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Know All About the Liposuction Procedure and its Type


Artwork: Dr. K.M.Kapoor

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgical body contouring procedure that uses a suction technique to remove unwanted fat from specific body areas. Liposuction is effective for removing resistant fat, which cannot be treated with diet and exercise. Liposuction targets specific areas like abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, and breasts. Liposuction must not be considered as a weight-loss method or a weight-loss alternative as this procedure is mainly performed to enhance the body contour.


Liposuction is very popularly used for breast reduction and for treating gynecomastia or male breasts. The liposuction procedure breaks fat or melts the fat, and this fat is then sucked out from the body. The fat is removed through a hollow instrument known as a cannula. This procedure is carried out under general anesthesia; hence one does not experience any discomfort during the procedure.


Dr. K. M. Kapoor is the best cosmetic surgeon in India who offers a wide range of cosmetic surgical procedures. Many different techniques help a surgeon to provide a patient with precise and quicker results. The different types of liposuction include ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty (UAL), the tumescent technique, and the super-wet technique. The type of surgery provided to an individual depends upon the patient’s desired results associated with the surgery.


The best candidates for liposuction are normal-weight people with firm elastic skin and with some excess fat deposits in a specific target area. The different types of liposuction procedures include:

Tumescent Liposuction: In this procedure, a large dose of liquid which comprises lidocaine, local anesthesia, epinephrine helps to shrink the blood vessels. This fluid helps to bloat up the fat cells, which can be easily burst and suctioned out. This technique causes less bruising, swelling, and pain.


Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction: This involves the application of high-frequency sound waves through the cannula to the target area, which liquefies fat cells. The surgeon makes use of a suction pump to remove fat.

Super-wet Technique: The procedure is similar to the wet technique. The only difference is that the amount of fluid that is injected is almost equal to the amount of fat to be removed. In this, the fat cells become easy to burst and then are suctioned out. Less trauma is caused to the surrounding tissues.


After the liposuction surgery, the patient is advised to wear a compression garment for about 1 to 2 months to control swelling and support the treated area. The fat cells are removed permanently with liposuction surgery, and the patient must maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet to achieve long term results. To retain the desired new body shape, an individual must follow a diet that includes a lot of lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Exercise must be incorporated in the daily activity.


Dr. K. M. Kapoor holds an extensive experience of more than 17 years and provides with the best liposuction in India. He focuses on achieving natural-looking results. The safety of the patient is first taken into consideration, and the amount of fat that is removed is in the safe limit (BMI basis). Liposuction surgery is also performed with tummy tuck surgery that helps an individual to achieve a well toned abdominal profile by getting rid of sagging skin and excess fat present in the abdomen area.


The cost of liposuction in Punjab depends on the type of liposuction procedure performed and the requirement of the patient. At Anticlock- Age Reversal Clinic and Medispa, one can get this surgery benefits from an experienced surgeon.



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