Magento 2 Notification Bar by Meetanshi  - Illustrated by metanshi -
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Magento 2 Notification Bar


Artwork: metanshi

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Engage your customers on your online store through an attractive notification bar in Magento 2. Attract the visitors by showing discounts, offers, and promotional deals using Magento 2 Notification bar and boost your sales.

Customer engagement plays a vital role in driving sales in eCommerce businesses. Right from the visitor landing on the website, it is highly important to glue them to the website to promote conversions.

Showing promotional and discount offers to the customers through notification bars can encourage them to browse the products and purchase them. Magento 2 Notification Bar extension by Meetanshi is everything you need for that! The extension is built to help the Magento 2 store owners show various content to the website visitors through the notification bar.

The Notification Bar extension for Magento 2 by Meetanshi allows the store owners to design, place, and show various notifications to the store visitors. If you are a Magento 2 store owner, you can use this extension to notify your visitors about latest offers, news, product releases, and other events on your online store.

Some of the best use cases of Notification Bars in Magento 2 are:
● Showing Deals and Discount Offers
● Encourage Visitors to Sign up for Newsletters
● Notify Customers About Important Store Events
● Engage Customers With the Store

The extension allows the store owner to customise the notification bar as required and harness full benefits of it.

Features of Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Notification Bar Extension
● Show an attractive notification bar to the customers in Magento 2 store.
● Admin can add a close button to the notification bar.
● Customise the notification bar display settings, enable slide control, and autoplay speed.
● Set a timer to auto-close the notification bar after a specific time.
● Manage all the notification bars in Magento 2 admin panel in the back end.
● Option to enter various details about the notification bars, such as:
○ Name
○ Applicable store views
○ Applicable customer group
○ Start & end date
○ Priority
○ Display on selected pages
○ Position of the notification bar
○ Seconds to auto-close the bar
○ Design the bar using WYSIWYG editor
○ Background colour
○ Height
● The notification bar extension for Magento 2 allows the admin to preview the bar.
● Notify the customers about various promotional deals on your site, engage them, and leverage conversions using notification bars in Magento 2.

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