Memory CD Y6 by Ugo - Illustrated by Ugo -
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Memory CD Y6


Artwork: Ugo

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Table Contents

Page 1-Friends

Page 2-My time in year 6

Page 3-About me

Page 4-5-What my friends think of me

Page 6-Secondary Taster Day

Page 7-Sports Day

Page 8-Numeracy Week

Page 9-Literacy Week


Year 6

During year six, I have made some friends: Richmond, Joshua, Ife, Adebare, Chukwuemeka, Unique, Emeka, Abdu, Felix ETC.We all had lots of fun in many activities during year 6 (six).We all have learnt many things different things to help us in year 7 next year.My teacher (Mrs. Dosunmu) taught my year 6 (6C) all the way from term 1 to term 3.


My time in year 6

My time in year six was awesome we had many fun events like Numeracy week, Literacy week, Bread lounge visit, Sports day and swimming gala. This year has been a blast I learnt many things in every subject. I made new friends in different classes. One of our main events in year 6 is the KS2 (Key Stage 2) production I got into many new experiences


About me

My name is Ugochukwu Freeley I am 11 (eleven) years old I go to CIS (children’s international school) I like football, field hockey and Rugby. I have 2 (two) brothers who are named Chuks and KC.


What my friends think of me

Richmond- Ugo is funny and a kind person he will make you laugh anytime anywhere.

Vincenzo- Ugo, you are one of the sporty kind, you are great at sports but you are smart at the same time.

Veer-You are a great sportsman, who is a great dancer. You are amazing at football, swimming and much are also a great friend.

 Ali-Ugo, you are a very athletic person who is sometimes caring, helpful and trustworthy. You are a type of person that would do what’s right in order to be on the good side. You are a great friend to have by anyone’s side.

Unique-You are a great athlete that is smart and energetic, you are also responsible and have a commitment to sports, class work and different things.


Chantel-Ugo, you are a great person to be around. You have a bright spirit. Your a brave athlete where the word losing ins’t in your vocabulary.

Chelsea-You are great at swimming, football and other sports. In COBIS, you did amazing things to help promote CIS and for that i am truly grateful. I wish I had confidence like you.

Amal-Ugo, You are a smart person who loves to play and make people happy and smile. You are a fast and fit athletic boy.

Zara- You are an athletic boy who is friendly, kind and a smart boy. You are also very playful.

Ona- Ugo is an amazing athlete and person, he always makes an effort to be proactive in class, that’s why he is very bright.

Sion-You are creative and sporty athlete who has always been smart about making decisions.


Secondary Taster Day

June 2nd year 6 went to the taster for year 7 we had 6 (six) subjects that were art, science, Spanish, D.T., music and geography (not in order). We learnt how it is to be in year 7 for 1 whole day of school. We all had so much fun and we have learnt many things about secondary school and all the subjects that we did. Our teachers were Mr French, Mr. Jay ETC.


Sports day

During sport day each person from each class or year would race each other. In CIS we have houses like sycamore, willow, jacaranda and acacia. These houses would race each other to see who wins. For me I am in Willow I had 2 (two) races which were 75 meters and the boys relay. In the relay I was last leg and we came 1st (first) and for the 75 meters well I came 2nd (second)


Numeracy week

During numeracy week we had many activities like pie the teacher, guess the skittles in the jar and pie eating contest.I took part in the pie the teacher I pied Mr. Samuel (ICT) teacher and form Tudor for year 8A. Also we had an activity that was who wants to be a millionaire but with only science questions. Each house that I mentioned before had children from either year 5 or year 6. But this is only the first bit for the second bit it was year 7 to year 9


Literacy Week

During Literacy week we had the spelling bee each house will face each other to win the spelling bee. For the spelling bee you have to say the word then spell it then say the word again.

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