Last Kiss

by zeynep 'lhan

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Last Kiss

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I looked the our movie. It was a different but at the same time it was a same.

I screamed like this.

“Why did not love me?”

He did not talk.

“Do you love her?”

He shook his head.

I was close eyes and i shot the gun his head.



3 months ago

When i wake up i saw the red rose on the desk and i smiled.

“Good morning, did you well sleep?”

I shooked my head.

He came next to me and kissed my head. I keept his hand and i kissed to his hand.

“I love you and my love never will end.” i sat on his lap and i kissed his lips first slow and more fast he took deep breath and his lips down on my neck. When his hand down my underwear knocked on the door.

He got angry and i to this reaction i laughed. I got up his lap and i went the door. When i turn on the door. I can’t see guy hit me and i felt.

I screamed.

“Help,who are you?”

He kicked me.


“I’m your new husband.”

With fear i lifted my head and Gabriel came.

I shouted.

“Gabriel run.Don’t come back.”

When Gabriel see me hit the guy but he had a gun and he could kill the Gabriel.


I shouted again and i crawled the him.

“Gabriel please wake up.”

He came  next to me and he pulled my hair.

“Don’t cry.”

I was a crying severe and i tried the hit him but it did not work. He dragged me to the ground.

“Who are you? What you want us?”



He laughed.

“What can i want?”

I looked him eyes. It was a loooking a deep darkness.

“Money? I can give you.”

He again pull my hair harder.

“No i don’t money i only want a your heart.”

I laughed.

“But you can’t. Because my heart with Gabriel.”

When i realized the event i screamed.

“Gabriel! You kill me please but save the Gabriel.”

When i try the hurry myself he hit my chest and i felt wit pain.

“I hate Gabriel. I can’t hurry him.”

I was sleeping beceause he did hit my chest. He bent over me and he stroked my hair.

I hit him hand and he hit my cheek.



I was no longer trying and he held the gun to my forehead.

“Will you marry or should i kill you.”

I laughed.

“Kill me because i will meet the Gabriel.”

He touched my neck and he listened my heartbeat.

“You are sick like me.”

“Don’t talk and shoot.”

I closed my eyes and i heard only one bullet.




In the morning of the night i woke up and i try the listen the bird chirping.

“I woke up enough but i’m feeling tired.”

He laughed.

“How are you feeling?”

“I’m feeling bad because i have an headache.”

He kissed my lips.

“I will bring the medicine.”

I smiled and i began the wait him.

When he came i took the medicine and went to bathroom for wash my hand and face. after my washing face i down the stairs.

“Why did not change your clothes?”

“Ahahah because it’s early.”

He raised an eyebrow.


“It’s 2 p.m”

My eyes got bigger.

“I have to go shopping!”

“There is no need they will come the house for you.”

I frowned.


He take off the glasses.

“This is safe for you

This free e-book was created with

Create your own amazing e-book!
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