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Michael Jordan

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Fact File

Name: Michael Jeffrey Jordan

Date of birth: February 17, 1963

Place of birth: New York City, U.S

Profession: American former professional basketball player and businessman.

Personal Life: Jordan married Juanita Vanoy. The couple had two sons and a daughter. Then, at the age of 50, Jordan married for the second time, to the Cuban-American model Yvette Prieto.

She and Michael had twins.

Jordan currently lives in his home in the town of Highland Park, Illinois.





Important Facts:

  1. Jordan Ranked fifth in the list of top scorers in NBA history, considered by many to be the best basketball player in history.

  2. In 2020, Forbes magazine estimated Jordan’s fortune at $2.1 billion, the highest-earning athlete in history.

    Since 2010, Jordan has been the owner of the Charlotte Hornets NBA team.

  3. The amount of publicity he received, combined with his strong charisma, led Jordan to become one of the most marketable athletes in history ever since.

Michael Jordan by Yali Ashkenazy - Ourboox.com


1.What can be learned about Michael from what was said about him at the beginning of the video?

2. What do people think of him as a basketball player?

3. What can be concluded about Michael as an player based on what he said about himself in the video?

4. What do you think is the most important and main sentence said in the video by Michael?

5. In which basketball team can you see that Michael starred?



The statue of Michael Jordan is a tribute to his remarkable basketball career and global influence. Standing over 12 feet tall and made of bronze, it captures his iconic pose of soaring through the air for a dunk. Situated at the United Center in Chicago, it symbolizes his athleticism, cultural impact, and status as one of the greatest basketball players ever. It was created by the renowned sculptor, Omri Amrany, and his wife Julie Rotblatt-Amrany. They were commissioned by the Chicago Bulls organization to design and construct the statue as a tribute to Jordan’s contributions to the team and the sport of basketball.

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