Mel’s 10 Tips – How to Eat Right, Lose Weight and Feel Great by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג -
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Mel’s 10 Tips – How to Eat Right, Lose Weight and Feel Great

After fruitful careers as a scientist and inventor I've gone back to what I love most - writing children's books Read More
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Here are some very useful tips on eating right, losing weight and feeling great. They have helped me throughout my life, especially when I have heeded them!


Tip Number One: Breakfast should be your main meal.

That’s the time you should sit down to a proper repast with fresh salad, eggs, fish, fruits, vegetables and so on. The rougher your food, the cleaner your tongue will be and the better your breath will be.


Tip Number Two: Lose weight by cutting down on flour

White (refined) flour is just a polymer of sugar, with no real dietary value except fattening you up. Even ‘whole wheat’ flour is usually cut with up to 50% refined white flour. I have found that if you cut flour out of your diet, you CANNOT gain weight. Of course you should also cut out the white rice, and go easy on the potatoes (baked, not fried).

Cutting out bread, cakes and pasta are a simple way to lose weight slowly, while enjoying many other available foods.


Tip Number Three: No more sugar in your coffee

You won’t believe this, but coffee tastes great without sugar! It took me years to cut down the sugar I used to add, but now I can’t drink coffee if it’s sweetened. The same of course goes for tea. You’ll find yourself cutting down on sugar across the board. And that’s a good thing if there ever was one!





Tip Number Four: Sugary cola is poison

I don’t know whether or not it’s addictive (I think that I was addicted to a popular brand for years), but it’s certainly one of the most unnecessary components in anyone’s diet.


Tip Number Five: Alcohol has calories.

I am going to be the last person to argue against having a good glass of dry wine with dinner. Or a cocktail when out with friends. Just keep in mind that alcohols is a cousin to sugar and has oodles of calories.


Tip Number Six: Bury your salt shaker

We get more than enough salt in the food we eat, without shaking more of it on. Salt is a craving that we have had for millions of years when primitive man didn’t get enough. Nowadays (like sugars) we get too much.

So bury the salt shakers. Put the salt back in the mine. The extra doesn’t do us a bit of good.




Tip Number Seven: Go easy at night

Evening and nighttime are the least healthy hours of the day to have a large meal, or even snack. Try to eat early, allowing your stomach the four hours it needs to process your meal, before hitting the hay. You’ll sleep better. Oh, and if you go to sleep feeling a bit hungry, that’s okay too. More than a billion people go to sleep hungry. Thing is that you will be able to wake up invigorated in the morning and have a healthy breakfast!


Tip Number Eight: Laugh a lot

I don’t know whether laughter directly reduces weight, but it is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress. And stress causes us to eat the wrong things at the wrong times. Humor is healthy. Get some of it into your diet and daily routine.


Tip Number Nine: Mini-size your eating utensils.

This ridiculously simple, but it works. Throw out your large plates and tablespoons and eat with a small spoon on small plates. Drink from small glasses (but if it’s water, then you should pour yourself a big glass!). If you want more you can always help yourself to another portion.


Tip number ten: Don’t watch TV while you’re eating.

Eat slowly and concentrate on each and every sip and bite. You’ll find yourself enjoying your food more, and craving less. And you won’t have the stress and temptations of commercial tv.



Bonus Tip: More tomatoes, less burgers

Tomatoes (fresh and cooked) are super healthy. So are other veggies, fruits and berries. Burgers are not. When tempted to pig out in a fast food joint, head to a supermarket, stock up on tomatoes and other fruits and veggies.

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