Is your moon placed in its best house of your horoscope?

by Vinay Bajrangi

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Is your moon placed in its best house of your horoscope?

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Moon in the first house:

The caring and emotional planet Moon in the first house of personality makes for a person who gives a lot of importance to emotions. Moon in the first house gives a great sense of intuition and the person can sense almost everything even before it happens through dreams or intuitions. It becomes difficult for them to hide their emotions from the world. They either burst into laughter in one moment or start crying in another moment, making them emotionally vulnerable people. The impact of the moon on your life in the first house makes you moody. Just like waning and waxing phases of the moon, the native also sees frequent changes in his/her mood.

They are romantic, insecure, travels a lot, and always afraid of uncertain future events. They are very close to their mother as well. Moon is a female planet and the natives always have some kind of feminine tendency. Moon also makes the native good an awesome cook. Its connection with the 10th house or 6th house may give a career in catering, hotel industry or cooking. A weak Moon in the ascendant may give problems related to property, marriage and mental peace.

If the first house falls with the signs Cancer, Taurus, or Aries, the native becomes handsome, intelligent, and prosperous. In other zodiac signs, it doesn’t bring beneficial results. It also gives fear of animals and the native is frequently troubled with cough, respiratory diseases, and arthritis.

Moon in the second house:

The native with Moon in the second house has an attractive face, sweet voice and adorable eyes. The person has sound financial status and is blessed with the grace of Goddess Lakshmi. Such a person remains an attraction to the opposite gender. The second house from the ascendant is called Dhan Bhava and the presence of a strong benefic Moon here as the lord of an auspicious house endows abundant riches to the native. However, any affliction may cause a major decline in its auspiciousness. Just like the fluctuating tendency of the moon, the finances also keep on fluctuating from time to time. This placement of the moon also promises a large family.

If the moon is not well placed in this house, it may bring defects in eyes and voice of the native. His primary education also doesn’t remain smooth as it is a house of primary education too. The zodiac sign and moon’s relation with that sign also plays pivotal role in deciding the financial stability of the native. The native remains sensitive about his/her wealth and can’t save much as money comes and goes at the same pace. Money matters give a sense of restlessness to the native. The second house depicts food, so the native is fond of eating and spending on food-related things. A strong Moon gives excellent results in the second house.

Moon in the third house:

The moon is not comfortable in the 3rd house, which depicts communication and logical decision-making ability. Moon with its fluctuating tendencies, fails to take the right decision based on their feeble thought process. They tend to get confused and are carried away with emotions rather than logical thinking. Moon here makes the native a good writer and spokesperson. Happiness from siblings and friends is there and the person has religious tendencies. He gains respect in society and possesses artistic qualities.The native also travels a lot since the Third House is a house of short journeys as well. And this position gives frequent shifts in business, hobbies and interests. The natives attain fame in the 28th year of age.

Moon in the fourth house:

If someone asks which house is good for moon then when placed in its own house i.e. the fourth house, is the most comfortable state for the moon. The moon here blesses the person with a noble son, woman, property, vehicles, money, and intelligence. The native is appreciated everywhere and enjoys a respectable societal image. He also makes charities and has the comforts of a vehicle. However, any affliction may cause loss of mother’s health, loss of property and loss of mental peace.

Moon in the fifth house:

Moon is in a welcomed state in the 5th house, and the native earns name – fame and fortune here. The native is blessed with good romantic life and obedient children while the children of the native also remain happy. The native may get a girl child. A strong Moon in the fifth house brings good attributes in the native but has inclinations towards the opposite gender. Moon in earthy sign confirms higher education while its placement in the fiery sign gives obstructions in education. The native also gets a beautiful and talented spouse.

Moon in the sixth house

This is not a favorable position for the moon and it never gives good results in the sixth house. The 6th house is a house of, debt, fights, competition, enmity and mourning etc. The Moon in the 6th house also gives a negative mind set and mental anguish to the native. The softness of moon is protected by fiery signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius if placed in the sixth house. Moon in sixth also signifies problems related to mother – troubled relationship, lack of motherly love and care or mother may face struggles herself. Moon also rules chest, lungs and blood. So, problems related to heart, blood impurities, stone, cough and cold, paralysis, water retention, depression, and insomnia may happen to the native. Huge debts, workplace-related problems and diseases may send the native in a state of depression. The moon here causes dissatisfaction in the native and the person may change job frequently. He mostly remains indecisive and has several enemies. However, a strong Moon in the 6th house may make him work in the medical field.

Moon in the seventh house

The moon in the seventh house sends the native in foreign country. Moon here makes Videsh Yoga in the horoscope, and the native settles down or travels abroad for work. If the moon is an inauspicious condition, the native gets happiness of spouse but if afflicted, then-partner could cheat on him or vice-versa. The moon in the seventh house gives charming personality, good speech and makes the person miser. He also gets success in the business of water, services, groceries, medicines, milk, or grains and work as a hotel, bakery, insurance, or commission agent. The natives may find it difficult to work in a partnership business. If the moon is under the influence of Rahu or Ketu, the native may remain less interested in family or marriage-related things.

Moon in the 8th house

Any planet, especially soft planet Moon, is not considered good in the eighth house. The native may suffer from some disease since the time of birth. The Eighth House is a house of suddenness, death and unforeseen obstructions in Vedic astrology. The moon in the eighth house may also give eye and air related diseases in the body. Weak or afflicted moon may also give epilepsy, mental anguish or unconscious disease. Moon placed in any trik bhava having malefic influence may stop mental growth causing childish nature in the person. As per Manasagari, any auspicious effect on the moon placed in the eighth house also gives a spiritual bent and protection from death depending upon the sign placement. A strong Moon placed in the eighth house may give a promising career as a researcher, astrologer, scientist, taxation and Insurance agent.

Moon in the 9th house

The Moon in the 9th house is a good placement, and it makes the native lucky, famous, religious, wise, learned, and brave. The native has some special ability and spiritual tendencies. He keeps complete faith in religion and charity. His inherent virtues win him favors and success in society. The native shows devotion to his parents and is loved by his children. The native is also likely to undertake long travels many times in his life and does a lot of social work. The native earns sufficient wealth and success in his lifetime.

Moon in the tenth house

The moon in the 10th house blesses the native with both prestige and position to the native. A native is a kind-hearted, wise man. The tenth house moon makes the native gain victory in all his endeavors. The native also maintains good social relations and has to do a lot of wandering in his work. The person may earn through job in government sector but at the same time has to change his work or occupation frequently. Moon has water element, so native may successfully work in water or sea-related industries such as navy, shipping and fish industries etc. Moon also shows agriculture, thus the native may also do any job related to agriculture like growing crops etc. Moon also shows cloth & food, so the career line may relate to the textile industry, dry-cleaning, hotel, restaurant, etc. Moon is feminine so females related jobs such as beauty parlor etc., also come under the moon’s category. 10th house is 4th from 7th and a strong auspicious Moon here gives happiness in married life. The native is also loved by his family and travels for work-related matters. However, an inauspicious Moon in the tenth house makes the native vulnerable to various physical and mental diseases.

Moon in the eleventh house

The moon’s placement in the Eleventh House gives excellent results to the native. The eleventh house is called a house of desire fulfillment in astrology. Such native wishes to settle down abroad or in any distant state away from their homeland. He is blessed with luxuries in life and also enjoys happiness from his children. The native has more chances of having a girl child than a boy. The person is likely to gain success in politics by birth chart and government jobs. This person also acquires great knowledge as it aspects the fifth house from here, which is a house of intelligence. This is why they gain intellect and advice people through this placement.

Moon in the twelfth house

The twelfth house signifies Foreign Settlement Astrology, expenses, losses and moksha or liberation. The person with the moon in the twelfth house is likely to have the feeble bodily constitution. This person usually remains sick, angry, and impoverished. However, a strong moon here gives settlement abroad, interests in making charities, artistic pursuits, and the person lives a satisfactory life. Any inauspicious influence may make the native to have the company of low-class people. The native may work in a hospital or religious institution. He loves isolation and stays distant from social gatherings. The native may also use harsh speech. He is likely to undertake wasteful or meaningful expenditure based on its association with other planets. In the 12th house, not just the wealth but also the longevity is damaged depending upon other relations of the planets.

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