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Mel’s Ten Two-Minute Tips for Acing Your Oral Presentation

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג

This book will take you just a couple of minutes. For a more detailed set of tips, check this book out!


Tip One

Loosen up your mouth and face by pretending to chew vowels the way you would chewing gum.



Tip Two

Check your appearance in a full body mirror. Make sure that you look spiffy.

Then give yourself a giant smile.

You deserve it!


Tip Three

Improve the timbre of your voice by sirening for a minute or two.

This is a lesson I originally learned from Anita Wardell. She is not Anita, though.



She is!




Tip Four

Practice going out on stage and waiting for a couple of seconds before starting.

It helps you take possession of your space.



Tip Five

When rehearsing, don’t forget to tape yourself and play back the audio on your way to work.

Are you making excessive use of “well”, “you know”, “actually”, “basically”, or “ummm”.

Try to lose those gratuitous link words if you can.



Tip Six

When rehearsing, record yourself on camera as well.

How do you look? Waving your hands too frantically? Pacing excessively?

There is nothing like seeing what you look like from the audience’s perspective.



Tip Seven

Don’t wear clothes with pockets. If you do, you may be tempted to shove one or both hands in.

This is a major no no.

If you need to wear pockets, make sure they are sewn shut before you go on stage.



Tip Eight

If you can, greet one or two members of the audience beforehand.

This will warm them up.

And warm you up too.



Embed from Getty Images


Tip Nine

Drink a half glass of luke warm water before you go on.

Stay away from the liquor unless you need it.

In which case the tinest amount will do.



Tip Ten

Love your topic. Love your audience. Love yourself.

This will help you overcome any glitches, technical or otherwise.

Go out there and win!




More in the next pages!

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