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Let’s learn together  / eTwinning Internatıonal  Project

Subjects: Art, Citizenship, Foreign Languages, History of Culture, Informatics / ICT, Language and Literature
Age group: 8-12
Level: Easy
Duration: 1 school year
ICT Tools: Chat, e-mail, Forum, Other software (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings,Google docs,Vocaroo, Voki, Tricider, Skype or Hangouts)
The basic ideas of this project  are :

-to create a real connection and friendship between the partner students while learning a foreign   language,

– to  give the opportunity  to use ICT tools

-to integrate the project into our curriculum

– to have an idea about other countries’ culture, lifestyle, kitchen, historical places  in all over the Europe.



• To encourage pupils to learn to know each other ,each other’s  cities and countries  and, hopefully, become friends.
• To develop our pupils’ abilities to communicate in a foreign language, share information and connect virtually.
• To enhance our pupils’ ICT skills and facilities
• To enhance our pupils’ understanding and knowledge of different European countries and cultures






Permissions from parents  for publishing students’ photos (safely) and creating an account in social media for using them in education.



15 November / 15 December – Introductions


Partner Teachers should  prepare a web site using Weebly.

Partner teachers should prepare a poster using Postermywall or Canva


• Each student writes a short letter of introduction . Teachers send the letters to partner school and give one  letter to each student. Students read each other’s letters and reply to introduce themselves.


*Online meeting with partners 30 th November

*one web 2 tool each month: First web 2 tool is : PADLET

Each partner teacher should prepare a padlet named ‘’ Who am I ?


15 December / 01 February  ’Let’s learn Mediterranean

Partners  will be responsible for  different activities  related to ‘’Let’s learn Mediterranean ‘’ activity. At the end of the activity, we should gather all the info together  and create an e-book.

climate    in winter, spring, summer and  autumn  in each  partner country Turkey Zeliha

legends  one from  mediterranean  countries  Poland

food       one  traditional recipe  from each partner  country : Italy

drinks   one  traditional recipe  from each  partner country  Greece

music   one  traditional song  related to topic  from each  country Spain

countries: list of 21 countries  (with capital city) of Mediterranean sea. Turkey Esen

art     one  well known  painting /painter from each partner  country. Turkey Bilge




Online meeting with one partner :

Online workshop for teachers

*Web 2 tool of the month : 2-KAHOOT
15 January/ 01 March /   CODİNG

Partner  Students / teachers  get an hour of  coding certificate .

Workshop for teachers: Coding

Online meeting with one  partner

Web 2 tol of the month: SCRATCH

01 March / 01 April   – Easter / My idol
• Each student writes a letter
Our idols – PowerPoint
• each student chooses one person from his/her own country and presents him/her on a PowerPoint slide. It can be a singer, a writer, an athlete, a musician, a politician…
• the teachers  can gather the slides together as a PowerPoint presentation.

• Teachers can add links to different web-pages (exercises, quizzes e.g. Ball or No Ball? – Categorizing Sports or Children’s Books Quiz )


Students take photos,videos and share in twinspace,social media,project web site and project blog.

Web 2 tool of the month : Creating voice recording using vocaroo.





01 April / 01 May   Fairy tales

Partner  Students / teachers  choose a fairy tale and start writing a modernized one. Each partner should write one part of the story.

*Web 2 tool of the month : Online collaborative  writing  using Google Docs

Ss  draw pictures, prepare ppt, cut out activities related the subject.

Online meeting with one  partner

Web 2 tools of the month : GOOGLE DOCS ,THİNKLİNK  AND FLİPSNACK


01 May /01 June








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