we suppose to carry the thing? Oh I brought a back pack but I don’t need it anymore because I thought we were collecting something big. Good thing you thought about that. Okay little sky monster your just going to be in this backpack for awhile okay? Purr. Good sky monster. What sky monsters can purr?! Yes I guess so if that’s what we just heard. Okay lets get moving. Few more minutes before we arrive at the house. Okay were here now you guys know what to do right? Right!


Okay what ever you do act normal. Wait what do we say to Rin we’ll tell her at school tomarrow.(Opens door) Hello kids Welcome back. Taiki you know what to do. Ya. Hey dad can I show you something in the other room its important. Okay okay. Common Ren before Taiki is done stalling. Where are you kids going? Oh um…well just going up stairs to talk to Ren about school. Oh okay but it feels like you boys are hiding something from me. Are you? No not at all mother. Taiki? Just go up stairs already I’ll handle it. Okay thanks Taiki. Common Ren.


Feww that was close. You are very lucky that Taiki interrupted or you would have been caught. Ya I’ll definitely thank him later. But we better tell Rin, And check on the baby sky monster. Ya good thinking. Hello your back! Oh ya I forgot you guys were here. Oh really is that so. Oh cool are those your Nekoni? Ya that one that’s being annoying right now is Akihiko. Hey I am not! And the silent one is Hajime. Hajime is the one I own hes not that bad. (Scratch) Whoa whats that your hiding in your backpack Takumi? Okay Akihiko and Hajime will you guys promise to not tell anyone at school especially you Ren.


I know. (Opens) Aaaahhh! Its a sky monster! And this is what I’m talking about, Akihiko going crazy haywire. You know that thing you brought home is a sky monster not a puppy right?! I never said it was a puppy! Hey guys I managed to convince our parents that everything is okay- Um Takumi what’d you do to Akihko? I haven’t seen him like this since I first met him. Look what your brother brought home. Ya its a sky monster. Wait you know about it?! Oh no the kid’s blind to! Poor kid thinks its a puppy to. I never said it was a puppy for the last time!


Next morning…

Okay time to go to school! Hey Takumi just what are we going to do with the baby sky monster? We’ll show it to Rin and see how she thinks of it. Ya I have a feeling that she will scream and it will be all over for us,then she’ll bring attention,then the teacher will come over,then we’ll be jail! Na,that won’t happen I promise. Hey mom and dad were leaving to go to school! Okay have a great day kids! Thanks mom! Okay where is Ren. He said he would be here. Boo! What! Oh its Ren.


Will you stop scaring me all the time! Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how I’m in the mood. Well get in the mood before I hit you with my Tsuinsodo! Hey you want me to hit you with Hi No Hasu the one your scared of? Hey Hey both of you calm down no ones hitting anyone with anything. How about you both say sorry to each other. Okay sorry Takumi. Sorry Ren. But it was still was your fault. Hey! Oh you guys were at school already. Oh. Okay We´ll do this later. Oh hi Rin. We need to show you something. Alright.


Please don’t tell anyone what me Ren, and Takumi found. Okay I swear Wait before you do that remember what we predicted? Be quiet Akihiko. Wow it’s a baby sky monster! Oh she actually was calm and did’n’t freak out. Shut it cat. Okay so what are we going to do with it the whole day? I mean like were all going to be in our classes,right? Oh ya I forgot that we have no time for the sky monster. Well we could hide him somewhere? Na I have a better idea. We’ll hide him for now,but after school were going to District 12’s Headquarters.


What! Were not going there that’s one of the places we don’t want to go. But I have a great idea! But there’s highly skilled Sakaigado that guard it. If we encounter them,they’ll report us to the Caption of district 12. And they won’t be the only people mad at us. Oh ya our parents. Well I’ll say its to risky for us to try. So why don’t we try something else out that won’t kill us. Wait but if the plan ever worked what were you planning Taiki? Well to finally show that Sakaigado don’t have to fight sky monsters anymore,and we all could live in peace. Well Taiki the world is the world,and this is how it is.


I guess this is how fate wanted it to be,I mean like us Sakaigado battling with sky monsters. This fighting against the sky monsters has been happening for more than 100,000,000 million years, and still no peace between both of them. No that has to change, the world can change and I can prove it. And I WILL change it even if that takes me for years! Those are some pretty brave words Taiki but how ya going to tell this to the leader of district 12? Hey did you really have to ruin the moment Takumi? No I’m just say’n. No your always just say’n.


Your always so honest to people’s opinions and I hate that part of you. Oh thank you,your so kind to me. I think you got that honesty from mom. And I think you got that determination from dad. Oh stop with that Takumi! Hah hah! You guys are hilarious! Oh not the time,oh sorry maybe later. Its fine Ren. Just not now. Hah Hah! What Rin you to! Ha ha! I’m sorry but you guys are just the most weirdest brothers on the earth. Okay no one laugh any more its not funny to us. Oh come on both of you should be on a show or something.


Hey guess what? Tomorrow is the first day of vacation so I guess we can go tomorrow. But Taiki we don’t know if this safe to the district 12’s Headquarters. Either way I’m going,even with or with out you guys. I have to stop this fighting of the Sakaigado and the sky monsters. Okay then if your going were all going together. Thanks everyone but I think its best if just two of us go. It makes it easy to move quicker and we will not have to worry if someone gets hurt. Ya I agree with Taiki. Ya I choose you to come with me on the journey Takumi.


Hey just wait a minute I didn’t Think you’d pick me! I thought you would pick Ren! Ya ya come on lets go. Hey come on wait,Rin! Ren! help me don’t let him take me,you guys want to go right!? Come say you guys do! Bye Takumi. Ah come on,why don’t we ALL work something out! At the end of the day…Oh well bye bye Friends and freedom. Oh stop your whining were coming back after were done with the discussion of the sky monsters and the Sakaigado. Sure you say that but were really just going to end up in a prison cell. Okay well be going now and we’ll be back by Wednesday and take care of Akihiko and Hajime!  Sure we are. Be quiet and walk.


So just How long will it be to get to the District 12’s headquarters? Well at least two days. Great I’m stuck with my brother for two days. Hey just remember this might change history if we do this journey. Okay if you corporate with this trip I’m sure I’ll clean our room. Really?! Okay sounds like a deal! Okay it’s almost dark and we should stop and take a rest. Like were in a tree? Yes in a tree. What I guessed it right? But Taiki I’m scared of falling down the tree. Oh come on you know how to sleep in a tree. But not in a high one!


Okay then you can sleep in the ground but with the sky monsters hunting for Sakaigado. Fine I’ll climb the tree but you can be so annoying sometimes Takumi! I know. Next morning at 6:00… Hey I didn’t fall! Wow nice now get down before I make you jump. Okay geez. Hey I’m hungry! Same. Hey we should look for some food. Yea. Oh hey let’s make a fire and hunt for something by using our Tsuinsodo. Okay but one of us kill it because if both of us do it at the same time I’m sure it would turn to ash. Ha good idea. Okay I see some wild turkeys do it now! Tsuinsodo! Slash!


Hey I hit one! Okay let’s go get it now. Growl! Whoa a sky monster! Hey you mean sky monster that’s ours! Hey Taiki let’s back off very slowly,and run away. No I’m angry. No Taiki let it go. But…but that’s not fair! I know come on. Okay…Nope I’m not letting it take it,Tsuinsodo! Taiki don’t! SLASH! Roar! whoa it disappeared into thin air. Well at least we got back the bird. Ya true. lets start a fire. Hey wild turkey is great! But it took to long to remove all the feathers. Ya that’s one thing I’ll remeber. Alright we better finish so we can get moving,we don’t have time to waste Anymore. Roar! On second thought lets get going now!

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