LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT by Alisa Ali Turan - Illustrated by Alisa Turan and Eda Bekir -
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Artwork: Alisa Turan and Eda Bekir

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It was a sunny day!

Alia was walking through the footpath. She was looking for someone and she looks sad. The reason for her sadness is described later .

Alia is 16 years old , and she is the only daughter of Karen and Nita. Both of them pampered her a lot. She was loved by everyone. Alia’s mother planned to go for a function which is far from their house, and she asked Alia to join with her. Alia is entirely different from other people . She does not like to attend the functions.

Finally, she decided to go with her mother. She decided to wear a yellow skirt and black top. They decided to go by bus. They were waiting in the bus stand for long time and after some time they board a bus and started their journey.


They reached the place. Many people came near to them in order to welcome them to the function. Alia felt really bored, and decided to go out of that place with the permission of her mother. While she was walking around ,she saw a person wearing a blue-green shirt. The moment she saw him she was really impressed by him.


At the first sight itself she got impressed by him. Now she started watching him without letting him know about it. During lunch time she looked for him but she didn’t found him anywhere. She felt upset for a while . After that she went down to take some water where she again saw him. She was very happy to see him again. After that Alia’s mom have decided to go home and she was actually not ready to go back to home , but she was forced to go. She again and again looked at him. She reached her home still she was thinking about him. She was really lost in thoughts, thinking about the person she met at the party.

After a week she decided to go to temple. While She was praying ,  she saw a person who is the same person she saw at the function. She felt in love with him. But she didn’t say that to him.


By that time, he left from the temple. She don’t know his name or about his whereabouts, nothing. But she loves him, she doesn’t know whether she is able to meet him again. But still , she believes that one day they will again meet each other.


As she turned 23 , her family started forcing her to marry a guy which is their family friend’s son. She opposes against this proposal , because she is still loving the same person she met, while she was 16 years. She is still waiting for him , where he doesn’t know about this. She is not able to forget him.

She did meet him at the age of 26. As soon as she saw him she burst into tears and without wasting the time, She ran to him and told ,” I Love You”, and she told about all the things that have happened till that time.

She cannot think of loosing him anymore. She was really excited . But she was surprised when the boy said that, He was also looking for her since this time , as on that day as she have noticed him the same way he also noticed her. Finally , they met together and got married. Even without any phone calls or  without meeting each other , also relations exists. It takes a lot of time for them to re-join, but the love between them is the reason for their rejoin.


“Love really makes our life live”


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