littele woman by mika - Illustrated by  Louisa May Alcott -
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littele woman


Artwork: Louisa May Alcott

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Littele Woman

Author :  Louisa May Alcott

Gener : Coming of age Blidungs roman


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A summery of the book : 

The story takes place during and after the American Civil War.The story is about  the March family with 4 completely different sisters.Josephine(Joe) the craziest sister that her dream is to be an independent writer who does not dependent on others. Margaret (Mag), the firstborn daughter who wants to build a beautiful family and always to be surrounded by friends. Elizabeth(Beth), the peaceful girl that music is her soul. And the youngest sister, Amy, the spoiled child that her dream is to be a painter with a comfortable life.  The March family always contributes to the environment with the little they have to give.The girls live in a town near Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. Their dad is in the war and gets wounded and in parallel Beth get sick in terminal illness, so the family is totally unhappy however, they always  try to be positive. The March family is connected to their neighbors,  the Lorens, Laurie one of the kids and his grandpa. At the Lorens Beth plays on a magnificent piano and connects to the lonely grandpa that misses his granddaughter who died when she was little. Lorens loved Joe but he always knew she wants to be a free woman, so he marries Amy who loved him the moment she met him.


The main character: 

The main character is Joe, she is brunette with blue eyes and not so well groomed. She believes that women need to  fulfill their dreams and not depend on men. because in the past women could not finance themselves. Therefore, marriage was a financial proposal and did not consider a reference to love. Joe was a writer and believed that she will succeed and everyone will remember her as a woman that changed the women’s status. Joe prefers to be single than married to someone she doesn’t like or to get married and not to fulfill her dreams. 



The secondary character:

The secondary character is -Marmmy March. She is the mother who takes care of everyone. She is blonde with blue eyes. She is very generous and always looks how to help others. When Beth gets sick and the the father is wounded, she takes care of both, even though she had to travel by train to her husband.. In the middle of the book we see her impatient. She talks to Joe and explains her that through the years she learned how to control it and to be a better person. Marmmy March always takes care of her daughters, they are all her world, especially Joe because she appreciates her willpower. 


The character i like the least:

The character I liked the least is Aunt March. She is against women’s rights and believes that women can’t fulfill their dreams. The men played a role as her payment solution. I don’t agree with what she says because women need to work exactly  like men and they deserve to have the same rights. Women need to marry a man out of love and not because their class.


Book review:

I completely recommend reading this wonderful book “Little Women” I was happy to read it.The story  taught me a lot about my rights as a woman, especially when I realized that the women didn’t have basic rights such as, they weren’t allowed to work or join the army . It also taught me not to give up on my dreams, even if I have a many obstacles. All the credit is to Joe. 

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