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# 334 – Israel Elections & Other Jokes

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Israeli Elections & other Jokes

Ever since the latest election was announced, there have been statements ranging from “It won’t change anything” to “This could be a turning point in Israeli history”.

Let’s try to keep this to paraphrasing…



  • Netanyahu is about to be indicted for various relatively minor offences, such as possible bribery, accepting gifts (such as a factory full of Cuban cigars) and his wife keeping the 25c deposit return on empty bottles. It may take several more months for everything to come on the table – and then he’d have to resign.



  • Many would like him to step down now, as the ‘honourable thing to do – ‘for the country’. Even if innocent, who cares? The man’s rich, he’s guaranteed $1/4 million per lecture in some corners of the World, and he has achieved much already. His legacy is safe.



Hanging on could kill that reputation, and certainly would be bad for the continuing running of the country.

  • Some ‘centrist parties’ have started ‘co-operating’. The new Blue and White party, consisting of my favourite, Yair Lapid, and 3 ex-generals, is currently ahead in the polls. (There are still about 45 parties registered. It is expected that perhaps half that number will drop out before hand to avoid losing their financial deposits).


  • Does this country need change? Has Netanyahu been in charge too long? Will ‘a breath of fresh air’ help us? Who knows. Most Arab parties, themselves only united to gain more seats, still persist in supporting non-helpful education of their people. The Religious blocs are even blinder, and still persist in dividing the Jewish people.


  • The main change I desire is that we get a government with the power to follow through on their promises. (Democracy is always there, ready to punish mistaken politicians).


Which reminds me to repeat the question for the umpteenth time: The definition of ‘Democracy’ should be redefined. There will never be complete agreement on the definition, but let’s whittle it down a little. For instance, we need an agreed definition as to how/why Israel can remain Jewish and Democratic.

So what else is happening?


  • The Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Tel Aviv in mid-May, continues to attract controversy. The BDS movement must be twisting in their zombie-like holes at the thought of Israel receiving such a big PR boost. (Tom Jones will be here soon, also Paul Anka and Roger Hodgson/Supertramp – and the lead singer from Creedance Clearwater Revival is bringing the band back here. Yes, they are still alive. I remember seeing Paul in Vegas back around ’73.


  • They expect eruptions at the Golden Gate in Jerusalem. Every now and then, there are feuds between whoever over who’s allowed to do what near the holy sites. Now the focus is on Jewish women who want to pray ion the same manner as the men. How DARE they!!


And internationally –

  • After the move of the embassy to Jerusalem, Trump now has rubber-stamped Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights. The naive world is shocked, exclaiming ‘provocation’ again. The sensible world just moves on. If you start a war, you must accept the consequences. Instead of arms, we have created vineyards on the Golan Heights. I’m sure the Syrians would be delighted if wine rained down on them for once.


  • Christchurch – I carefully wrote to a NZ friend that ‘we do know how you feel’. She understood. Today the outpouring of grief and flowers. If, God forbid, there are more such devastating attacks in that so-peaceful country, will there be less flowers? In Israel, such attacks became almost routine until we built the security fence. And when I cared more for the lives of my daughters than the inconvenience caused to a few Palestinians because of that wall, I was criticised.


  • Anti-Semitism is raising its wicked head more and more. U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar (Dem) is a disaster, spitting out ugliness from behind that lovely face.

  • And most anti-Israel feelings are anti-Semitic. Many claim to be anti-Israel but not anti-Semitic. Yet they ignore the fact that they are focussing quasi-fanatically against Israel, while a) so many other countries are really worth the criticism, and b) much of what is thrown at Israel are lies.


And finally, Aviva tried to stop me from taking a sleeping pill last night, worried that if sirens go off from Gaza rocket attacks, I would not be able to function.

What instruction would YOU give to your military vis-a-vis Gaza?

Why does most of the World not see what is happening?


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