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I'm a writer, scientist, musician, inventor and lecturer. During the daytime I am advisor to the President of Shenkar College. In the evening I write children's books, satire, and "how to" manuals ("Mel's ten tips). I'm co-founder of Ourboox and married to Ourboox CEO Shuli Sapir-Nevo.
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Mel’s Catalogue Catalogue

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג

Mel’s Short Stories – The Full Catalogue



Mel Rosenberg – English Lectures Catalogue



Popular Music of the Twentieth Century – Course Catalog



Taglit Innovation 2018 – The Catalogue




The King Translation Catalogue – Ourboox

The King Translation Catalogue


Popular Music of the Twentieth Century – Course Catalog

Our new course at Tel Aviv University asks a very ‘simple’ question: What makes popular music popular? We will look at this question from dozens of different angles, learn about music, singers, writers, producers, etc. Enjoy!!

This book brings together all the Music of the Sixties course books, and allows you an easy access to all of them.


Mel Rosenberg’s Music Books and Videos Resource Catalogue

This Catalogue inclueds most of my musical creations over the years – books and videos. Hope you will find it useful. Enjoy!


The Mel Rosenberg’s Video Clips Catalogue

This book brings together video clips that were made for my songs, throughout the years, including promos for my musical shows. All Clips were made by Miki Peled.

Thank you for reading my book! If you like it, you might also want to read: How to Create Books onOurboox – Resource Catalogue. Soon you will find on …


Ourboox Creativity Catalogue

Ourboox Catalogue For Creativity, Entrepreneurship And Innovation
Ourboox has a growing genre of books dealing with various aspects of creativity and creative thinking, books with different approaches and by different authors. Enjoy! Be creative!


Another fun day at Shenkar – The Great Catalogue

This book brings together all the Shenkar books, and allows you an easy access to all of them. Enjoy reading!


לכתוב וליצור עם OURBOOX

אתר WWW.OURBOOX.COM הינו פלטפורמה חינמית המאפשרת לילדים, מורים והורים להפוך לסופרים וליצור ספרים דיגיטליים בעצמם. עם טקסט ותמונה, וידאו, מפות ומשחקים


Catalogue of Resources for Creating Children’s Books

How do you write a children’s book? Where do you get the ideas for a good story? How do you proceed from a great idea to a book? And are there any rules for naming a book? I gathered for you all the books dealing with the issue. To read the books simply click on the pictures. Enjoy!


How to Create Books on Ourboox – Resource Catalogue – Ourboox

This Catalogue links you directly to Ourboox Tips & Tutorials books and Videos. Enjoy!


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